Google Purges The People's Cube Worldwide

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"Out of sight, out of mind" - translated into Russian and then back into English, the idiom turns into "invisible lunatics." That also describes The People's Cube's search results in Google.


Open letter #2 to Google from the People's Cube

(posted on Help Center at 8:30pm on March 10, 2006).

Dear comrades at Google:

At some point, quite recently, our popular site "The People's Cube" ( was purged from Google search results. MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines still have it - but Google has erased/blocked any link to the site in its database. One can still find links to us from other sites - but not even one from Google to

We tried American, French, German, British, Australian, and Russian versions of Google - they used to give us traffic only a few days ago - but all we got was the same line in various languages: Sorry, no information is available for the URL And if we clicked on Find web pages from the site we got Your search - - did not match any documents.

The first time we saw this line it was written in Chinese. We used to look up The People's Cube for fun in the communist-censored Google China only weeks ago - and reported it on our site in a story called Google's Great Leap Forward. Of course our site was blocked by the Chinese government, with Google's consent, along with legions of other Western sites - but we couldn't imagine that only a few weeks later we would get the same results in English. The last time we checked we still lived in the United States - not China - but hey, whoever controls the information is the boss.

If it were a glitch in an algorithm it might throw our rankings back to the end of the line - but this is a total removal. We suspect it is also a deliberate removal - much in the spirit of 1984-style historical revisionism - removal of a "people's enemy" from life and history. Sergei Brin's Russian parents might tell him stories of people in Stalinist Russia disappearing, along with all their pictures and records. "Out of sight, out of mind" - translated into Russian and then back into English, the idiom turns into "invisible lunatics." That also describes The People's Cube's search results in Google.

We can only think of three reasons for this:

  1. Google is retaliating against sites that ridiculed its Google China project.
  2. Google has begun to implement its Google China policies in the rest of the free world.
  3. A left-leaning Google employee who's got access to the database was suffering a nervous breakdown over the mockery of Marxism on our site, and so he or she dastardly removed/blocked The People's Cube, hoping to "improve" the public discourse by silencing the competition.

You tell me which one it is.

The People's Cube is a business corporation selling products on the Internet. A drop in traffic, caused by a malicious tempering with search results, has affected sales and that gives us grounds for you-know-what.

We'll start by posting this letter on our site and wait for your reply. We'll gladly drop the matter and similarly drop this post into the "memory hole" if we get a quick response from you and our high rankings in Google get immediately restored. An apology would be nice as well.

If you can, we'd appreciate if you pass the following word to our former compatriot Sergei Brin: "Seriozhka, konchai duraka valat' - bylo vremia kogda my toboi gordilis'!" (Sergie, stop making a fool out of yourself, we used to be proud of you!)

Keep the Cube rolling,
Comrade Red Square


Screenshots of search results in Google as of 03/08/06:

Google Home (USA):


Update #1

March 12, 2006 - 2:17 pm

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweilwer linked to this story, gave a boost in traffic.
Google Purges

Not that it ought to come as a surprise to anyone. Google is the same company, after all, that decided to roll over for the Butchers in Beijing and help the communist clownshoes oppress their people by filtering the ChiCom version of Google to eradicate criticism of the regime, all for an undisclosed number of silver pieces. But now they've taken it one step further and are purging sites from their database that mock leftism, not just in China but all over the world.The People's Cube is the target right now, but one can only wonder when the Stalinist Sycophants start broadening the scope of their censorship.

Thanks, Emperor Misha! Google would've never given us the same viewership.

Update #2

March 12, 2006 - 7pm

Little Green Footbals linked to the story, gave us even more traffic.
Google Purges People's Cube

Has Google purged Marxist parody site The People's Cube from its search index? It certainly looks like it, while jihad sites openly advocating for Al Qaeda continue to be included, both in Google's search index and as legitimate news at Google News.

Update #3

March 13, 2006 - 12:30 pm
An overwhelming response to this story on the Web has prompted me to post this update:

I sent a letter to the few Google addresses I could find, but there was no reply. From my prior experience I know they wouldn't answer. If I were a "progressive, open-minded, scientifically-oriented" liberal, I'd immediately suspect an evil corporate conspiracy. But because I choose to live by reason, I tried to consider various technical and logical explanations for this. None seemed to work.

If these technical details are boring, please skip to the next paragraph. A glitch in an algorithm would throw the links back in ranking from #1 to #1000 - but this wais a total, absolute removal - including the cache. If I were to remove a page from the site it would still show up in Google for a few days or even weeks and I'd be able at least to view its cached image. The links and the page ranking would cease gradually over a few days, not abruptly and not simultaneously, world-wide. If some code change on my site would stop crawlers from visiting it, it would have similarly affected all other search engines, not just Google - which it didn't. And it would also be a gradual process - which it wasn't.

