The Man-Child 2012 - You Are In!

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You mean he is finally a real boy? I thought he was still just a puppet.

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Of course we are all IN Superkommissar. Dear Leader must be anointed for a second term. He must have the chance to complete his transformation of Amerika. To even think otherwise absolutely unthinkable.

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Deep...very deep...almost IN over our heads! But don't worry, Congress will raise the debt limit!

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Dear Leader is damaged enough without any time outs!! er, uh, what I mean.... Let me be clear, Obama will be reelected. SEIU has said so!I am IN whatever I need to be into.. or in.... whatever....

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Dear leader looks so unhappy, has he been told that Herman Cain is now running for office, leading with a birth certificate and a resume with real jobs?

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I suppose the VRWC will keep pounding on Faux Noise that there are no jobs in a effort to derail Dear Leaders plans for Emperor of the World reelection.


There are plenty of jobs:
Hell I got 4 of'em.

Full-time and Part-time Campaign Jobs
To apply, click here.
And you have to do is a little canvassing. I would have done it for free. LMAO $$$.