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With Trump's reforms spurring economic growth and gaining momentum, how will The New York Times manage to present these devastating setbacks as good news for its progressive readers?

This is where the People's Cube comes in, with our newest AI technology that emulates the thinking of the NYT headline writers. Without paying a dime at the newsstand, a single mouse-click can now generate an instant NYT headline that will brighten your day and ruin it for the capitalist pigs.

Experts: Lack of Social Progress Caused by Shortage of Pushy NYT Headlines

There aren't too many templates for building a pushy headline that contains emotive language, exaggeration, and hyperbole all at once. Here are just a few:

  1. Robust economy, high employment detrimental to the environment
  2. Iraq: Quagmire or Morass?
  3. America: Decadent or Effete?
  4. Is Owning a Business Criminal? Many Think So
  5. ISIS dilemma: not enough abortion clinics
  6. Rebuilding of roads in Afghanistan leads to more traffic accidents
  7. Can Losing a War be Good? Many Think So
  8. Open political debate triggers widespread laryngitis epidemic. Who will foot the bill?
  9. Are All Americans Fat, Insensitive, Gun-Toting Morons? Many Think So
  10. Syrian gays and lesbians critical of US Army over "transgender ban" policy
  11. The US Space Force may preempt alien invasion, but their uniforms still don't look hot
  12. Refugee parents: US-built schools cause child obesity

If you generate a headline that you feel can move us all forward, post it below!

NYT Headline Writer
Thanks People's Cube! You've just made my job a helluva lot easier. Now, I don't really have to think at all. Just a couple clicks and I'm done. Well, I'm off for my three-martini power lunch.

Cruisin' the yellow seas of journalism on the Battleship Potemkin,

Anonymous NYT Headline Writer



Ivan Josefovich
This is much better. It assures uneducated can work for NY Times. Tool good for proletariat. Not just bourgeois, Ivy league types need apply. Thank you People's Cube, friend of the soviet people! (10 years in row, how possible?)

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Didn't I already do this one in 2005?

Analysts: School Voucher Program Increases Third World Debt

US-made purple ink causes rash, fever: thousands of Iraqi voters hospitalized

CNN reporter struck by SUV while crossing Halliburton-built road in Kirkuk

Komrady - in honor of our most progressive leader and biggest village commune hyperbolist - Madam H.R. Cleenton (and student of A. Gore) the following proletariat horrifying headline is offered:


Chief, Main Organ
You are urged to remember -this most glorious of socialist-utopian inventions -the "NYTime 2006 Headline Predictator" - is to be used as an addition and not as a substitute to the greatest of the glorious socialist-utopian inventions (even greater than the internet!) - none other than the A. Gore "Media's Historical Revision and News-story Concoction Machine" -

Chief, Main Organ of the Great Comintern AgitProp Directorate

I nominate the NYTimes for the greatest award of all socialist-progressive utopia and reality-fiction writing:

"The Order of the Walter Duranty Bourgeois Baffling and Genocide Cover-up Medal"

(this effort can be funded via one of my many tax exempt socialists charity and political-activists' operations financing organizations)


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Is that really you?
The Cube's Prodigal Son?
My Tail is Wagging and not the Space Dog!
Welcome Home!


<b>"Despite Drop in Crime, an Increase in Inmates"</b>

Oh wait, I really wrote that one!


Chairman Meow
Bush Tax Cuts Linked to Increase in Hurricane Activity, Nature urges Wealth Re-Distribution.

New Study Proves Fox News can cause Impotence, Americans Asked to Watch More CNN.

No Child Left Behind Increases High School Graduations, Labor Unions Outraged.

Evolution Proven True, Missing Link Found in Clinton Family Tree.

Comrade Alexei
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Strong Consumer Spending Can Lead to Brain Damage

Indeed so! People's Cube, you just brightened up my day! :-D

BTW - why does this picture in the header say "куб народов"? It's like "cube of peoples" or something. IMO it should say "народный куб"

Dear Comrade Alexei -

Indeed, the literal translation would be "народный куб" but since "people's" in the English language modifies many nouns that, taken together as an idiom, can't translate in a literal way, we decided that we should go with a non-literal translation that would sound grandiose enough to reflect its true meaning. The closest approximation would be "куб народной демократии" but that may be too long. In German the precedent was "Volkswagen," hence "Volkswuerfel." In the Mother Tongue, there was Stalin's "дом народов" - hence "куб народов".