I know that in the past Google had quietly removed my friend's excellent satirical page from its database on request of "peace" activists who had been featured in it. The page was dealing with the lunacy of nude peace protests started by a Californian artist Donna Sheehan (relation to Cindy Sheehan is yet to be researched). It was a selected removal - one page out of many on the site - at the time when that particular page was beginning to get over a 1000 visitors a day due to its topical content. My friend complained to Google but never got a response. Later the page was restored in Google, but the timing was lost and the traffic never recovered. The page was killed - quietly and anonymously - by someone's invisible hand at Google. The suppression was discovered only because my friend had enough time on his hands to check live page statistics every hour. Who knows what and how many pages Google had deliberately killed without anyone noticing it?

About a year later Google stood on principle defending their refusal to remove Jew Watch from #1 position in their results for "Jew. " Maybe they were right to do that - but I wasn't impressed, knowing their sneaky practices in removing "incorrect" links in the past.

There are many indications that Google is a left-leaning group of people, including their cooperation with Chinese communists in filtering "incorrect" sites, their choice of Al Gore as Chief Advisor in 2001, and even the laughable title "You can make money without doing evil" on their official corporate page named "Our Philosophy" (implying that money is mostly made by doing evil, at least in this country).

Google will likely stonewall any inquiry into this, so it would be hard to know if that had been an official decision to "improve" public discourse by silencing the competition - or some left-leaning Google employee had simply volunteered to kill the site upon suffering a nervous breakdown over our mockery of Marxism.

Why the People's Cube? We weren't the only ones who mocked their Google China project. Google probably won't bother to pick on small blogs, and they won't dare touch well-visited anti-left sites like Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, or Little Green Footballs - but a relatively new, medium-sized Cube is a convenient target. I can also tell from my personal experience that our satire disturbs the "open-minded" lefties on a much deeper level than a straightforward criticism of their ideology, and it causes a more violent reaction.

Another logical argument in favor of my theory is that it's hard to imagine a similar sabotage by Google happening to "progressive" web pages that compare Bush to Hitler, gloat over the loss of American life, or call to screw the Constitution and the people. Even if requests to suppress these pages existed, they'd be indignantly refuted by Google as attacks on free speech, with a subsequent PR campaign in the liberal media.

Google's seemingly goofy slogan "Don't do evil" sounds like a sinister warning once you discover that the evildoer is, in fact, you. Your work, the product of your mind constitute evil - and Google is morally obligated to stop you: Don't do evil - or else! It's noteworthy that the liberal media likes to badger "evil corporations" and expose warning signs of fascism, with their vigilant eye permanently fixed on the political Right. They either never look to the Left for the signs of danger, or they welcome it as a positive development.

-- Red Square

Update #4

March 13, 2006 - 12:30 pm

Michelle Malkin linked to the story, gave us even greater traffic than before!


What happened to The People's Cube?
Maybe Al Gore's people at Google Current TV can find out for us and report back.

Thanks, Michelle! We love you!

Update #5

March 13, 2006 - midnight

At about 5pm the Google people finally figured out their damage control strategy (apparently upon consulting the Chinese Politburo). A Google engineer Matt Cutts posted on his blog an article displaying previously existing on the Cube invisible keywords and links to a few of my other sites. The keywords were relevant and were placed there only because Google does not factor meta keywords while indexing the pages. The hidden links were so few, they were hardly worth mentioning - especially that about half of them are explicitly displayed on the Cube anyway (Che-Mart, FCBC, CFK, Borat, etc.) [UPDATE: has since become as the original domain was snatched by someone who wanted to capitalize on its residual traffic]

Bingo! That was Google's excuse for removing the Cube! What were the chances of that happening, out of a million sites that are forced to place invisible keywords to compensate for Google's deficiency? An email was sent to LGF and Malkin, demanding a retraction and siting Matt Cutts's blog - without mentioning his affiliation with Google - and that was how LGF posted it, and Malkin and others also easily gave in, accepting their story. It's now official: The People's Cube is a spammer!

Almost simultaneously, "concerned progressive trolls" unfolded a massive offensive on the Cube, flooding the thread with insults, gloating, and accusations most of which had been deleted - but some of them were kept for historical reference. Their major point was the "blatant malicious spamming with which I harmed the Internet and - oh no! - Google itself." From their tone one might think that I sided with a murderous dictatorship to make money on suppressing freedoms of a billion of people. Or was that Google that did that? It's unforgivable what the powerful overlord Red Square had done to a small, defenseless, and progressive search engine that could.

