Infinite Wisdom in Government

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Finally, someone in government has experienced infinite wisdom! And we will ALL experience financial nirvana if his suggestion is implemented!

Treasury Security Tim "Spend It ALL!" Geithner suggested on Friday that the national debt limit be raised to infinity.

When asked, specifically, what that meant and just how high infinity could go, Geithner said "Just imagine President Barack Obama's goodness! Or even the stiffness of Nancy Pilosi's face, for that matter".

Geithner stated that "it was time a long time ago" to eliminate the debt limit, and that only Congress could solve this problem, although he hinted that hate-filled Rethugglikkkans in the House would probably block any bill that proposed infinite debt.

President B. Hussein Obama was unavailable for comment, having just jetted off on Air Force One to play a few dozen rounds of golf overseas; First Lady Above the United States Moochele Obama was also unavailable, as she and 500 of her closest friends and relatives are currently in the Bahamas vacationing.

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Who cares about debt and debt limits and all that boring stuff. We can just print as much money as we want. To infinity and beyond!

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Might I be so bold as to propose another, companion, slogan to "FORWARD!" ?

---> UP! <---

'Infinity' is a relative Bill Clinton's use of the word 'is'. Bobby Mugabe is the ultimate 'fiscal astronaut' who explored the outer reaches of known universe near the border to 'infinity', or as some call it....the 'Keynesian Horizon'.

It comes down to the cost of paper and ink exceeding the purchasing value of the fiat trash being printed with said paper and ink.

It gets to a point where we just say the heck with it and use the Mexican peso.

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Comrade Mugabe has achieved an economic mastery few can match,
his rate of growth was over 28,000%, some of the naysayers called inflation.
His country had some of the largest denominations ever printed, and the value disappeared while they were in your hand.

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Image The world is not enough, We need debt infinity.

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It is becoming clear to me now that the Weimar Republic did not print enough money.

Just think of how we can stimulate the people's economy comrades!!!

There will need to be more workers at dollar printing factories, more dock workers, more supervisors, more political officers, and of course a local committee to develop better and more glorious pictures of Dear Leader on the dollars, which will in turn employ more artists. Then we will need more truck drivers to deliver dollars to the proletariat.

Think of the great gains FORWARD! we will make for the proletariat when we increase their salaries to $250,000 per hour!

And then we should make new law that requires the proletariat to purchase minimum products to ensure more dollars are spent and more dollars are needed. We can call this a "tax" and if the thought criminals do not purchase these products, we will give them a different "tax" they will have to pay instead.

Of course we will need to raise taxes and invest heavily in the Universities to create equal products so there are goods available to purchase the dollars. I am guessing that we can lower the inflation rate up to 10000% in the very near future and will raise the unemployment rate down to 4.39% at the same time.

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Comrade ROCK: I heard this rumor whispered about and mind you this wasn't me, I think it may have been some reactionary who had the gall to write it on a bathroom wall or some such. I feel sheepish even asking but what happens when we run out of other people's money??

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Buzz Geithner: "To Infinity and Beyond!"


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Since I know nothing of Capitalism, how much is infinity?

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Comrade Robot, when we run out of other peoples' money, as Comrade Peloski said - we shall just print more of our own! With Dear Leader's various poses gracing the various denominations! A beautiful thing, if I may say so. And I may.

Comrade Madfoxx - infinity is simply that much plus a little more! Nothing to worry about, now that NextTuesday™ has come!

The constructive aspect of this is that the People's Government is overcoming this ugly sticky nasty constraint environment of checks and balances.

Filibuster's a drag? Change the rules.
Debt limits giving too much air time to the reactionary elements that focus on distracting topics like fiscal prudence and that ridiculous thing called the future?, get rid of it.
Czarist end run around time consuming Senate affirmations of Cabinet positions even when under the People's control.
Recess appointments....check.
And the Progressive Political Lab social scientist have developed a new contraption that escapes congressional funding and oversight....the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau feeds at the money teet of the Fed rather than's that whiner loser George Will dissenting about it an article entitled "Answerable to No One"

After all comrades the reactionary's control of the House will take some time and effort to liquidate. The counter revolutionaries have total executive and legislative control of states at a ratio of 2:1 to progressive controlled state goobermits. We'll have to fix that Gerrymandering thing in the courts somehow.....naturally defending Gerrymandering for progressive reasons as opposed to gutter partisanship.