- Red Square

Comrade Alexei
The Fact Remains: Lack of Exit Strategy In Iraq Threatens Endangered Species
:-D :-D :-D

Finally, the truth is known to the people!

Comrade Alexei
Gays and Lesbians: Prosperous Economy Can Lead to Brain Damage
Oh, come on! SO MUCH TRUTH in one day! It's killing me, I can't take it anymore.. :-D :-D


Cubbie the commie
NYT Business News; AARP's Belefonte to Endorse New Line of 48-Hour, Heavy Travel Depends, Secretly Field Tested by Jimmy Carter in North Korea.

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Minority Groups: Underfunding Stem Cell Research Depletes Populations Of Penguins

No, not the penguins!

dissident agitator #96
"Baghdad dilemma: not enough abortion clinics"

This is simply unfair, so much laughter was produced by this work of the 'people' that milk came out of my PINK nose...

Okay, while on the road today, being driven out of NYC to Princeton, NJ, our car viewed...

1. 'Kerry for President' bumper display cut off an older women and flip her off.

2. 'Friends don't let Friend's Vote Republican' bumper display drive into a toll booth, wrecking both car and booth.

3. 'War is not the Answer' bumper display tailgate some poor man, shooting, hand waving, horn honking, showing massive aggression and road rage.

I hate to stereotype, but I feel I am seeing a trend...

Are these DNC Liberal Nuts just plain upset, or were they nasty, ugly, pathetic to begin with?

Chief, NoAmPPsAgitPropCD
Komradchik DisAgit #96!

Fie and double fie upon you! What you have witnessed are none other than main-organ members of the proletariat vanguard of the Soros and Dhimmicrat (commonly known by their fake name "Democrats") and secret legions who are engaged in the most important of all works - causing division and disorientation among the bourgeois masses.
It may seem that their activities are uncouth, uncivilized, hostile, etc., - but this is because you have obviously been brainwashed by American right-wing extremists (copyright- Peoples and Jihadi Hero of the Revolution - Chuck Schumer) - thought and fail to recognize these as the most talented and highly intelligent progressive revolutionaries leading the way to the true utopia of the 21st century's H.R.Clinton Global Peoples' Village (to begin in 2008).
Gather 50 kilos of food and belongings and be waiting outside your flat at 0300 for pick up by Black Maria!!!
Failure to report at assigned time will result in your arrest and internal exile!

By order of Chief, North American Progressive Plans and Strategery and Agitation Propaganda and Civil Disobedience Directorate

Comrade Rogue
Comrades! I note that in a recent Propaganda Department e-mail, this link was included: ... s+for+Bush
Surely, this shows the superiority of the Communist ideal over that of the filthy billionaires supporting the fascist pig Bushler! However, I note that the Party, in it's infinite wisdom, misspelled "billionaires" in the Googlefight search, thus skewing the results. The correct link is ... s+for+Bush
Happily, the glorious Communist ideal still triumphs against the real thing, which is of course better than triumphing over a clerical error.

There was no mistake. The party has never erred. Surely it was merely a malfunction on your part when you recieved the wrong link.

As a fellow member of the great proletarian horde, I'm somewhat upset at the insinuation that our propagandists twist language to achieve political ends. Further, it appears to me that such an insinuation is against party doctrine. Sure, the leaders of the people throughout the university system promote the belief that cultural meta-narratives are the road to political power, but it seems to me that such knowledge should only be promulgated through official channels.

Am I wrong about this?

Red Squirrel
Hollywood Celebrities: US Military Victory Can Be Prevented
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Eating Red Meat Linked to Domestic Violence
International Observers: Iraqi Occupation Breeds More Terrorists
Nobel Laureate: Rush Limbaugh Bad For Self Esteem


Hey guys, the headline generator is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!

The Dick List

"all the news that fit to print, and alot thats not"

Comrade Kraven Buttholz
NYT Banner Headline:

Increases In US Life Expectancy Means Fewer Resources for Africa

JD Eastman
Hyper Economy Helps Rich, Hurts Poor- Bush: No Solution

[ extra-long irrelevant spamming text from removed by Red Square ]

Super Steelers Stun Seattle Seahawks in Shocker 77 to 7. NEA Cries Foul, Both Should Have Won, Scoring Hurts Self Esteem.

