Obama signs 'Anti Cultural Appropriation Act'

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Glorious news, comrades!

As you all know the fascist self-declared homosexual Breitbart pamphleteer "Milo" (if that is his real name) is planning to wear American indian clothing at a speech in Yale (planned for 28 october 2016). This is a raging act of cultural appropriation!

To prevent this anti-multicultural behaviour, the mighty Barack Obama has signed a royal decree forbidding cultural appropriation once and for all.

Henceforth, to prevent any form of cultural appropriation (and hence the inherent racial ridicule), all cultures and races are forbidden to dress, behave or talk like other cultures.

To avoid being called a hypocrite, the president ordered one wing of the White House to be rebuilt as an African hovel. He himself vows to "only wear clothing indigenous in the countries my ancestors were from".

Daily life in the USA will change because of this of course:

  • Reading will only be allowed to white people, since Native American and African cultures did not have a sophisticated writing system. The library of congress will now show "no Indians allowed" signs to make this clear.

  • Chinese people can no longer vote. China has been an empire and then a communist dictatorship, so by voting these people with Chinese ancestry appropriate Western culture. Shame on them!
  • People with Eastern European ancestry will be asked to be drunk ALL THE TIME. Sobriety is a privilege of non-Eastern European people.

  • The US military often wears camouflage clothing, invented by the British. To prevent cultural appropriation of British military values, servicemen and servicewomen will now perform their duties in underwear.

  • Since peacefully co-existing with other religions and cultures is not a historical part of the Muslim world, all Muslims will be expected to invade, terrorise and weaken the local communities in which they live (oh, wait, they're already doing that! )

I hereby give my felicitations to the heroic comrade who checked the privilege of Cory Goldstein at San Francisco State University, let us not forget her! She will be presented with a Medal of Cultural Suicide at an appropriate time.

Yours in thought control, Minitrue

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As a Komrade with British blood in my veins, will I be able to smack savages upside the head a few times, shoot a couple of their friends to be persuasive, and get them to be civil, orderly, and give them the gift of civilization? Also, will I be able to establish and command the greatest empire the world has ever known without violating the Colonizing or Imperial Clause of the People's Lawbook? If so, then I'm excited for this new bill!

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This story definitely belongs on the Mother Page.

Thank you, Miniture, for creating an authentically Cubist post, filled with ideas that laid the foundation to this very Party Organ. This earlier story is an example of what I mean.

The Alternative Secret History of the World

Let me add to your egregious examples of cultural appropriation that must be uprooted in our age of enlightenment and progress.

  • Obamacare will henceforth forbid any modern medical care to those descending from shamanic and animist cultures. A special provision will pay to import indigenous shamans who will provide care to such culture-specific patients by dancing, chanting, and communicating with spirits.


  • African-American musicians should also give up playing electronic instruments, keyboards (at least those that have white-majority keys), and especially the saxophone, which was built in 1846 by a Belgian inventor and musician Antoine-Joseph "Adolphe" Sax, at the time of Belgium's ruthless colonial expansion in Africa.


  • Only persons of Phoenician origin should be allowed to use the modern alphabet. It is well-known that the early Phoenician alphabet got stolen by the thieving ancient Greeks, who used it to advance their own culture and left the poor Phoenicians with no culture at all. Later Romans stole the alphabet for themselves and redecorated the letters so that no one would claim them back. The Greek culture declined as a result. Then the Western Europeans sacked Rome and stole the Roman alphabet for their respective languages (also redecorating the alphabet with new weird letters and umlauts), leaving Rome in cultural decline. It's time to put an end to this ongoing cultural theft, stop using the alphabet, and give it back to the Phoenicians.


  • The same goes for the concept of numbers and mathematics, which originated in India, then it was culturally appropriated by Arabs, and then by Europeans (nence the "arabic" digits). Left with no numbers and math, India quickly declined, followed by the Arabs when "their" numbers and math were stolen by the greedy Europeans. Give numbers and math back to India! Stop using them in schools to torture the innocent children! Instead, the children should be segregated by their ancestry and be taught in the oral traditions of their respective tribes.