Apparently that is what Google calls customer service. They must have learned it in Beijing. There were seemingly unaffiliated volunteers as well. Let's just say that one of them started calling my web design customers (using the numbers he found on their websites) and telling them that due to their affiliation with the People's Cube their URLs would be removed from all search engines - unless they paid him $200 to prevent that. He also sent them emails. Here's one that my customer and friend forwarded to me:

From: [email protected]
To: [removed]
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2006 18:36:05 -0600
Subject: URGENT: Site about to be delisted from Search Engines!


Your site is associated with in a way that *will* get it banned, possibly as soon as tomorrow, from Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines if immediate action is not taken to correct the illegal way in which your site was designed. I can do this for the nominal fee of $200 but you must contact me immediately!

Email or call me (832-814-9118), and visit for more information on the blacklisting.

Theodore R. Smith
TSoft Solutions

After having done that, this concerned progressive citizen (who represents a Bush-bashing file-sharing website under the slogan "To promote freedom and fight fascism") returned to the Cube to insult me and gloat a bit more, stating that my behavior sickened him. I don't know what's scarier, the character of these "concerned citizens" or the fact that LGF, Malkin, and some others so easily accepted their line about Google being the good guy and I'm the evil, malicious spammer who deserves to have the People's Cube to be booted from the internet.

That's customer relations Google-style. They work, for now. I haven't received any response from Google in my mailbox yet.

Update #6

March 14, 2006 - 3:00pm

Laika the Space Dog writes a song Google Über Alles - you can now sing along to the inspiring music of world domination here >> (turn on your speakers - all the way!)

Update #7

March 14, 2006 9:pm

Days after a few people had forwarded me Google's responses to their requests regarding The Cube, Google finally sent me a measured response that reads as if it was written by a lawyer: "While we cannot comment on the individual reasons your page was removed, we'd like to assure you that we do not alter our search results based on political viewpoint or ideology." But "the individual reasons" is the key to understanding the whole removal business. The devil is in the details, comrades!

Update #8

March 17, 2006

Google restores The Cube in its index, as quietly as it had removed it. The page rank is not what it used to be, but if natural algorithms are allowed to run their course The Cube will be up at the top of search results as before.

We have also learned that "Google Inc.'s mysterious methods for ranking Web sites came under attack Friday in a lawsuit accusing the online search engine leader of ruining scores of Internet businesses that have been wrongfully banished from its index."

Web site sues over Google 'blacklist'
Web Site Files Complaint Against Google

Ironically, government interference in running private businesses is the extension of "progressive" policies that Google's creators and their advisor Al Gore are currently promoting. If the lawsuit results in the government forcing Google to change the way it runs business, I hope the taste of their own medicine will bring Brin and Page to their senses and they'll think a little harder about what's progressive and what's not.

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This is what I get when I search "thepeople'scube".

The same search in Yahoo! proudly displays thepeople' as the number one listing. Purged! blacklisted! expunged! But, The People's Cuba does sound like an intriguing site. Too bad it doesn't exist either!

Village Useful Idiot
Et tu, Sergie?
(Is Sergie a relative of Gregorie Soros?)

Angry Dissident
I can't wait for the new Microsoft search engine to come out! Bye Bye Google!

Leftists Ban the Cube
Al Gore sits on Google's Board. Maybe we should ask him what happened?

actually i found references to the People's Cube on Google. I typed "The People's Cube." ... e%27s+Cube

Interestingly enough, the first site listed is the Communists for Kerry store. Too bad none of the sites is the actual People's Cube.

Damn it I am out of character. Uhh, Corporate Lil Eichmann, cars powered by pot, Michael Moore, free abortions for all!!!

Chief AgitPropOrg Central
"P'sC" Comrades!

Cloak your activities and information in terms of relgion. This is the now the most progressive method of establishing the revolutionary socialist villiage utopia and will guarantee global propagation by the dissemenation-insemination (Dis'em) organ (Gooogle).
See a current example of progressive totalitarian utopia organization promoted by the the Dis'em organ:
"AL-QAEDA sympathizers are using Orkut, a popular, worldwide Internet service owned by GOOGLE, to rally support for Osama bin Laden, share videos and Web links PROMOTING TERRORISM, and recruit non-Arabic-speaking Westerners, according to terrorism experts and a survey of the sites."

