Muslim Athletic Wear Covers Skin Without Cramping Style

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From National Geographic:

Finding appropriate exercise wear is something that Muslim women have struggled with for years


A Muslim woman prepares to dive wearing swimwear specially designed to enhance athletic performance while upholding the Koranic principle of modesty.

Modest Yet Fashionable!

National Geographic wrote: The design of most modern sportswear puts many Muslim women athletes in a curious bind: adhere to their faith and have their motions hampered or compromise their beliefs in the name of athletic performance?

This statement must be the polically correct interpretation of:

"adhere to their faith and have their motions hampered or compromise their beliefs and have their lives and limbs further hampered"

But wait a minute, upon further examination of this swimmer...


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Yes, and what about the hands and face!? That design clearly needs more... um... design in it....

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See discussion on

Hat tip: DogByte6RER

Among other suggestions: "This SO explains what John Kerry was wearing in that space photo."

Turkish clothing manufacturer Hasema likewise produces modest yet fashionable swimwear for women, men, and girls


This is outrage of cartoon proportions! Answer this to me:

1. What is sticking out of top and bottom of woman bag? I see flesh! NO GOOD!

2. What is purpose of this? I see no place to hook lead weights.

3. Can a whip get through that? It looks very thick.

4. Why is there naked woman in background? I see no signs of punishment -- correct me if elders have mandated her nakedness as punishment, but I see no blood. This is improper!

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Who are those two men in the superhero outfits??? They look familiar as if I have seen them somewhere before.... Hmm, interesting. Perhaps I've seen them at the last Party Congress in SanFran.

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The Perils of Islam

"A beautiful lifeguard converts to Islam and covers up, only to be confronted by a dismayed admirer who believes that hot women should not cover up their beauty."