  • And, of course, anyone who wears pants should drop them immediately and start wearing togas and loincloths, unless they are the descendants of ancient nomadic horsemen from the steppes of Eurasia who came up with the concept of pants to make their lives spent on horseback more bearable. The conscientious comrades in the picture below must be ashamed of their cultural appropriation of pants and are wearing them at half-staff in mourning.


I'm sure others will come up with similar examples.

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Comrades are already leaving their input on our Facebook post with this story:

  • So when is the white half of POTUS going to stop appropriating the black half?

  • I'm in big trouble, I think. My children are members of a Federally Recognized Indian Tribe in Oklahoma on their Dad's side. Should I make them stop doing stuff like driving trucks and talking on the phone? If I do, how will I communicate with them? I can't learn smoke signals because I'm not Indian, but they can't text on their phones. What should we do?

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What a most equal post comrade red square! Thank you for directing me to it.

concerning the facebook page, some other most equal comments I found:

  • "Sorry white people but no more fried chicken and waddymelon fo' you!" -Al Sharpton
  • awesome, when are they all going to stop speaking English?

And the best of them all:

  • "Is this satirical?"

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Salute, Comrade Minitrue !
That was, ah, is a doubletruly squareddoubleplusgood one. Same (particularly) for Comment-2.

( funny & amazing, that one can really μ-learn from Kube, e. g. that "Mongolian pants" factoid )

& news :

- Amiland's hunters ― cease and desist your leisure habits, immediately ! Those represent a colonialistic & technically advanced ( permit ? nil ! ) appropriation of Troglodyte Tribal Culture !

- The Community of Glaciers has to immediately stop melting ! "Glacier melting©" is a cultural trait© of the Climate Catastrophy Megaphony, designed/installed/financed via Caring Government and progressively guided by The Party. In further "melting", glaciers illegally appropriate progressive advances of PGMS, the Political Global Meltdown Science-97.
Dr. M. "Hokey Shtick" Mann's lawyers already calculate their provisional greenback appropriations (heh-heh) ! You have been warned, Glaciers Community.

- Old Faithful please put and end to your show-offs ! You totally unculturally appropriate a gender-specific trait of cis-gendered males ! ( and you do it openly, for all to see - kiddies, teenies, impotents ! shame on you !!! )

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Minitrue wrote:
The Peoples Cube.2016.04.22.(WhiteHouse).EXCERPT.jpg

To avoid subversive speculation, the (former) White House will be henceforward renamed to White Hut (alt.) Ocher House. For ultimate equality, it will be White Hut | Ocher House on Mon/Wen/Fri and Ocher House | White Hut on Tue/Thu/Sat, whereby the generic (alt.) is adequately explained. On Sundays the White Hut (alt.) Ocher House will be closed, thereby assuring, like, total justice.

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The long-standing practice of people of color using a fast-food franchise founded by two Lugerheads from Wichita, Kansas as a wedding chapel must stop.

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( caveat : that schpil - find an X appropriating Y from Z - is endless, of course J )

_________________________-------------------_____( ... but who says, infinity can't be fun ? )

on ... Breitbart pamphleteer "Milo" ... : ok, self-declared homosexual - and then, he also is an ethno-transvestite. huh ? a case of Homo Culture culturally appropriating Tranny Culture ???

& news :

- Anthropo-burial ( Homo sapiens burial in Mother Earth ) an appropriation of Dinosaur Culture ?

- Anthropo Moon Landings appropriation of Roaming Space Chunks Culture ?

- Those who (sadly) lost 50% eyesight appropriative μ-aggression against Cyclopian Culture ?

- assuming that (1) my name in maternal family line is Ullmann and (2) ull+mann in Altdeutsch means redhead+man and (3) I'm all things, but not a ginger cultural appropriation by Ullmann's here ? if so, then against what, exactly : gingers ? Altdeutsch ? the subculture - if not outright cult - of family-line-tracking ?

- 'man' vs. 'woman' : an obvious numerical inequality. That, sure as hell, is a genderwise cultural appropriation. Only : who exactly is it, numerically appropriating the other ??? ( of course, a silly question : 'man' is guilty ! why ? simple, ask Comrade Irina (here) : bikoz khi iz a myan ! ).
Or (horror!) is there no appropriation at all : short 'man' (3) + protruding penis (2?) EQUALS (summa summarum) 'woman' (5) ???