Che Baabaabooie wrote:actually i found references to the People's Cube on Google. I typed "The People's Cube." ... e%27s+Cube

Interestingly enough, the first site listed is the Communists for Kerry store. Too bad none of the sites is the actual People's Cube.

Damn it I am out of character. Uhh, Corporate Lil Eichmann, cars powered by pot, Michael Moore, free abortions for all!!!

Hey at least loves the People's Cube. ... qsrc=0&o=0

Just for the record........
It worked yesterday morning at 10AM
At 1:50PM it was gone, that's when I notified Red Square.

I suggest we all send this page link to as many op-ed newspaper departments ASAP.

Im sure you were banned cause someone complained to google or some lefty at google saw your sight. This is typical of leftists- rather than debate on the merits (which they can't win), they'd rather bury opposing views.

Dont worry, they won't get away with it this time.

Ah.....feels like the "Good Old Days"!

Yes, I agree Zinny....sort of like a nice.

Better than a bullet in the brain.

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Latest updates:

Comrade Otis emails me with this:
I have found one search that'll take you to The People's Cube. If you go to Google Image search and search for the image - peoples cube - (not - people's cube - won't work with the apostrophe) one of the returns is Groupthink :: The People's Cube. This will take you to The People's Cube. Someone there at Google must have missed that one.

Meanwhile our traffic is down by about 50% thanks to the Google embargo.

is correct - Google still linked to us on Friday morning, the stats showed about 100 hits from Google from yesterday - and then it suddenly stopped. By about 2pm none of the world's Google sites had any memory/cache of the Cube's existence left. Thanks again for alerting us, PittsburghProletarian! One can't overemphasize the importance of vigilance in class struggle!

No word from Google yet...

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A worthy commentary on this issue appeared this morning here:

I don't know the author but he's pretty good (beside the fact that he's a Cube fan)

Now, let's put accusations of conspiracy-mongering aside and accept the fact that Google is a very Left-leaning organization. We know that, employee by employee, 98% of the 2004 campaign donations from the people that comprise Google went to Democrats. We know that Google Ads preferentially lists Democrat advertisements. We know that Google is willing to roll over for China and help them censor dissident websites but will fight tooth and nail against America's Federal Government in providing information to help combat terrorism. We know that Google News uses extreme (i.e. violent) Left-wing sites such as Electronic Intifata as newsfeed sources.

I recommend you read the whole thing - it's worth it.

WE are still free but not as free as others.
All is not lost, ""can be found on Google. One must click on group, then enter "". It is right there!

You can still find references to the Cube on third-party sites even in regular search, nobody can remove that - but all DIRECT LINKS to the Cube in Google have been removed - and they used to be in abundance.

-- Red Square

Hi All

Could this be the source of sabotage?

In the meantime I'll be trying Alta-Vista.

Too bad we can't use that to eliminate Google from Google's search engine. is my fav.

<a href=""></a> lists you at zero. I have a site listed at zero too, but specific enough keywords will still bring it up in results.

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Emperor Misha was nice enough to post this story on his Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler at 2:17 pm today. It gave us more visits than what we otherwise lost with Google.

Not that it ought to come as a surprise to anyone. Google is the same company, after all, that decided to roll over for the Butchers in Beijing and help the communist clownshoes oppress their people by filtering the ChiCom version of Google to eradicate criticism of the regime, all for an undisclosed number of silver pieces.

But now they've taken it one step further and are purging sites from their database that mock leftism, not just in China but all over the world.

The People's Cube is the target right now, but one can only wonder when the Stalinist Sycophants start broadening the scope of their censorship.

And before anybody says “what's the big deal?”, you'd do well to remember...

Look, after hours GOOG moved 85 cents up, on news of banning next to go off Google, could add another 15 cents.

Came over from Nice Doggie....

I used clusty search engine and you guys come right up on top!!

Run by the Vivesimo Corporation, a great little search engine that trumpets...we do not censor anything. Use them for everything now.

Gulag Google is just acting out their true ideology...totalitarianism

What's their stoopid slogan, "Don't be evil."

Stuck in california
Hey Google...Your stock is going to shit, I wonder why?

N.E.P. Organ
Comrades - Fear not!

As funding outlays were planned and offered for its initial expansion - by Uncle G.S. and the other progressive billionaires so shall their funds come to the rescue of Goooglie -if needed.
Comrade H.R.C. has ordered a massive domestic village spying program - er - rather a massive data base containing all personal information about every American using internet data mining techniques via the world wide web and pioneered and already in use by Googgoolie. So it will not go away!

Head New Economic Plans Organ USSA


Went to Clusty's - liked it - bookmarked it.


