Racist Offsets now accepted by NAACP

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The LA chapter of the NAACP is refunding Donald Sterling's contributions, for now at least. In a public statement Monday afternoon Chapter President Leon Jenkins said he was open to the idea of talking with Mr. Sterling, to negotiate a price for Racist Offsets no doubt.

"God teaches us to forgive, and the way I look at it, after a sustained period of proof to the African American community that those words don't reflect his heart, I think there's room for forgiveness. I wouldn't be a Christian if I said there wasn't."
Most glorious compassion indeed. Mr. Jenkins continued...

"We are negotiating with him about giving more moneys to African American students at UCLA, and so we are in preliminary discussions."
You read it right, comrades... "negotiations". Mr. Sterling, with an undoubtedly generous "Racist Offsets" donation will be forgiven for his misdeeds. Let no racist rant go unfunded, comrades.

"Mr. Sterling has given out a tremendous amount of scholarships, he has invited numerous African American kids to summer camps, and his donations are bigger than other sports franchises... "

As long as the Racist Offsets continue to roll in, Mr. Sterling's rants will be forgiven by the NAACP. As they should be.

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The old racist term for this was "blackmail" but thankfully we now live in a more enlightened age.

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Comrades, It now seems that Donald Sterling was only in the process of “bustin some rhymes” with his homies....nothing more! Although many in the progressive community remain unconvinced at first, after careful reasoning, the appropriate amount of supporting bling and vast amounts of money for the continued valiant battle against the sins of ancient old men with powdered wigs, many now concede that our esteemed Democrat leaders would never associate themselves with a known...spit, spit racist and therefore any sins which he has yet to atone may be forgiven by just sending Al and Jesse a check as well which would finally end this nightmare so that CNN can go back to the missing airline story.

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Woman in purple dress look like had bad lunch try to keep it down.

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Comrade Chernobyl wrote:Woman in purple dress look like had bad lunch try to keep it down.

She's hard at work adjusting her previous confabulations to fit Current Truth™ - something these professional folks should be quite good at by now. Clearly a novice.

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WE, of the glorious People's Cube, musts continue to support the embedded racist bigotry of the NAACP!!! (just as long as we do not say the racist word "colored" unless we have assured amnesty from repercussions, which of course, must be precede by a HUGE donation to the NAACP and other Liberal Communist groups.) Hail to Obama!

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Comrades, Even an MSNBC Panelist claims to never have that talk about racism.......just Rethugglikkkans or Faux News?......


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Great work by the Minister of Propaganda himself for taking my remedial concept and making it more equal.

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Comrades I feel that it is time for the collective to promote the racial offsets to the great masses and we should use the offsets to further eliminate the 22nd amendment of the racist document the US Constitution. We all are aware that the amendment was put in place in preparation by the privileged white capitalist to be used solely against our great leader.

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What we really need is a Department Of Minority Adjustment. Not only will a new department require the employment of many of our comrades but it will continually use the DNA of each member of the collective to determine the mathematically correct current true ethnic minority. Sadly, the Nordic Pygmy population in End of The World Pennsylvania was overlooked due to the lack of proper genetic identification. Government officials did not bother to look below counter level at the EBT distribution center and the already diminutive Mr. Sven Ahumibe lost several pounds he could ill afford to. As the only known Nordic Pygmy in the collective Mr. Ahumibe should be moved to the front of the line as deserving of all entitlements and be honored for his heritage. More importantly, as the ONLY Nordic Pygmy known to us, it is the duty of the collective to find Mr. Ahumibe an appropriate DNA match for mating and propagation or society could lose an important minority component of our diverse collective. Please forward the need for this new Department immediately to Great Leader so he can formulate a poem in the style of Ms. Angelou to honor our Nordic Pygmy brothers..
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No papers.
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How like our Great Leader must he be to be noticed?
Uncounted but unafraid, he applies for benefits.
Let not the crimes of past priveledge
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Oh, Bureaucrats of Great Leader
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