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or watch these :

- Is Cultural an appropriation of Cult from Ural ?

- Or is it the converse :
____________The sly duo Cult & Ural appropriates from Cultural ? ___And totally, at that.

- Let OAO be an Omnipotently Appropriating Object.
____________As such, OAO is able to appropriate from (any) appropriation.
____________bingo & cowabunga !
____________We got a Historical First ! __An Endlessly Recursive Appropriation, by Jove !

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First... a little, possibly off topic Housekeeping, although I believe the mental and physical well-being of our members is never off topic:

Comrade Genosse Dummkopf,
In respect of our recent "discussion" in: ... 17868.html and your last post, I must once again ask that you present yourself for thought recalibration at OUR earliest convenience... yadda, yadda, yadda... so that you may once again become able to carry out your appropriate duties for our beloved Peoples' Cube, especially given how busy a time it is for those whose job it is to keep the beet fields humming along. There is planting to be done, so Shovels Sharp!!! (as well as mental acuity, insofar as you are able to do your job uncomplainingly and unfailingly).

Now, to business... in respect of the topic of this thread, I hereby demand (insofar as I am able to demand anything, as long as it is considered appropriate by our Glorious Peoples' Direktor, Red Square) that the kultural appropriation committed by humanz against Non-Human Sentient Persons Members of Our Glorious Peoples' Cube ends immediately. This means no more collecting of nuts by those for whom they are not a question of survival, thereby denying Comrade Sweet Fluffy Captain Squirrel Craptek of his main source of nutrition (That's right Stakhanovets! Not only did I see you with a bowl of mixed nuts, but you were stirring your finger through them, most unhygienically, to try to find all the cashews!!!). Also, not only should seeds and some pizza (if the pizza confuses any of the hairless finger-monkeys, please look up "Pizza Rat" and it's not like he eats that much, tho none of us are really sure how big his family is) be set aside solely for the purpose of feeding Comrade Ratskins, but when you all think about using that extra piece of toilet paper, don't... You are depriving both Squirrel Captain and Ratskins of fluffy dry fresh bedding!

Finally, no more sneaking into Housekeeping's tank to do laps, just because you don't feel like walking all the way to the proper swimming pool... We know some of you pee in it as you would your human swimming pools!... We don't live in your swimming pool, so please don't pee in our tank. Also, herring, smelt, anchovies and other schooling cold water fish should only be eaten after you are sure that the pod has eaten. We are nice enough to let you have those fish that are left, because... well... we're nice... but we don't do beef, pork, chicken, etc. or anything with milk, so leave our schooling cold water fish to us.

If you question whether this is culture, don't. As humans you cannot possibly understand us, or our habits or instincts, and to do so begins to fall within privilege issues, so rather than muddy the waters, just take my word for it.

Sister Massively Opiated (as representative for Sentient, Non-Human Persons of the Peoples' Cube).
Kommissar of Housekeeping, Disappearances, Composting, Dissection, and Limo Service.

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Glorious news update:

The red-hot current truth of our Party Organ continues to win hearts and minds of American workers and peasants! Just this morning, this story was reproduced by a friendly Party Organ appropriately named Truth Revolt:

The People's Cube: Obama signs 'Anti Cultural Appropriation Act'


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Thank you comrade square for showing me this recommendation! Too bad it is from a website run by the International Jewish Conspiracy called the Horowitz foundation, who try to spread the poisonous "freedom" in the world. Freedom is slavery!

In related news:

jack sparrowdis.jpeg

The royal navy's ship USS Hussein has just captured the notorious pirate Jack Sparrow, sought after for appropriating rastafarian dreadlocks. He has been summarily executed...

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OK, I couldn't help myself... It's just sooooo funny.



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Horror !
Jews, like, totally appropriate the Nobel Prize List Culture ! While at te same time, like, totally disappropriating Ummah, the World Muslim Community from there ! Write petitions to the UN !

Here an independent, objective confirmation of the above sinister pattern of extremely uncultural Jewish-Zionist appropriativity :

( it's chock-full of most outrageous Linguo-Appropriativity, of course )

Our Distinguished Linguo-Appropriatorette, Comrade Irina, could be proud
of having Prof. Al Mahali in company !

