Open Letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

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Dear Chairman Priebus,

I recently received the following e-mail. Except for the redacted addies, I have copied and pasted as is:

----- Original Message-----
From: Reince Priebus [mailto:xxx]
To: xxx
Sent: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 09:12:09 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Oh no, not again

Dear Laura,

The President is back on the campaign trail, this time for his friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. President Obama is determined to regain a Democratic majority in the House. He made his agenda clear at a fundraiser in San Francisco when he said this of Nancy Pelosi:

"She has been an extraordinary friend of mine." he said, according to a pool report. "...and I expect that she's going to be once again the Speaker of the House."

We cannot afford to sit by while the President courts billionaires across the country so that he can surround himself with liberal legislators. Sign the petition and tell Obama it's time to stop campaigning and get to work! ... 1228-26434

Reince Priebus
Chairman, Republican National Committee

I don't even know where to begin to tell you what's wrong with this latest appeal to “Save the RINOs!” but I'm going to try anyway.

First, your subject line. Oddly enough, “Oh no, not again,” is exactly what I always say every time I see one of your “Have Stupidity, Two Presidential Election Losses, Please Help” pleas in my inbox. Even odder still, it's about the dumbest subject line you could use for an e-mail that despite the not-so-juicy tidbit of gossip and link to yet another useless petition, will ultimately send me to a page asking me to click on whatever amount of money you think I might deign to send you today.

Second, my name is not Laura. It's not even close to Laura. The fact that I generally don't want panhandlers to know who I really am in any case is entirely beside the point.

Third, Obama is STILL on the campaign trail, not back on it. He never got off it, except, perhaps, to go golfing. His agenda has long been quite clear to those of us who have been paying attention. Either way, he isn't going to read your petition, let alone respond to it. There's nothing in it about White House beer recipes or a Death Star. Those are the kind of issues that command his much-vaunted laser-like focus.

Fourth, why should I send you money when some borderline genius in your outfit recently offered one million to Lady Gaga to do heaven only knows what at the next RNC? How do I know you're not going to blow my donation on trying to book Honey Boo-Boo, or Doggie Doo-Doo, or TiTi CaCa to class up your next convention?

It's bad enough the GOP establishment has this mindset that they have to be more like Democrats to win—in which case, if I'm going to vote for a candidate because he's more like a Democrat, then why not just vote for a Democrat? (It's like that old Toyota Camry commercial.) But do you have to treat us voters as if you think WE should be more like LIV Democrats—in which case, why don't we all just become Democrats and embrace that one-party system that has always worked gangbusters elsewhere?

You may still be the Party of Stupid, but I will not be the Patroness of Stupid.


Person You Think Is Named Laura

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I agree, does the RNC really think that our panties are still moist after reading that letter……Give me a break! Just because our President Obama is attempting to energize the progressive base of the democrat party by making house calls to all his donor friends and once again to convince them that he and Nancy are authentic Liberals won't fire up the good o'l Rino base. If they are going to spend Barack bucks, we need to remind those uncultured philistine right wingers that Lady GAGA is ancient history and someone gay or transgender would be a better choice. After all the first priority of the Rino party is to reassure voters that despite their words and their actions, they really do love their country….somewhat.

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Image As astonishing as it may seem, the Wimpublican "elite" "leadership" deigns to communicate with us dirty little nuthins in flyover country only when they want a contribution. The last few RNC mailouts have been returned with a note that the Wimpublican party has "rebranded" itself into something that I refuse to support. The phone call fundraisers have been obliged to listen to the same opinion. None of the "brilliant" "elite" "leadership" appear to care.

My Our entire collective has voted to apply for a mortgage on our beet farm and send the proceeds to The Party Mutating Itself Into Hope And Change Lite!

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Do I detect a note of dissatisfaction with party leadership?

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Dear Chairman Prius,

While I haven't been a Republican for nearly 20 years now, having left the party when it started becoming obvious to me that Dems vs Reps was essentially nothing but reversible Good Cop / Bad Cop, I still occasionally feel the need to add my worthless flyover bitter clinger opinion to the Republican mix.

In reality, the Republican party isn't the solution to the problem facing the United States - to a larger degree every year it IS the problem. Yes, the Democrats are a little further down the socialism road than you are, but that's not for a lack of trying on your part. The entire Republican party, save for a few new-to-the-national-stage members like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, is corrupt to the core. You no longer represent America, and you haven't for decades - you only represent yourselves, and a desire for power and the lavish lifestyle you get to lead when you're part of the national machine.

Many years ago I spoke to Republican Congressman Helen Chenoweth from Idaho, who self-term-limited herself to a maximum of three terms, and she explained to me that she had done so because the marble dust in Washington DC gets to you over time and corrupts even the best. I believe that she was in her third term at the time of our conversation, and she was true to her word and didn't run for a fourth.

Frankly, Helen was hated in DC, and more by her own party than by anyone else. Why? Because she stood for the Constitution. Because she refused to become part of the machine. Because she was a Christian and had the kind of moral compass that's fallen out of favor with Republicans.