I tried to google "Froggie went a' courtin'" and they have purged it too.
What are they afraid of? The sword and pistol he carried?

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There are two simple soliutions to this problem:

1) Charge $200/year for "Peoples Cube Select" subscriptions, and file lawsuits against everyone else who ever looked at this site. The added income will enable you to pay more in taxes and take your mind off of Google.

2) Change the name to "The People Scuba", and limit the content to the economics of scuba diving. Basically, there would be only one article: Scuba divers should pay more taxes. But its educational value would draw enough readers to make Google notice.

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Paul Kurgman wrote:Change the name to "The People Scuba", and limit the content to the economics of scuba diving. Basically, there would be only one article: Scuba divers should pay more taxes. But its educational value would draw enough readers to make Google notice.

Good idea. But Comrade Otis suggested this:

- Google changes name to Gulagoogle
- changes name to - now back in Google's good graces

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Professor Kurgman writes on his blog:
<h3> Bush, Cheney, Google vs. The People's Cube </h3>
Image Talk about right-wing bias.
<br>It's hilarious!

Brian Most
When I added this weblog on bloglines, it had a number of earlier posts with hundreds of sex site links. Was Google reacting to linkfarming?

Yes, the Cube was being spammed but those posts were always being promptly deleted until I discovered a simple antidote that ended the spam without changing the coding - a week prior to being banned by Google. The ban was not gradual but sudden and world-wide. The connection is not likely.

About Bloglines: I had noticed earlier that Bloglines for some reason retained deleted spam messages in their cache forever, even if their actual life on the site was only a second. Hence the seeming abundance of them - while the site itself was clean. That's wrong as it defeats the purpose of moderating a forum. If I don't want spam, smut, or someone's idiotic opinions on my site, why should Bloglines display them? In any event, Bloglines didn't purge me - Google did. The spam you have recorded did not reside on my server, it was sitting on the Bloglines servers.

Spammers can really drag the site's ranking down, but going down to page 20 in results is not the same as a complete blocking of the URL which is the case here. I doubt that Google would ban the actual sites promoted by the spammers.

Spammers have attacked many sites. Have all those sites been "airbrushed" out of existence by Google? If that were true, spammers would have run out of victims by now and with nothing to thrive on would be dropping dead in a ditch. But they are alive and kicking. If my ranking in other search engines didn't drop one bit, why would Google go over the top unless there was something else?

-- Red Square

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"Don't do evil" is not just a slogan, Jummy - it's a warning: Don't do evil - or else! Google is morally obligated to stop you if you engage in evil thoughts as defined by their Chief Advisor Al Gore.

Screw Google. too many billions and not enough brains.

Have you heard about Acoona?


I believe it is possible that our fellow Marxists in the benevolent People's Republic of China and in the progressive and forward thinking Google may have blacklisted The People's Cube in error!

Yes, I know, Comrades: The State in its glorious wisdom does not err... unless it is fooled by the clever machinations of gluttonous capitalist lackeys of the oil barons and jingoist imperialist Republicans.

Comrades, I have awful news:
The People's Cube has been gaining some notoriety on one of the most horrible internet dens of decadent bourgois backwardness:!

Be strong, Comrades! It gets worse: Those bootlicking tools of class warfare have put on an increasingly vocal and convincing show of APPROVING of The People's Cube! Many of those deviants known as FReepers are passing out the URL to The People's Cube as if it were May Day candy! There is even one foul creature over there who has appropriated MY VERY NAME and is openly promoting The People's Cube with such lies as "most brilliantly caustic *anti-communist/socialist/leftist* satire I have ever seen!"

That Racist Nazi BASTARD!

Given these events, this imperialist ruse, how could our Siblings in Struggle in the PRC and Google know that this was but some foul ruse? OF COURSE they blacklisted The People's Cube. If you were so wise as to be in the Politburo, would you do otherwise?

Comrades, Kommissars, Workers all!
I implore you, in the name of our glorious and inexorable march towards socialist utopia, stand as one! Blacklist Free Republic! Proscribe them! Let us show those smug class-enemies what it is to stir the wrath of Soviet might!

Sincerely and humbly,
Comrade kingprout

Googles 15 minutes of fame may be up.

Visitor from LGF
Crapburner wrote:Came over from Nice Doggie....

I used clusty search engine and you guys come right up on top!!

Run by the Vivesimo Corporation, a great little search engine that trumpets...we do not censor anything. Use them for everything now.

Gulag Google is just acting out their true ideology...totalitarianism

Thanks for the link to Clusty...

dissident agitator #96


Totally pathetic...