It's from LatmaTV, Zionist-based. Their broadcas.. , ah, I mean transmissions stopped some 2 years ago - a tremendous loss for the Planetary Community Of Admirers Of Yehudim Humor.

If The People's Cube is a Stalinist version of the Onion,
then LatmaTV is a Zionist Comrade-in-Spirit of The People's Cube.

Latma's channel is here.
It's chiefly local "news", of course - and then interspersed with absurdistani appearances of their recurring characters ( Cultured Oxford Professor (rare!), Minister of Uncontrollable Rage, ... ).

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now, here is an outrageously condescending (White Man appropriating the Center of the Unverse!) and multi-triggering gigaaggressive gig of A. D. 1869 :

ethno-anthropo.(cover - Peter Wood, Diversity - The Invention of a Concept, Encounter Books 2003).(from Rev. John George Wood, The Uncivilized Races or Natural History of Mankind, vol. 2, London 1869).(w=600).jpg
( John George Wood, The Uncivilized Races or Natural History of Mankind, vol. 2, London 1869 )

Infuriating hegemonial posturing of The Colonializator ! While the People's Artist, an accomplished engraver and triple laureate of the Order of Lenin (see quickie*), toiled over his copperplate, the White Man took serial baths in hectoliters of canary milk (which had to be shipped from Madagascar!), only to put on his Whiteface (see picture above) - a direct, outrageously dehumanizing parody of the so-called Blackface.

* simpler yet, just inspect the framing of the Kubic page right here before your eyes.

( also note how the Representative of America got an excrement sandwich treatment : partially cut out of the picture - an artist's racialist trick, possibly alluding to the Battle of Little Bighorn which by then was already in making, hidden in Pentagon's plans and just lying in wait for actuation, as indeed soon implemented by Gen. MacArthur, who also dropped the hydrodynamic bomb. )

ImageAnd note that idiotic, like, totally fake shovel !

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TruthRevolt has now published Part II of our 'Anti Cultural Appropriation Act' - as equally glorious and gloriously equal as Part I.

The People's Cube: 'Anti Cultural Appropriation Act' Part II


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"[highlight=#ffff00]People with Eastern European ancestry will be asked to be drunk ALL THE TIME. Sobriety is a privilege of non-Eastern European people."[/highlight]

Glorious, since I am of Eastern European decent and so were the Wright Brothers, I can stay drunk and fly as well.

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Sukhoi Su-35 wrote:... since I am of Eastern European descent ... I can stay drunk and fly as well.
ouch ! .did 'descent' just attain its full meaning ? ___iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiVVVVRRRRRROOOOMMMMsssss !

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Drinking and flying leading to descent is a very real possibility.

Does this mean that any "trans-gendered or trans sexual" will be officially denounced for gender or sexual appropriation? Asking for a friend.

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White Man's insatiability appropriates Pharaoh Culture, while totally destroying The Climate.

kna.automobile-freak-show.26.(tin lizzie and the sphinx).jpg

The mobile device of death : Tin Lizzie, courtesy of ruthless bloodsucker & colonializer Henry Ford - who exploited The Toiling Proletariat by forcibly commanding it to appropriate healthy natural elements (metals, rubber, glass, varnish etc.) for unhealthy deadly usages.

And that was just the begin ! As you know, said oppressive Henry T. later forced the Agrarian Proletariat of the Dust Bowl to relocate towards California - using Tin Lizzies, of course. Profit !!!.

That act instantly forced FDR to proclaim Great Depression plus Climate Change (from Balmy to Dusty), and install a plethora of Progressive Change - a blessing, continued to this very day !

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Sukhoi Su-35 wrote:Glorious, since I am of Eastern European decent and so were the Wright Brothers, I can stay drunk and fly as well.

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Sukhoi Su-35 wrote:... since I am of Eastern European descent ... I can stay drunk and fly as well.

hi, Glorious Comrade Su-35 ! _Q : Would your fabulous skill also master this ? :

@ All Comrades :

Q : How many appropriations could you identify ? ... _?? .... __??? .....

