Mona Lisa was originally meant to be a Muslim woman

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Comrades and fellow Anti-Fascists,

You may have seen the recent fake news that the Statue of Liberty was originally meant to be a womyn of the Religion of Peace:


No word on whether her clitoris had been removed.

All of which is Well and Good. But it only scratches the surface.

In collegial conversations with our newly-hired Muslim scholars in the faculty lounge here at the State Science Institute, I have learned that almost all of Western Civilization has been built upon Cultural Appropriation from the Muslims! For instance,

The Mona Lisa was originally meant to be a Muslim woman;

Grant Woods' classical painting 'American Gothic' was originally of a Muslim couple, not unlike the brave Jihadis who gave their lives in San Bernardino, holding an AK-47 instead of a pitchfork;

Barack Obama's mother originally intended him to be a Muslim girl (which might explain the way he throws a baseball);

And, most shockingly, the flamboyantly gay Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who describes in graphic terms his preference for black men, originally had it for Muslim men.

But, try as he might, he just couldn't get Muslim men to give up their goats...

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I do not like this Muslim appropriation of our glorious Soviet Motherland's claim to the invention of all things good and innovative. ... not that I do not like Muslims, you understand ... or Islam, which is a Religion of Peace and Progress ... and not that I do not Celebrate Diversity ... oh dear, I think I will go fetch my shovel and report for reeducation until I can reconcile all these irreconcilables according to the latest Party direktives.

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Comrades, this twenty-year-old article by the esteemed Islamic scholar Hisham Zoubeir provides incontrovertible alternative proof that Muslims discovered America.

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Some researches may go even further, discovering that Islam was here way before humans walked the Earth, being the predominant faith of dinosaurs and some prehistoric mammals.


We will not dispute that. Because we already know that even before Islam there was the Cube.

Kabah: the People's Cube of Mecca


According to some researchers, the original Jack in the Box was Muslim.


Muslims also originally settled St. Louis, Missouri, building this Gateway Arch, which is clearly meant to indicate the Gateway to Paradise filled with as many nubile and submissive maidens as any pornographic scene in an HBO TV series, if not more.

Judging by their behavior, this is exactly how many Muslim refugees see the Western countries they immigrate to.


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And now you know the rest of the story.


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CBS NEW's crack investigative team (or is that investigative team on crack?) have now found positive proof that Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, was a Muslim.


(Correction: Running-dog lackeys of Capitalist oppression, intending to cast a shadow of unreliability on this beacon of truth (NOT FAKE NEWS!!!) erroneously reported your humble reporter that it was CNN, and not CBS, that broke this groundbreaking story. We have updated our story to reflect the CURRENT TRUTH.)

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Red Square wrote:And now you know the rest of the story.

Well... there you have it. NASA was originally meant to be an outreach to Muslims, you know.

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I hear FDR's "fireside chats" on the radio were proceeded by the Adhan--call to prayer...and Lyndon B Johnson insisted that all barbecue was to be Halal.

It's what they're saying behind the tractor barn...

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CBS News investigative staff, who described themselves as being "on a roll," have now confirmed that one of Amerika's most beloved Presidents, Abraham Lincoln was, in fact, secretly a Muslim. CBS reporter, Reena Ninan, stated, "It's time that Mr. Lincoln came out of the shadows."

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In yet a further stunning development, CBS News investigators discovered that the beloved President Ronald Reagan had converted to Islam shortly before leaving office.

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Today, CBSN's Reena Ninan reported that, although every American President has actually been Muslim, Barack Obama was NOT a Muslim, making him the first non-Muslim President of the United States.

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Great job, Komrade Kevinsky!

And Mikhail Lysenkomann - your handsome face is now in TruthRevolt -

The People's Cube: Mona Lisa Originally Meant to be Muslim Woman

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a Muslim too.

So was Howdy Doody.

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Red Square wrote:And Mikhail Lysenkomann - your handsome face is now in TruthRevolt -

The People's Cube: Mona Lisa Originally Meant to be Muslim Woman

Thank you, Comrade, that is wonderful publicity for the State Science Institute, where we are always looking for more disciples students to indoctrinate teach the eternal values of Intersectional Science.

I must admit that morale here has been swirling around the toilet bowl since the God-Emperor ascended the Throne -- we are worried sick that our generous taxpayer funding is about to be cut off -- and so an article in the Truth Revolt (remember, comrades, the Russian word for 'truth' is 'pravda' and that is a good omen, no?) can only help during these dark times.

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Mikhail Lysenkomann article in the Truth Revolt (remember, comrades, the Russian word for 'truth' is 'pravda' and that is a good omen, no?) can only help during these dark times.
You are korrekt, comrade. Pravda be told, the original (rejected) TruthRevolt logo looked like this:


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Here is the CBS video in question - only 33 seconds - posted by CBS on its own YouTube channel:

Statue of Liberty was originally Muslim woman

This comment under our Facebook post sums up the story nicely:

So here's what's going on with this now:

This reporter for CBSNews (Formerly Fox News, btw), Reena Ninan - an American with Persian Indian heritage - obviously in kneejerk response to the "Muslim ban", apparently is basing this report off information from a 2014 article on Smithsonian<dot>com written by an Erin Blakemore (A WRITER FOR THE SITE, NOT A HISTORIAN BY ANY MEANS), who IN TURN used an article on The Daily Beast, of all places (a leftist online propaganda "news" site, btw) as her primary source.

What this article does is - as we are all familiar with lib "news" doing - twist facts to support the lib agenda.

SO, what we're looking at here is THIS: Eiffel and Bartholdi were involved in a proposition to design a statue to celebrate the Suez Canal, and Bartholdi's idea was to sculpt a Middle Eastern (Read: "Muslim") peasant girl after the concept of the Colossus of Rhodes. However, being cash-strapped by the canal's construction, Egypt declined the offer. SO, Bartholdi and Eiffel ABANDONED THAT ENDEAVOR and, inspired by a suggestion by de Laboulaye, turned their efforts toward what is now renowned as "Liberty Enlightening the World."


And another comment:
I guarantee that guy waving the machete at the Louvre was there to carve up some European art.

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I guarantee that guy waving the machete at the Louvre was there to carve up some European art.
That, or enforce some Sharia law. There is Milo there somewhere as well.