Freind computer
Google you gotta love their dictatorlicious ways! We all need to buy google shares and then sell them to small african children you know it makes sense

see also, here:

an imperialist FReeper swine calling himself Jack Black is also in on it.

Don't jump on Acoona just yet. Considering its owned in part by the Chinese gov't I have a feeling this site (among others) will be missing from any search.

Yes Comrades. The Revolution has begun and the bugeouis Giggle must be disintigrated. May the peoples flag wave forever.

Does comrade Klinton have his filthy finger in this?

I used to love Google. Southerners loved Slavery but we got over that too!

i've searched some whole phrase (with quotes included) from this site (lenin page), and google answered with a single link to this site.

maybe the things are not too bad?

the phrase was:

"Many readers have asked us how come Lenin's Earth Day resurrection passed unnoticed by the mainstream media."

I notice that Google is still willing to take your money.
When I just did the search, you came up on the right(har!) of the screen in an AdWords box.

Did you just start that as an in your face? Or did they ban you while still taking your cash?

By the way, Microsoft's new search engine returns thepeoplescube as #1. So use that instead..

note, from discussion cited above: level of purge may be influenced by what brand of browser and OS you use. I note that on my home rig (win2Kpro+2yearold IE), google did pull up references to the Cube, whereas on the office rig (winXP + current IE) gets zero results... and one fellow on that thread said his ancient IE and win98 gets all the way to the Cube on a Google

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<span class="Sectiontitle"> <a href="#update">An overwhelming response to this story has prompted me to post this update >> </a></span>

-- Red Square

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Speaking of Accoona-

Read this article:

Bill Clinton helps launch search engine
China-backed Accoona claims better results than Google

NEW YORK - Former president Bill Clinton on Monday helped launch a new Internet search company backed by the Chinese government which says its technology uses artificial intelligence to produce better results than Google Inc.

"I hope you all make lots of money," Clinton told executives at the launch of Accoona Corp., which donated an undisclosed amount to the William J. Clinton Foundation.
<br>If you click on the Accoona link you'll find 2 results for the Cube URL. Compare it to 446 results in Microsoft's new LIVEengine which I like a lot so far. And to 216 results in Yahoo.

I highly recommend meta engines like Ask or Dogpile or Profusion. I've been using them in place of direct engine searches since about 1999, and, although the late, lamented Infind has never been quite equalled (DAMN that was a good engine!), these are vastly above the industrial-sized shotgun blast of useless crap that is a typical Google result.

Further, they substantially reduce the power of any specific engine to restrict access with this kind of arbitrariness.

As far as Google itself is concerned, I've held them in abysmally low regard ever since the BS over Bowman's Brigade many an internet year ago.

HopeSeekr of xMule
Stupidity in Action!

Look at these two results:

Banned: ... tnG=Search

Not banned (355 results): ... tnG=Search

Not banned (880 results): ... tnG=Search

Banned search term: ""
Good search terms: "" and ""

This is merely a duplicate content, canonical URL problem.
Nothing to see here, move along.


Those are two different domains and the links from don't really exist - it's a weird google quirk. They simply redirect to the Cube's main page. It's also really classy on your part to come here to insult us and accuse of spamming while posting spamming links to your worthless sites. I put them in quotes to remove the links.

-- Red Square

HopeSeekr of xMule
To fix, add the following to the very top of your /.htaccess file (or create one if it does not exist)

RewriteEngine on
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteBase /

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^
RewriteRule (.*) https://www,$1 [R=301,L]

This will properly redirect all pages to,, etc to and avoid all the duplicate content penalties.

Your friendly SEO helper...add a link to my site please :O This is really valuable advise and most would charge you $100 an hour for it. You know? See for my contact info.

I appreciate your concern. Maybe I'll do that later when the dust settles. Right now I don't want to change anything in the setup. is a separate domain run from a different server and a different hosting provider - and it only hosts the Cube's mailing list. All non-mailing list requests simply get redirected to the Cube's main page. You may notice that all those URLs in Google results do not really exist - they are ghosts created by Google's algorithmic imagination.

-- Red Square

Satisfied Customer
At least we can still access NAMBLA ad nauseum from google's search engine.

User avatar
Satisfied Customer wrote:At least we can still access NAMBLA ad nauseum from google's search engine.

Goog pont, Satisfied Customer! A more correct way to compare the results for the Cube URL with the results for the Man/Boy Love Association URL would be this: ... tnG=Search

And the NAMBLA results are much friendlier indeed:

Welcome to NAMBLA's Home Page
NAMBLA's goal is to end the oppression of men and boys who have mutually consensual relationships. NAMBLA's membership is open to everyone sympathetic to ...

