A&E spinoffs: Dyke Dynasty, Schmuck Dynasty, Lame Duck...

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If you feel offended by Duck Dynasty, try this substitute: Dyke Dynasty!
Series focuses on a group of outspoken LGBT activists who have achieved fame and fortune by making dyke calls, as well as by devising campaigns of threats and intimidation to foster tolerance and diversity of opinions by making you shut your big fat American pie hole.


Stop living in the past! Tune in to the newest American reality show: Schmuck Dynasty!

Follow the lives of elitist schmucks who turned their patented schmuck calls into a multi-billion-dollar government business of taxing and regulating successful U.S. companies into oblivion.


This one is just like Duck Dynasty, only a lot more progressive: Lame Duck Dynasty!

Meet the Obamas, a progressive Washington family running a growing government business out of the White House while pretending to have American values.
"If this doesn't improve the President's failing ratings, nothing will." - David Axelrod

(The latter is a rehash of the earlier Quack Dynasty that just didn't fly with the voters)

Change the Logo to "Ghey&E" and you'll have The People's Support!

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English translation of 'schumuck,' for useful idiots of the left who might be 'offended' -- it still fits:

Schumck dynasty.jpg

User avatar wrote:English translation of 'schumuck,' for useful idiots of the left who might be 'offended' -- it still fits:

Schumck dynasty.jpg
Dick Dynasty?

Or for those who wish to retain the alliteration, call it 'Dick Dynasty'.

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I'm still waiting for the family that makes rape whistles AND their next door neighbors who stole the idea and make raaacist dog whistles!

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Our Dyke Dynasty picture was becoming viral on Facebook when some caring and sensitive citizen reported it to management. As a result, the picture was removed from the People's Cube page and the People's Album because it violated FB Community Standards.

In addition, The People's Cube was blocked from posting on Facebook for the next 12 hours.

What standard did the image violate? At first we thought it triggered their "Graphic Content" standard with the shockingly disturbing, graphic depiction of Rosie O'Donnell with a beard. Or was it the sinister and painful visual of Rachel Maddow blowing her dyke call?

Upon consideration, however, given the connection to the Duck Dynasty controversy, we figured it had something to do with their Hate Speech standard: "Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between serious and humorous speech."

Wait, did that picture represent serious or humorous speech? This reminds me:

Q: How many feminists does it take to distinguish between serious and humorous speech?
A: It's not funny.

Here are three screenshots, in sequence, of what I saw on Facebook when I tried to make another post:

I clicked on "Continue" and saw this:

I chose "No" and clicked on "Continue" again. This is what I saw:


Corporate censors of the world, unite!

I just posted this as a separate topic: Facebook Censors the People's Cube, blocks for 12 hours

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Oleg - dude! You have a Facebook page? Why bother? I refuse to post on Fascistbook or have anything to do with it. I knew years back that Mark Schmuckerberg was running a crappy outfit and that his site and members' private information would get hacked by criminals and scammers. On top of that, Schmuckerberg would sell your metadata to Crony Capitalist companies.

And I was right; over and Over and OVER again, millions of Fascistbook accounts get hacked and over and Over and OVER again Schmuckerberg solemnly promises that "new" firewalls & protections will be emplaced and it'll happen never again. Bull$h!t.

Same thing for LinkedIn aka StinkedIn. I signed up and then realized that they had hacked both my business email address book and my private email address book when I started getting uninvited invites from people in my address books. It took me three months to get rid of the StinkedIn stench.

/PROG ON - I wirr have them arr shot! But wait a minute! My Pit Burr concentration camp guard dogs need a snack and I don't have enough money to buy Riva-Snaps ™ . Bingo! I feed arr of those asshores at Fascistbook to my friendry Pit Burrs!

Stirr Grirrin' & Chirrin',

Kim Jong Illin'

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For better or worse, Cube posts on Facebook give us a lot of traffic and wider exposure to the non-indoctrinated public. For those unfamiliar with our page -

You will go there and you will LIKE it!