Glorious Earth Day™ Comrades!

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Today we celebrate the birth of a hero of our progressive movement, Vladimir Lenin, with the desire to make the entire (western) world resemble most equal Republic of North Korea.

No coincidence Earth Day is Lenin's birthday

April 22 is Earth Day. Very appropriately, and not by any means coincidentally, Earth Day is celebrated on the birthday of the socialist tyrant Vladimir Lenin.

It's appropriate that the two are celebrated on the same day, because there is no relevant difference between the socialist and environmentalist agendas in this country. Saving the environment is simply a euphemism for eviscerating the rights of property owners and creating a dictatorship.



Since this Earth Day post had been made before I could post the official celebratory announcement, let's henceforth treat it as this year's official Earth Day / Lenin's Birthday collective thread.

Such collectivization of threads help save the earth by not wasting our planet'a limited resources on the unnecessary luxury of having several discussions in different places on the same topic. It's similar to how we're already saving the planet by taking collective showers in the bunker, and I haven't yet heard any objections to that activity.

So here goes:

April 22: Earth Protection Racket Day


A day of action to save the earth from farmers, ranchers, mining, timber, oil, chemical companies, and anyone else who seeks to utilize the planet's resources to enhance, enrich, and extend the lives of people worldwide.

Characterized by the media's massive awareness drive to (a) remind the world that U.S. capitalists are raping the earth, stealing its riches, and causing environmental problems; (b) advocate a greater government control of land, resources, and industries; and (c) increase the ever growing white male guilt levels. A great way to hijack spring cleaning and politicize the rebirth of nature.


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I would like to propose that members curtail their tradition of murdering cannabis plants this time of year. Please remember that cannabis are sentient beings and this must stop !
Also, please leave your guns at home prior to attending the rally's

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Fellow progs, let us cheer and celebrate today, the birthday of the father of our most wonderfully korrekt philosophy, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin! Err, I mean let us celebrate and cheer for Earth Day *wink*. I always snigger and wink when I say 'happy Earth Day' to my fellow progs.

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We avowed liberal Marxism must worship something, so why not mother earth.


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Also a very informative article about the first Earth Day organizer, Ira Einhorn:

Earth Day co-founder killed, composted girlfriend

Ira Einhorn preached against Vietnam War and violence, but had dark side

Earth_Day_Ira_Einhorn_1970.jpg wrote:Ira Einhorn was on stage hosting the first Earth Day event at the Fairmount Park in Philadelphia on April 22, 1970. Seven years later, police raided his closet and found the "composted" body of his ex-girlfriend inside a trunk.

A self-proclaimed environmental activist, Einhorn made a name for himself among ecological groups during the 1960s and '70s by taking on the role of a tie-dye-wearing ecological guru and Philadelphia's head hippie. With his long beard and gap-toothed smile, Einhorn — who nicknamed himself "Unicorn" because his German-Jewish last name translates to "one horn" —advocated flower power, peace and free love to his fellow students at the University of Pennsylvania. He also claimed to have helped found Earth Day.

But the charismatic spokesman who helped bring awareness to environmental issues and preached against the Vietnam War — and any violence — had a secret dark side. When his girlfriend of five years, Helen "Holly" Maddux, moved to New York and broke up with him, Einhorn threatened that he would throw her left-behind personal belongings onto the street if she didn't come back to pick them up.

And so on Sept. 9, 1977, Maddux went back to the apartment that she and Einhorn had shared in Philadelphia to collect her things, and was never seen again. When Philadelphia police questioned Einhorn about her mysterious disappearance several weeks later, he claimed that she had gone out to the neighborhood co-op to buy some tofu and sprouts and never returned.

It wasn't until 18 months later that investigators searched Einhorn's apartment after one of his neighbors complained that a reddish-brown, foul-smelling liquid was leaking from the ceiling directly below Einhorn's bedroom closet. Inside the closet, police found Maddux's beaten and partially mummified body stuffed into a trunk that had also been packed with Styrofoam, air fresheners and newspapers.

After his arrest, Einhorn jumped bail and spent decades evading authorities by hiding out in Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and France. After 23 years, he was finally extradited to the United States from France and put on trial. Taking the stand in his own defense, Einhorn claimed that his ex-girlfriend had been killed by CIA agents who framed him for the crime because he knew too much about the agency's paranormal military research. He was convicted of murdering Maddux and is currently serving a life sentence.

Read more: ... irlfriend/

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Dear Comrades, I wish to submit plans for my new dacha:


My only concern is that if it ever catches fire, the whole thing could go "Up In Smoke."

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In regards to earth day and the idea that the planet is and our lives are dependent on a fragile interconnected environment you commies are correct. But that fragile environment that our lives are dependent on is the ECONOMY! The economy is the fragile environment of Man!

Damn stupid commie greens are destroying the environment. They are the most vehemently anti-environment creeps to ever walk the face of the earth.

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Up in smoke? That does remind me how our Colorado Comrades have collectively conducted their celebration on cannabis consumption (with glorious alliteration). Of course, who can argue with the infallible logic that if comes from the earth then it must be good? By the way, is there any way to spread the news about the Hempcrete Houses? In honor of Lenin's birthday, we mustn't waste paper on flyers, or overextend the capabilities of our solar powered windmills, or destroy the planet with our constant speaking.

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Comrade Sovremennyy,

Conserve Mother Earth by humming AAaaaaaaaaaaOOOOOOOOOmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! while perched high in an old rain forest tree. It is very effective and will surely bring great peace to all mankind personkind.

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Fraulein Frankenfeinstein wrote:We avowed liberal Marxism must worship something, so why not mother earth.


We need an avatar for such a Glorious Movement ™
May I suggest to the collective The Peoples Melon ™
Its cube shaped, green on the outside, red on the all good flat Earther Eco-halfwits
Gaia Lovers.