Science™ vs. Anthropology: Beware of “Cognitive Bias”

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The real scientific process allows the bright light of Truth to reveal facts through observation, reason and logic. Woke science™ views the bright light of Truth as a blinding light and labels it “cognitive bias.”
A group of scientists had their panel discussion about the reality and importance of biological sex in anthropology research cancelled at an annual meeting of anthropologists. What happened? Woketardery.


What happens wherever guilt-ridden liberal post-feminist academic types take charge of an organization or enterprise? Woketardery.
Ramona Pérez, President of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and Monica Heller, President of the Canadian Anthropological Society (CAS)—both scientifically woketarded—saw the clear and present danger that Real Science posed to Woke Science™ and lurched into action.

Birds of a featherbrain.
The pair of ideological tsarinas issued an official cancellation letter teeming with the sort of emotionally charged  “god words” and “devil words” woketards liberally employ to buttress indefensible rhetoric.
To add inanity to absurdity, the pair couched their screed as if all anthropologists worldwide are a monolith of group-thinkers who have abandoned old think and march unquestioningly to the rhythm of non-scientific Science™, steadfastly loyal to the social-justice fantasy goals of equity, inclusion and diversity (DIE).
Here’s their letter [my highlighting]:  

And here’s the response evolutionary biologist Colin Wright posted on Twitter/X:
And he wasn’t the only one to respond.
The hijacking of science by the unscientific charlatans of wokeness will continue unabated unless more real scientists bring it to a halt by exposing it and until real efforts are made to defund academics who promote Marxist “social justice” and emotion-based outcomes over hard and indisputable, scientifically proven facts—like the fact that there are only two sexes and that "gender" is a wholly invalid term adopted by woketards to perfume unusual sexual preferences, kinks, dysfunctions and psychopathies with an undeserved cachet of normality. ... ransgender

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Gee, much of this so-called "science" is being highjacked by the woke vanguard of intellectual prostitutes whose only currency in life is explicitly created to appeal for more federal grants.....but, do those arguable links with putative effects promote this urgent new orthodoxy?
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Sounds like the featherbrains did not have the expectation of presenting anthropological nonsense without pushback from The Organization™. Alinsky Rules that individuals break quicker than The Organization™.

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trashmouth wrote:
9/30/2023, 5:21 pm those arguable links with putative effects promote this urgent new orthodoxy?
Urgent fulfillment of The Agenda™ at all costs commands the old/new orthodoxy.