Google can show you the following information for this URL:

* Show Google's cache of
* Find web pages that are similar to
* Find web pages that link to
* Find web pages from the site
* Find web pages that contain the term ""

Some of the pictures at my site have been censored by Google Image Search -- the ones depicting Michael Moore were removed about a year and a half ago.

I agree with the poster who likes the new search engine Accoona.

Two things to remember:

(1) It has two "c"s, not one
(2) It has three different search buttons. Make sure you press the "web" one to get the Cube.

To spell out more clearly,




THIS COULD BE FIXED IN A MATTER OF DAYS BY ANY COMPETENT Search Engine Optimizer, of which I am one of the most affordable.

You may be the most affordable but not most competent.
There have never been multiple domains. I explained it already earlier. There's never been duplicate content. is a separate domain that host our mailing list. Ever heard of "page forwarding"?

-- Red Square

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As it turns out, Google has launched a left-wing video news service that's youth-oriented just like its partner in crime, Al Gore's Current. The new service is called Google Current and the two companies are now promoting one another while endlessly scratching each other's backs.
<br>As Michelle Malkin suggested, maybe Al Gore's people at Google Current TV can find out for us what happened to The People's Cube and report back.

um, try removing the hidden text from your site and you might get back into Google. Sneaky SEO stuff will only work for so long before the smart search engines (ie Google) catch you.

Dear Comrade Rich (if that is your real income bracket)
Please point out where on the site you spotted hidden text and I will remove it.

Red Square

Red Square,

Good job blaming Google when it was really your own fault. Here is the proof you requested showing the hidden text on your website. ... -own-site/

Respectfully laughing at you,
Tyler Hall

Komodo Dragon
Wow, it's kind of amusing that somehow all the Google haters who were flooding this board suddenly have nothing to say. Oh how we hate to admit that we are wrong...

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tylerhall wrote:Good job blaming Google when it was really your own fault. Here is the proof you requested showing the hidden text on your website. ... -own-site/

Respectfully laughing at you,
Tyler Hall

The invisible keywords were there at some point but I had removed them days before you visited this site. That's why I asked you to point it out or shut up. You wouldn't have found them in the source code. And don't think I hadn't considered that possibility before I raised the question - but I rejected it as an unlikely development, and here's why.

The blog you referred to raises some valid points, but it doesn't answer why, out of thousands of websites, including the ones listed in those examples, only the Cube gets removed from Google's index. Not a real estate site, not a small construction company - but a politically charged Party Organ like the Cube - blocked by another politically charged Party Organ like Google (see Google Current as an example).

As one very competent poster points out in a comment to that story:

1- Removing [invisible keywords] still is depriving the users of this information when searching Google for related info.

2- One never knows what relevant synonyms or acronyms will be used when a surfer is seeking information - until Google evolves into concept search technology or LSI these strategies are quite justified - UP TO A DEGREE ( don't forget Google still does NOT factor Meta Keywords - yet complains about KEYWORD STUFFING ) see the irony?

3- In fact - webmasters who use hidden text - ARE DOING GOOGLE A FAVOR!

It's hard to argue with the fact that it's Google's deficiency (not factoring meta keywords) that makes webmasters use keyword stuffing.

There was an attempt earlier to blame the purge on spammers, now it's invisible keywords. Next will be some missing metatags. After that it will be the way I separate paper from plastic in my garbage, and my unpaid parking tickets, and my removal of labels from the mattress, and my squeezing of Charmin. There will always be something, unless you are a Perfect Human Being Working For Google - then you're faultless!

-- Red Square

P.S. A note to trolls: Redundant lying posts shall be further deleted with an iron fist of revolutionary justice.

Actually, sites get removed from the index daily for things like hidden text. My guess is that someone that doesn't like you reported you to Google and poof! If you go out and find real estates doing the same thing, and report them, there is a good chance they'll be removed too.

Matt Cutts is an engineer at Google and somewhat a spokesman for them in the webmaster community. I don't think he'd post that on his site without Google legal taking a look and making sure his information was correct.

Even if you did remove them days ago, it may have already been crawled and in the process of being removed. It can take a week to have new changes cross over all their datacenters. The site broke the guidelines they have and someone reported it. If it's fixed as you say, send in a re-inclusion request and all should be fine.

Komodo Dragon
While we are on the topic of hidden keywords and links on your site, would you care to explain why most of the hidden links on your site (that you now oh-so-cleverly removed) came from a web design portfolio of this company -- ? Looks like you are trying to boost the rankings of completely unrelated projects by creating hidden spam links to them...

