Veils: Instruments of Resistance

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Calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new protest? Trump is here and the time is right for protesting in the street!

Sister comrades, this is a call to arms (as long as they're covered) to demand freedom and equal rights, to stand up to the illegitimate Trump/Hitler regime, to keep the rights to your body, and to fight against cultural imperialism - by wearing your instrument of resistance - the hijab!

Enclosed in your hijab, you can, in the name of women's rights, proudly stand up and be a warrior against Trump's War on Women. Join millions of like-minded women in smashing the patriarchy, achieving freedom from male domination and oppression, fighting for gender-justice, and checking (based on skin tone) your white privilege. It's simple common sense: the Muslim veil is the only way to find true women's liberation and equality.

Too many women accept the false equality, the faux liberation, the fake freedom of being able to wear the clothes they want, show their hair in public, drive a car, vote, leave the house without a male relative, think independently of their husband/father, choose their own mate, keep their clitoris, and other destructive western practices. It's time to put a stop to these illusions.

Wearing the hijab is the first step in demonstrating the splendor of your true freedom from male domination. Showing yourself in your hijab outside the home will enable you to be awarded the “We the People Order of Feminist Glory” third class.

Boldly switching to the beauty of the chador will earn you the next step on the liberation ladder, the “We the People Order of Feminist Glory” Steinem class. ~

Women daring to assert even greater freedom in the face of the Republican Trump administration and his evil minions and wear a niqab will grab the “We the People Order of Feminist Glory” Friedan class.


Only a genuine, powerful, free-thinking female soldier though, one who is truly not afraid to combat the oppressive, white-privileged, patriarchal war on women will be brave and proud enough of her sexuality to embrace the burka. Those women will wear, for all to see (with their husbands' permission of course), “We the People Order of Feminist Glory” Sharia-star.

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Cover up to show your husband and his other wives (especially that little 9-year old hussy he picked up in Syria) who the real freedom fighter is.

Progressive women of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

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Sadly, the bugs have yet to be worked out for the Iranian women's Olympic swim team.


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Oppression is freedom and peace is war.
We just want peace with the Muslim world.

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The original poster by Shepard "Obama Hope-Change poster" Fairey has missed one or two important details. I found this picture where the omission is fixed.

Meet Aisha - recipient of the "We the People Order of Feminist Glory" third class. Also known as "the shiner of Allah."


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This thread also reminded me of this post by Mrs. Red Square from another discussion:

As a hardline feminist, I'm obligated to unthinkingly goose-step behind the National Organization for Women who have aligned themselves with these unwashed and downtrodden Muslim chauvinist male patriarchal comrades. The plan is to achieve the Glorious World of Next Tuesday together with them in a joint orgazmic embrace.

Therefore, the new NOW slogans are:

Feminism is Patriarchy
Male Chauvinism is Women's Rights
Ignorance is Strength


Modeled after the actual NOW emblem:


NOW updated!


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Red Square,
Thanks for the updated posters which we can all carry in the next women's march. I know that Comrade Fairey must appreciate the improvements to his poster. He knows what size stick to use when the wife needs a reminder of her place in the upcoming Islamic/Feminist utopia.
Apparently Mrs. Red Square was a few steps ahead of me on this one.

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Be careful. Accusing a person of being a "gasp!" Trump supporter is a pretty serious charge. That could get you banned from Facebook.

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Papa Kalashnikook,
The Iranian women's swim team is facing other issues as well.
An Iranian woman who swam 20km wearing a hijab has been denied the official record because her outfit showed her 'feminine features'.Elham Asghari designed a special 'Islamic' bathing suit adding 6kg to her weight so that she would be allowed to attempt the long-distance swim on the Caspian Sea in June.
But the outfit was apparently not modest enough for the country's conservative religious authorities, and her record was not officially recognised.
Ahhhhh freedom.

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Evil Smiley,
We all know that peace will only come when we (especially women) submit to the beautiful freedom of Sharia law. As Comrade Linda Sarsour has assured us:

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Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin wrote:{PROG OFF}

Women's March Towards Islam?
Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin,

Are women marching fast enough, or do they need to be "encouraged?"


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Great Stalin's Ghost wrote:Are women marching fast enough, or do they need to be "encouraged?"
Verily, we beat women with sticks only as an encouragement to march for equal rights faster.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.


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And just last week those women were dressed up like great big giant vaginas.