Umiat CCCP facility - first projections

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Headed by Senator Wheldon Shitehouse, the Climate Squad released the following
statement: wrote:The Umiat Area Facility is not yet operational. These below are preliminary projections, obtained via model runs under specific scenarios.
Comrades not familiar with Umiat Area CCCP Facility, please report for re-education here.


New arrivals to Umiat Area Facility :
(the uniformed Facility Guide operates a noise-rattle, keeping polar bears at bay.)

Energy generating unit :
(Yes, it's recycled sewing machines. The treadmill energy of operating Comrades drives dynamos installed inside the casings. The bulbs hanging symbolically here and there remind of the old sinful times of Climate destruction. Standing : Facility officials.)

Nature consciousness unit :

(Residents of the Climatic Correction Camp are encouraged to make themselves familiar with natural elements, their detailed composition, their interactions with the surrounding environment, and also their ties to the Global Climate.)

Transportation unit :

(Only traditional, environment-friendly methods and devices are used. Participants in CCCP, the Climatic Correction Camp Project, learn the proper ways of preserving the Global Climate.)

Transportation unit of Comradettes :

(This is not only a matter of Climate reconstruction, it is also a matter of Equality™. Note that there are only F (female) and M (male) transportation units in Umiat Camp. Persons of gender other than F or M are known for hirs/zirs/xyr climatic and environmental sensibility. Therefore there are no LGBTQQIA variants of 24/7 CCCP activities resp. units.)

Transportation unit in winter conditions (like all insights here, it's - for now - a projection) :

(Note the uniformed Facility official in advisory interaction with the camp collective.)

Alumni unit (before final approbation of get-out-of-camp status by the CCCP Authority) :

(Note the splendid Aurora borealis over the group. That spectacular extravaganza is organized by the CCCP Administration, in close collaboration with Global Climate.)

Once adjudged by the Camp Authority to, indeed, successfully undergone full climatical correction, the alumni get sent back to the productive collective in administratively predetermined locations.

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Wow, great location for the Party Approved Annual People's Kube Member Jamboree Weekend for the Proletariat ™ !

Can we book for next november?

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Minitrue wrote:Wow, great location for the Party Approved Annual People's Kube Member Jamboree Weekend for the Proletariat ™ !

Can we book for next november?
Comrade Minitrue - great idea! As for calendar, you certainly should inquire directly the Climate Squad, preferably Sen. Shitehouse himself. My projections, as far as they count, show that yes, late November could be realistic - however, it's critically tied to a favorable outcome on Nov. 8th.

but wait, "Weekend" ? "Weekend" ??

Comrades, did we unlearn the old 5-10-15 rule of the glorious educational GULAG ???
For those who forgot, quick re-educational refresher :

Kolyma mine, barrack Nr. 2, newbie comes in.
First eye contacts, silence, ...
then, Q: you, how many years? uh, A: ten.
next, Q: ten.. so, whaddya dun? yh, A: nuthin. really nuthin, 've no idea.
then, riposte: c'mon.. for nuthin it's five - so, spit it out, ah?