In Progressive America Virtue Has No Value

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No need to raise your fist, just open your hand. Surrender your dignity. Trade your worthless virtues and your lifelong vote for government healthcare, free birth control, free cell phones, and more. Personal responsibility, self-reliance, self-worth, and ethics, are of no value in Progressive America. FORWARD!

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Long live The Great Leader Baracka Claus and the Ever-Generous, Ever-Caring State of Free Stuff!

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Image Can those who voted for this 0 surrender something they never had? This was not a vote for free stuff, it was a vote for MORE FREE STUFF!

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Anyer Marx wrote:Image Can those who voted for this 0 surrender something they never had? This was not a vote for free stuff, it was a vote for MORE FREE STUFF!
Let's vote on Dear Leader Obama's perpetual majority machine of MORE FREE STUFF. Are you

1)Down with it

2)Done with it

Nevermind. Early voting and absentee ballots in the inner cities of Blue States have already won ALL the votes of ALL registered voters, both Democrats and Republicans, and DOWN WITH IT won them ALL, so voting at the polls won't be necessary. All Hail Obama.

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The title "In Progressive America Virtue Has No Value" is missing an important part that the proles have no business knowing.

For Party members only: the full title goes like this:

In progressive America, virtue has no value and values have no virtue.

What is Dignity? Or should I ask, what was it?

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The trash on the internet..
Somebody has written that mental illness is a progressive disease.

It is not!!!!!!!

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Comrade Pistov wrote:What is Dignity? Or should I ask, what was it?

Comrade Pistov,

It isn't important to dwell upon what was in the past before Next Tuesday™. We are beyond that now.

The New Plantation Peoples Lexicon™ defines "Dignity" today means: [1]. A task done with your shovel that benefits the Collective™. [2]. A colloquialism, patois, or slang term for "Dig until you're needy".

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R.O.C.K. in the USSA wrote:


This Wizard of Oz photoshop is a perfect complement to Maksim's masterpiece. Are you its creator or just its finder? Either way, you're entitled to kudos as either a diligent searcher or talented creator.


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Comrade KOOK - it is, indeed, my creation. But my thanks go to Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow, without whom I could never have done it.

Oh yeah. And Dear Leader, too.

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Comrades, we cannot jingoistically state that virtues have no value and values have no virtue in the New United States of Gimme. That is entirely too succinct and pithy. Now I know that absent the Big Lie, one has to walk one's way back from the truth, the real truth as opposed to the Current Truth™, so I recommend the following:

A politically correct lie is right; politically incorrect truth is a lie.

Let's never rattle the bars on the cages of the values voters. They cannot be bought.

[ off ]And I'm really pissed. I've heard a few of these self-confessed "values voters" who stayed home out of pique at Romney. I don't like the man myself, but Great Stalin's Ghost, they let the perfect murder the good. Or even tolerable. Or even infinitely better than what we have now.

My brother grumbles that he won't vote for someone he only agrees partway with. This is insanity. He can grumble while he's being traduced or he can vote for someone who is not what he wants but who isn't out to get him.

A bas with the proud "values" voters. They cost us the election.

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Over at deviantArt a few days ago my above image was featured in an article about Faux Propaganda I can't recommend the article because I nodded off about a 1/4 of the way in.

What may be of interest is it sent a flood of Progs (over 300 comments) to my deviantArt page. I battled them when I had time, I debated, I threw insults, and I ridiculed, all in all it was alot of fun. My deviantArt account has sat in obscurity for a year so the attention was nice.

Because I have a link to TPC on my profile I had hoped the Progs would work their way over here, but since they didn't follow the link to I doubt they came here either.

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My goodness but the moonbats at deviantArt sure do have a lot of free time on their hands. What a great place! You really stirred 'em up there, buckaroo.