Let me see... Because is MY OWN design and hosting business?

Google also places unrelated links on its pages. And sometimes does not display those that are relevant. Oops...

Red Square

You got seriously busted. LGF already has a retraction: ... _Cube&only

It's not a retraction, it's a fraud: one of you made LGF post a "balancing" link without disclosing that its source comes from someone who's on Google's payroll. But what else could one expect? See more below.

-- Red Square

Komodo Dragon
Actually, it's a great self-promotion strategy: first, do something clearly against the rules to get Google to remove you from its index, and then shout about it to all the conservative pundits who are day-dreaming about exposing someone not-conservative-in-their-view in a negative light. They all post links to your site, and voila, you have thousands of visitors.

Unfortunately, without any good content, you'll be forgotten as quickly as you were found.


Have you considered the fact that you appear to be using some underhanded seo tactics and may well have been removed for cause. Looking around that seems to be what has happened.

According to Google you can be "removed from our index, because it did not conform with the quality standards necessary to assign accurate PageRank. We will not comment on the individual reasons a page was removed and we do not offer an exhaustive list of practices that can cause removal"

What you seem to be forgetting is you do not have a 'right' to be included in their index and they have every right in the world to remove you regardless of your 'conspiracy theories'.

Sure they do......but that disclaimer "We will not comment" says it all.
It might not be restraint of trade either.


@Red Square
I am certainly not a left wing person, but as someone who often work with Search Engine Optimization, I have to say I see this often. I certainly don't buy that google does no evil, but sometimes we got to get a wider perspective on these things before coming to a conlusion.

I don't think your site was singled out, google does not find all spam or keyword stuffing issues at once, but when it does then often its banned until the problem is fixed.

I have a Christian website, and it has ranked number one in google for a number of years. Once it disappeared from the index. I am not sure why, but after checking over my site, and sending an e-mail to google a short while after it returned. My site has ranked number one for a number of keywords. I don't think it's a conspiracy, it's just that google's tools will catch certain things at times that may ban or lower the ranking of your site. I suspect that other sites that claimed google banned them for political reasons, that most were banned for similar google webmaster guideline issues.

Ask other webmasters out there, sometimes your site may be banned, while another site having spam is not. Yes, it's frustrating, but it's not a conspiracy, it's simply google caught one site and missed the other. In time, google will catch the other sites also. Some sites with keyword stuffing may go ranking well for a long time, and then all of a sudden it gets banned. If you follow Matt Cutt's blog you'll see theis issue comes up often.

You made a point about google defiency in not factoring meta keywords. This is a double edged sword. If google should accept keyword stuffing, the quality of search results overall may decrease - try to see this from google's view.

Finally, you made a point that earlier other suggestions were made for why the site was banned, and then wander what else will be stated. But you're not realizing that Matt Cutts is a google employee that works on website spam issues, you're getting the word from the person who would know. He is responding to your open letter - so basically, most likely that's the problem - (he has screenshots, and have posted on similar issues before for other websites)

Follow Matt Cutt's suggestions( ... -own-site/)
, and if you site does not return within the next 30 to 90 days, then you have all right to call it a conspiracy.

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Talk about intellectual honesty and removing "incorrect" posts -

Your Matt Cutts or whoever manages the blog had just removed the most reasonable comment under his own post - but - voila! - I still had the window open and made a screenshot of it.

Click on it if you want to see a bigger image.

Now, why would they do that, hm?

K0modo Dragon
Wow, Red Square, you are seriously sleazy.... And the fact that you removed the comment with the link to the cache makes you even less credible.

I removed your trolling attempt with factual inaccuracies and an oversized link that distorted the entire page. Everything you wanted to display was already posted by Matt Cutts - who himself had just deleted the smartest post on his entire thread.

Why would he do that unless his purpose was to do damage control for his paying bosses at Google? Talk about credibility. And who exactly are you, Mr. Dragon?

But the fact that you people are now sending "retractions" without identifying Matt Cutts as a Google employee undermines your credibility like nothing else.

Looks like there is a concerted campaign, with several people monitoring different sites simultaneously, posting and emailing disingenious retractions non-stop, and immediately sharing information. Are you guys all sitting in one room? And is that room by any chance located at Google headquarters?

-- Red Square

Now, why would they do that, hm?

Because they clearly state that spammers are not welcome to leave comments.

Es Ji
Perhaps you jumped to conclusions too quickly on this one... or maybe this was deliberate... hmmm.