I asked her during that same conversation how many truly good people there were in congress at that time, in her opinion; she actually paused as she thought about it, and I could see her mentally going through the faces of her fellow members of the House and the Senate. She finally responded, "There's a small handful."

With the recent addition of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and a few others the ratio remains the same. Chairman Prius, just think of the ones you despise the most, the ones you wish weren't even Republicans, and you'll know who they are. The few who actually stand for what America once was.

Myself, I'll continue to do what I've done for almost 20 years - voting for the candidates who actually stand for Truth, Justice, and the American Way, whether they're Republicans or not (and they usually aren't, nor are they Democrats). Occasionally, as in this last presidential election, I'll hold my nose and vote for a Republican, because the stakes are so high if a Democrat is elected, but that's not my usual course.

It's so sad to see what was purchased and maintained at the cost of so many good lives be so casually and callously thrown away; the founders knew it was a possibility, and they did all they could to prevent it, but here we are. And now the Republican party is nearly as much of a problem as the Democrat party. In some ways it's worse, because everyone expects lies and deceit from the Democrats - it's who they are. The Republicans still talk the talk, but it's all bluster and propaganda, and it's become almost as transparent as when the Democrats do it.

May the Lord have mercy on what's left of America. I suspect that we're about to reap the whirlwind we deserve.

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Pinkie, as usual, you are my hero. In and out of character.

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moderate planning.jpg
Moderate planning involves courting the Democrat vote

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The Repubs stopped calling and / or sending me solicitations after I gave one poor schlub an earful about their multiple failures to do anything constructive between 2004 and 2006 and their too-accommodating-to-succeed candidate in 2008. They hate people with principles; too bad those are the people who have money, too.

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Pinkie makes the Washington Times - again! Unfortunately the usual celebratory parade, raffle, and show trial will have to be canceled due to the sequestration. Those damn Republicans! (Except for the RINOs - those are helpful and will be purged last).

Open Letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus


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Princess Nookie wrote:Pinkie, as usual, you are my hero. In and out of character.
Yeah, me too, Princess Nookie! I love Pinkie, in and out of character.

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The parade, raffle, and show trial--all of which are important to the masses--may be canceled, but fortunately we're still fully funded for the celebration at Party headquarters, complete with Hollywood A-list celebrities and bottles and bottles of booze on the walls. After that it's all aboard the Gulfstream for some round-the-world resort hopping to raise global awareness of Republican stupidity, greed, evil, and how utterly out-of-touch they are with the aforementioned masses.

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For months they've been sending me e-mails that all open with "Dear Laura." Well, someone over there must've read the above rant at the Washington Times, because they just now sent me another solicitation for money, and what do you know? They finally got my name right.

That's one squeaky wheel greased, though I won't hold my breath on the others.

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Now that we've been throught this together, you'll always be Laura to us...

(This political/romantic interlude brought to you by the Republican National Committee...)

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I told you this many months ago, when Tovi gave me back my goat, after I accused him of trying to get mine. He did, indeed, get it! He then gave it back. I was so touched by this andI let him know he could have it back any time he wanted, just because he gave it back to me. I succumbed to his charms. He really made a good case! He can be quite romantic. And charming.

I know he really means that "Laura" thing. But, um, actually, I think you should pay attention to our darling Tovarichi, a torch in the love of women! He doesn't really care what your name is. He does care about what you think.

Tovi is a gentleman.

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I got a fundraising call from the RNC. I was shocked to find the kid had no knowledge of the RNC blowing contributor's dollars at a lesbian bondage club. Who could forget that scandal? Amazing.

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Image What is the saying, "the only good RINO is a RINO out of office"? This also holds true for the establishment know- it- alls who seem to believe Conservatives know- nothing. He needs to be replaced as badly as John Boehner needs to be replaced..... with people looking out for the Republican base -- conservatives. Image

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You know what they say. In America, we have 2 parties, the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. And occasionally they get together to forge legislation that is stupid AND evil. And that is called "bipartisanship".

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Kelly Ivanovna/келя ивановна wrote:You know what they say. In America, we have 2 parties, the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. And occasionally they get together to forge legislation that is stupid AND evil. And that is called "bipartisanship".
Yes, Sista Kelly, "Bipartisanship" is now a meaningless word. Just like the word "diversity."Our Progressive plan to destroy the true meaning of life is in full swing!

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Dearest Pinkie Suck-Ups......Pinkie is MY idol!!
Please check the latest pamphlet on Correct & Fair Idol Allotment.
Page four clearly shows that you are in direct violation of proper idol protocol.
She's mine, damnit!!!

Luv u Pinkie :-)

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Commissarka Thingies!

Welcome back or always welcome or glad you could make it this time.... no matter the chronological circumstances... (which we are free to Change™ dammit) what difference now does it make?.... those beet rows keep us busy and the collective is always happy to see your return.

Hail Obama!

Commissarka Pinkie Hier Chairwoman incognito Frida Kahlo Especial,

Image That is all..