Damn....the thing REALLY does work.


Viagra Prescriptions Soar

Educators fear disease, don Trojan Hats

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Automatic Bob Herbert

Now also behold "Automatic Bob" - the NY Times' Bob Herbert column generator (at ):

... many of Herbert's columns during the Bush presidency contain similar, interchangeable passages ... that make it seem like your average Herbert column is just a random recombination of wording from earlier columns.

Given the paper's recent stock performance and rumblings from restless investors, I thought I'd help the Times find ways to put out the same product for less money. So I spent about fifteen minutes writing software that can generate Bob Herbert columns while using a minimal amount of our Earth's precious resources. ... ob-herbert

Al Franken: Democracy, Freedom Can Lead to Brain Damage

Muslim Women: Christmas Tree Must Be Stopped

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Wow, I just found this. I love text generators.

Bush Critics: Celebrating Christmas Causes Birth Defects In Spotted Owls

CIA Whistleblower: US Constitution leads to decrease in Penguin Population, or something like that. Couldn't cut & paste.

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Rich333 wrote:No Treason
Lysander Spooner, 1867, Part I


The question of treason is distinct from that of slavery; and is the same that it would have been, if free States, instead of slave States, had seceded. ...


What was true of our ancestors, is true of revolutionists in general. The monarchs and governments, from whom they choose to separate, attempt to stigmatize them as traitors. But they are not traitors in fact; in-much they betray, and break faith with, no one. Having pledged no faith, they break none. They are simply men, who, for reasons of their own --- whether good or bad, wise or unwise, is immaterial --- choose to exercise their natural right of dissolving their connexion with the governments under which they have lived. In doing this, they no more commit the crime of treason --- which necessarily implies treachery, deceit, breach of faith --- than a man commits treason when he chooses to leave a church, or any other voluntary association, with which he has been connected.

This principle was a true one in 1776. It is a true one now. It is the only one on which any rightful government can rest. It is the one on which the Constitution itself professes to rest. If it does not really rest on that basis, it has no right to exist; and it is the duty of every man to raise his hand against it.

If the men of the Revolution designed to incorporate in the Constitution the absurd ideas of allegiance and treason, which they had once repudiated, against which they had fought, and by which the world had been enslaved, they thereby established for themselves an indisputable claim to the disgust and detestation of all mankind.

In subsequent numbers, the author hopes to show that, under the principle of individual consent, the little government that mankind need, is not only practicable, but natural and easy; and that the Constitution of the United States authorizes no government, except one depending wholly on voluntary support.

For the remaining parts, check out got all that from the NYT Headline generator?

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It comes with the "Politburo" level membership, of which you, much less myself, cannot obtain to without having harvested the requisite number of potatoes.

The enlightening headline I got:

Nancy Pelosi: Christmas Tree Connected to Global Warming

I thought as much. I knew there was a reason I liked Kwanzaa better than Xmas, although Ho-Ho-Ho wears the right color.

EDIT: Did I say "obtain to"? Drat. That's what happens with a state-sponsored edumacation.

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Life imitates People's Cube yet again. NY Times claims, women have better sex-lives under Socialism. My favorite part is at the end:

New York Times wrote:
Because they championed sexual equality — at work, at home and in the bedroom — and were willing to enforce it, Communist women who occupied positions in the state apparatus could be called cultural imperialists. But the liberation they imposed radically transformed millions of lives across the globe, including those of many women who still walk among us as the mothers and grandmothers of adults in the now democratic member states of the European Union. Those comrades' insistence on government intervention may seem heavy-handed to our postmodern sensibilities, but sometimes necessary social change — which soon comes to be seen as the natural order of things — needs an emancipation proclamation from above.
Praise be to government officials for enforcing multiple orgasms!

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The Washington Post has outposted the NYT with this headline:

UPDATED: Washington Post changes obituary headline to describe Baghdadi as 'austere religious scholar'

WaPo_Bagh.jpg mention of whether he died in darkness.

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I heard Trump pushed him off of a cliff in his wheelchair.