... Thumbs up! Well done! yep, 3 appropriations : Tank appropriates transportability + Tank appropriates intersectionality + Russian shossye (=highway) appropriates from Autobahn !

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While going aviatic : Dixon, Andalusia, Ala.jpg Dixon, Andalusia, Ala.dscr.jpg

huh? Car appropriates Avio-traits? or, wait : Helicopter trying to illegally rob Car Cultural Identity?

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Yet another case of avio-appropriation ! _Cultural outrage ! _Bourgeoisie, phyhh !

( Jacques Henri Lartigue, Cousin Bichonade, A. D. 1905 )

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Scandal! Cultural rape! AmeriKKKan linemen (here: in training) appropriate from Poles!

And not only do they appropriate - they climb all over them !! _That's AmeriKKKa !!!

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Having appropriated from Steppe Nomad Culture ( pants! ),
Empty Suit parades in front of Lubyanka :

SU.appropriation.Having appropriated from Steppe Nomads Culture ( pants ! ), Empty Suit parades in front of Lubyanka.jpg

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again, Comrade Su-35 : whaddya think, could you master even this here ? :

appropriation.monowheel.US.A New Terror of the Road.Christie.1923.BIG.cleaned.marked.jpg

If so, that would be, I think, a glorious alcoholo-fossil-driven appropriation of Newton's Physics on the way to breaking the Sound Barrier once again.

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Now this is ultimately infuriating !

Karakalpaks, a distinctive folk around the Aral Sea, appropriate from (wait for it...) - Blackness !!!

Not only have they their distinctive blackness on top of head - they deeply identify with it ! It begins with the very name of that folk, which - obviously of Turkic origin - means Black Kalpaks (that is, high-crowned caps ; indeed - papakhas, of a distinct style).

Look at the pictures and tell me : how are they Blacks ??? :

RUS.Karakalpak.Sayyid Muhammad Rahim Bahadur Khan II (1864-1910) with his ministers.(Photographed by I. Volzhinsky not later than 1896).(w=600).jpg

RUS.Karakalpak.A Karakalpak of Asiatic Origin. Published in the Illustrated London News.1877.(h=600).jpg
Kids are (always) great! (kalpak or no kalpak)

And further considering that Kara = Black :
For sure, the following must be seen as crass appropriators : Kara Mustafa Pasha (nearly conquered Europe in late XVII century), Karakum (Black Sand desert), maybe even Rudolf Caracciola (a daredevil of sport car racing in III. Reich). To snitch on further candidates, plz contact Comrade Minitrue @ The Kollektiv. How about the JapMans ? Think of their Kara-te !!!

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Our praises go to Comrades Animals. Nobody “appropriates” here.


Elephant and only Elephant has a trunk.
Rhinoceros and only rhinoceros has a horn.
Dromedary and only dromedary has a single hunk.

And note : Most RINO's have not even balls, yeah.

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So animals are exclusionary and appropriating individual characteristics? And what of this hierarchical "food chain"? I denounce such!

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You're on to something here with the animals. Revisit the definition of mimicry and compare it to white comrades wearing afros, dreads, etc.

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Red Square wrote:You're on to something here withat animals. Revisit the definition of mimicry and compare it to white comrades wearing afros, dreads, etc.
yeah, and next you have to pore over: that Anthropos mimicry - predatory or defensive ?
same for Stakhanovets' hierarchical inclusio-/exclusionary n-dimensional conundrum !

oh, where is that brainy zoolog- & botanist Einstein, when one needs him ???

P.S. Now the answer was found ! New complexity in FaunoFloral Sciences : defpred mimicry ! Meaning defensive behavior in the presence of threat X, paired with predatory stance towards Y.

Prominently exhibited by, say, Ma'am Whatsherforename Dolezal and M'sieur Shaun King - in both cases X being the Exalted (post-65) Community Of ContraWhite Pigmented Persons, and Y being the Old White Clingin' Hatin' Phobin' Rapin' Kolonializin' Impyerialist Penis Carryin' Pig Bourgeois.

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Ivan the Stakhanovets wrote:... And what of this hierarchical "food chain"? ...
... and here, the hell pit of Circular Recursive Appropriativity opens !