FDR trying to pack the SCOTUS was child's play compared to the poly sci technology now developed and available to overcome 'obstructionism' (e.g. saboteurs keeping us from meeting legislative and code production quotas).

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Comrades, The gl0rious world of Next Tuesday™ will not rely on antiquated bills and coins (formerly known as "money")(*spit*). Infinity comes in 1s and 0s and Os, and the power of algae and solar powered super-computers. When The People™, being government property, are properly implanted with our programmable redistribution chips what was known as currency will no longer be needed. With 24 hour GPS, quota tracking and beet count the government will know beforehand what each has contributed to the kollectiv and what each needs for a fair redistribution. A new world of INFINITE possibilities for an 0mniscient leader!

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Comrade Marx,

Next Tuesday™ is already upon us as This Tuesday™ which happened on Nov. 6, 2012 R.I.P.

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Expel The Red States wrote: FDR trying to pack the SCOTUS was child's play...
While this is certainly true, remember that Dear Leader will be picking two more SCOTUS members - and we already have a SCOTUS that ruled that the feral government can make We The People buy anything as long as there's a penalty tax if we don't!

With the new, more fully progressive, Supreme Court, All Things Are Possible™! Now how's THAT for an innovative slogan?

Ah - Just in time for Marxmas! The new Monopoly QE Infinity board game! This version contains a miniature printing press that keeps printing money, so the bank never runs out. Of course, the value of the money is constantly devalued, sending rents and purchase prices (not to mention the taxes) escalating constantly. First pass of GO gives you $200, and goes up another $200 after each pass. As mentioned, other prices go up as well, including utilities. The only game markers available are wheelbarrows, to carry your escalating amount of cash around, Weimar-style. The dog and the shoe have already been eaten. Eventually, press breaks down, and there's no more money to be had. The player who winds up with all the nearly-worthless money either wins or becomes dictator over the remaining players and declares war either on Catan or Candy Land (the last place known with anything edible available).

Rich Uncle Pennybags has a strange resemblance to a Mr. Bernanke.

Buy now and get free bonus video game: PResident Evil 11/6.

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Red Square wrote:Buzz Geithner: "To Infinity and Beyond!"


He's not flying. He's falling off the fiscal cliff--with style!

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Commissarka Pinkie wrote:He's not flying. He's falling off the fiscal cliff--with style!

Icarus. The Icarus story for our time. Timothy Icarus made wings of money, jumped off the cliff - and called it flying with style.

Non sufficit orbis
in very Truth
The People have spoken

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My capitali$t presses stand ready to print as many ObamaBucks as we'll need. Hell, I need something to light my cigars with.

I figure we can start with a minimum denomination of 1 = Eleventy Gazillion. That should make things easier. By the way, does anyone know what the proper symbol is for a googolplex?

R.O.C.K. in the USSA wrote:... debt limit be raised to infinity...

Hey, shouldn't we all have the right to print money & confiscate others' money?
It is the fair thing, right?

There will still be social-romantic interaction problems.
Here's what I mean, applicable to many:
I am ugly & have a rotten personality. How do I score women like those guys whom are handsome &/or very personable/friendly/funny &/or have money/power? It's not fair that I don't get laid. What can the state do to fix that inequality?

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With some delay, this image has now been picked up by the American Thinker. ... be_25.html

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Some delay, perhaps, but infinitely perfect timing! As we prepare to go over the fiscal cliff, this image of Comrade Geithner saving the day will be an encouragement to us all!

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Red Square wrote:Buzz Geithner: "To Infinity and Beyond!"

This is the best political statement i have ever seen[img]/red/images/clipart/awards/Medal_MostPC_Site.gif[/img]