Sandra the Riveted of the Grift Generation

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1942-2012: 70 yearsof American progress!
- From "We can do it!" to "We can get free sh*t from the government!"
- From "The Great Generation" to "The Grift Generation"
- From Rosie the Riveter to Sandra the Riveted

Special thanks to General Secretary for the idea

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And another version -

Sandra The Fluke


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Constitutional scholar Markos Moulitsas explains:



So there you are. "WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America" quite clearly means that government creates Rights and bestows them upon us.

Quite clearly our Constitution means that the Government is all powerful. It says so right there in the Constitution. So everybody needs to just chill out and shut up.


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After all of this free publicity, Sandra Fluke can start a career as a banker.

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I find it amazing I cannot link this page to Facebook. Two days of effort and no results.
Heads up, beets growers.

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Navigator wrote:I find it amazing I cannot link this page to Facebook. Two days of effort and no results.
Heads up, beets growers.

I just copy the link from the top of the page and post that at FB. It creates a thumbnail when I do so.

If that isn't working then this technopeasant is of no use... back to the beetfield for me.

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Like Peas and Carrots

Image The United Nations and The United States will together raise a new breed of American.

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Since I am seeing her young brave visage all over the capitalist media for standing up tall in the WAR ON WOMENS, have her "agents" registered her likeness to assure plenty of CEU's are ringing into the party's coffers?


Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what your country can do for you.

Ann Coulter on Fluke...........

" "As a result of the huge commotion the Democrats' made of Fluke's "testimony," she was ridiculed the same way people in ridiculous situations often are. She was called some mean names: "slut," "prostitute," "law student" ... " "

And hungry proles, don't forget Nina Burleigh!
" "Nearly a decade ago Nina Burleigh wrote that while she was a reporter for TIME magazine in the early 90s she had been sexually aroused by what she described as Bill Clinton's ogling of her during a game of cards. She said that if he had asked her to his motel room she would have been "quite willing to let myself be ravished by the President."

She followed up that unprofessional confession by telling a reporter that she would be "happy to give [Bill Clinton oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal."

Read more: AND with picture:

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She followed up that unprofessional confession by telling a reporter that she would be "happy to give [Bill Clinton oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal."

I just shuddered and gagged IRL at the same time....and nor for the reasons she would have during said "ravishing." Yuck.

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For our archives - found this on this wonderful Red Artists Cooperative. Isn't this an astonishing likeness of a certain esteemed Commissarka in our kollektive?

Even more astonishing is the fact that this is NOT a parody!

"Keep your government off my pussy" - but she promises to screw you through the government, by inducing all her johns to vote for a system that would take care of her pussy by extracting your money and giving it to sluts.

What a great example of PeopleLogic™!

Keep thinking these thoughts and don't listen to those who may say this:

Whatever the government subsidizes, it also controls!

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I've always wondered what I'd look like if painted by Picasso.

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I've always wondered what you'd look like with apparently two extra nostrils alongside your nose.

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No, I think that's the mustache I got from YOUR crappy Genuine Obama-Brand Snake Oil!

I've also wondered what you'd look like with two shovel-shaped dents in your brain.

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I take it the mustache wax was not to your liking? After all the trouble we went to to formulate it just for you?

But not just any mustache wax, dear Pinkie. At the Stalin Storehouse we carry
only the finest Progressive mustache wax, infused with the essence of Hope and
Chage and fortified with a secret blend of herbs and spices designed to enhance
your sense of class envy and self-righteous entitlement with every inhalation.
The boys back in R & D went through hundreds of test subjects to achieve the
proper balance of outrage and servile submission. This is no mustache wax to be
sneezed at!
All I can say is contact the subsidiary that we farmed the stache wax out to. Unfortunately, I can't get the boys at Solyndra R&D to answer the phone....

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Physicist Analyzes Sandra Fluke's Birth Control Expenses

by Booth R. Myers, PhD
March 28, 2012
Dubuque, IA Town Crier

Many of you have likely seen the heart rending testimony of Ms. Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University, before a Congressional Committee. She was lamenting that no one would subsidize her birth control expenses, which she claimed would amount to $3000 during her three years in law school. After watching Ms. Fluke describe her desperate situation I set to thinking of ways to help her out of her crisis.

First, of course I had to pass through the grieving period I experienced after hearing of her inhumane treatment at the hands of the Georgetown administration and our Government – what cruelty lurks in the heart of men that they would leave this poor woman to fend for herself when all she wanted to do was get laid seven times a day (see my analysis below).

Once I recovered from my grief, I set to thinking about ways to help this poor girl. Being a Physicist, I sat down with my calculator and worked through some numbers. Ms. Fluke's expense account for birth control (aka sexual entertainment) was claimed to be $3000 for three years at law school. Let's presume that as an educated woman she wants to be doubly safe and uses both birth control pills to prevent pregnancy and condoms to prevent STD (sexually transmitted disease).

Using the Wal-Mart cost for birth control pills of $9 per month, her birth control pills will cost her $324 for her entire law school career. This leaves only $2676 for her condoms.

I went to and found quality condoms available for 33 cents each in packages of 60 condoms each. This cost includes tax and shipping. Since she has $2676 for her 33 cent condoms, she will be buying 8109 condoms during her law school “career”.

To use her 8109 condoms (remember, $3000 was Ms.Flukes' own number) she would have to have sex 7 times a day. This number presumes that she also has sex ten times a day on Sundays when she has more free time.

So, having worked through these numbers, I have some suggestions for Ms. Fluke to help her work through her crisis:

1. Find dates who are gentlemanly enough to either provide their own condoms, or at least split the cost with her. Selection criteria is the key to this one.

2. Spend more time studying. Even seven “quickies” a day will seriously cut into quality study time. This would not only save money but would improve her education as well.

3. Seek funding from the EPA from one of their Wetlands Protection programs – surely Ms. Flukes' nether regions would qualify as wetlands given sex seven times a day.

Just trying to help out a starving student.

By the way, the average starting salary of new Georgetown Law School graduates is $160,000 a year.


If you missed the Democrat Convention, Sandra Fluke is one of the rising stars in the cadre of Democrat women who clearly believe that this issue is more important than the economy, jobs, government spending, $16 Trillion of national debt, America's diminished role in the world, et cetera. Otherwise, why would they make her monologue a centerpiece of their convention.

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I accidentally came across this October 2012 Sandra Fluke story in the Washington Post: it mentions the People's Cube, this post, me personally, and even Evil Smiley's picture with the horse.

I remember this WaPo guy interviewing me over the phone around that time and promised to send me a link to the story, but he never did. We spoke for more than half an hour, but he chose to use only these couple of lines. Hm.

Sandra Fluke brings her testimony across the nation

“In the past, people would be ashamed of taking such a stand. But she continues to be self-righteous about it . . . that's what makes her funny,” said Oleg Atbashian, a Florida-based conservative whose Web site,, came up with popular caricatures of Fluke: She's a slot machine, she's a belly dancer, she's got a collection of condom wrappers.

Atbashian says he tries not to let the jokes get too sexual. But he hasn't removed a commenter's post that shows Fluke facing a long line of male suitors, plus a horse. “I also don't want to limit people too much,” he said.