Think tiny Comrades Bacteriae - Maoisty uniformly uniformed as gut microbiota, eating for us as we eat for them !

Comrades - all Animals, indeed, are equal ! Our lives with no Bacteriae inside would be a nightmare !

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Even more enragedly raging outrage !!!

Shakespeare out of schools, bookshops, libraries - NOW!!! Appropriated Blackness™ (Othello) with a single, despicable objective - strangle wifey (Desdemona)!

Yet this is not who we are, on the Right Side of History - says Hop, his half-Whiteness™ reciprocally misappropriating his half-Blackness, thereto His wifey condescendingly barracking.
And smash all the shakespearewise Blackfacing theatres!

Also stop Black&White Photography! A photogram must revoolooshionarily decide - either be Black (Hillary!) or White (Trump!).

Here scenes straight out of the sick brain of that White Old Dead Man, that Shakespeare :


P.S. And send him to GULAG - Iago, Othello's inapt political consultant! He put a bee in Othello's bonnet, by lying to him about the newest polls!

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Motto :..... holy Jesus, what is that ? whadthefuck is that ?? ...

EPA hydraulically appropriating Huang He, ChinMan's Yellow River ???

enviro.US.2015.08.12.EPA.spill.Animas-River.Colorado.(WT).Navajos say EPA should clean its spill rather than trying to swindle Indians.BIG.EXCERPT.(600).jpg
Had Mao taken his swim here, he come out - he totally Trump* !!!

DISCLAIMER : * Strictly skincolorwise !
DISCLAIMER : ...Comrades of Trumpie Tribe !
____________...I'm with you ! Don't harp on know-nothing Kraut !! Much less, beat'm up !!!

You remember that Glorious early August 2015, dontcha ?
And EPA Heroically Fighting for Gaia's & World-Kollektive's Precious Surrounding™ & Klimate™ ?

Animas River, CO :

enviro.US.2015.08.12.EPA.spill.Animas-River.Colorado.(WT).Navajos say EPA should clean its spill rather than trying to swindle
enviro.US.2015.08.12.EPA.spill.Animas-River.Colorado.(WT).Navajos say EPA should clean its spill rather than trying to swindle Indians.before-after.(600).jpg
Navajo : EPA should clean its spill rather than trying to swindle Indians.

Enthusiasts of Stanley Kubrick [of the Highest Pinnacle of Cinematography he, for sure]
and Fans of Sgt. Hartman :

pointing.point finger.Full-Metal-Jacket.(holly-jesus.what-is-THAT.what-the-fuck-is-THAT).(R. Lee Ermey).EXCERPT.60p.RL.jpg

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Cultural appropriation happening now in Britain, where friends of London's first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, are crossing Abbey Road heading for his celebration party.


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(Self-described) intersectional eco-feminist, career-climber inside New Democratic Party (Canada), tweets To the Left, to the Left ‒ while pointing to Beyoncé (subtext: the intersectional eco-feminist strives for NDP leadership, this fall ‒ so, some "cred signaling" here?).

This tweeted, the intersectional eco-feminist ‒ F-gendered and whitey ‒ gets impromptu schooled, by BLM (Canada). Intersectional eco-feminist's offense? Appropriating Black culture.

(reports eagle-eyed & funny Katie Timpf)
Viva Absurdistan!
Revolution Always Eats Its Own Children.

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The end result is inevitable.

About three hours after Next Tuesday ™ the United Nations will declare breathing by people with European ancestry to be a form of cultural appropriation, reminding other races of colonialism, since breathing is considered (as proven by expensive PhD research) to have originated outside of Europe. People of European descent will then be asked to stop this racist breathing or pay a fine.

User avatar
ja! voll korrekt, Comrade Minitrue!

And in the meantime (alas, Next Tuesday ™ not to arrive before TRUMP is finally impeached), at least Wanderlust must be forbidden, sofort!

Wanderlust - that German abomination from the dark times of Teutoburger Wald! And Teutonic cultural appropriation, given that the origins of bipedal roaming had nothing to do with Whitey!

Further indictment:
Also Herr Hitler was very fond of Wanderlust! Shameless appropriator!