Leak! Russia controls Trump, but - Mars controls Russia!

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NOTE. Strange. Found the documents (all pics, no comment) in my postbox. Brown envelope, anonymous. Dropped there by Trump's "associates"? Trump himself? Rachel Maddow? Anyway, connecting the dots was straightforward. Indeed, a case like Historical Inevitability in Marxian Dialectics. See below.

Lets start with this fact :

A powerful beam from Mars, funneled straight on the part of globe opposite to America ‒ Russia!
Its first penetration of Earth (with subsequent focus on the Kremlin Empire) is dated 1901.

That signal was also captured phonographically (in 1910) :


And here a sinister contraption, installed in Russia and obviously following Martian instructions :

Gone operative in 1936, it clearly exudes the aura of a sharashka.

Sharashka ‒ a top equal form of GULAG accommodation, provided exclusively to scientists/engineers, along with their 5/10/15 year mandatory research contracts. As a rule, sharashkas were located in remote, hardly accessible places ‒ and not necessarily in Siberia. Preferred siting of sharashkas included desertic areas in Kazakhstan or remote tiny islands (in cases when the research focused on, um, funny microorganisms).

Our Comrade Chief Designer has first-hand knowledge of the sharashka archipelago.

In our scene above: you see functional housing ‒ mainly labs, but also stolovaya where beet soup (with good, thick kasha ‒ and meat, twice(!) a week) is served. Also note, that sharashka inmates were (generally) not forced to march to their destinations ‒ decent transportation was provided.

Now see how the plan ‒ Mars control over Russia ‒ proceeded :

On the left side, a Martian Planyetokhod ‒ a robotic planet-crawler (you likely remember the Russian Lunokhod of the 60s/70s?). That one designed for use in Russia is an Earth-customized variant of the generic Planyetokhod. The Martians gave it a fancy "Russian" name ‒ Чайка (Chayka) ‒ and called it avtomobil (also "rover", later).

On the right side, a Mars-based wormhole (that time/space contraption, the plan of which the Martians, just for fun, slipped in 1905 into the postbox of freshly graduated Dr. Albert Einstein). It is clearly connected to the sharashka IN/OUT thingamajig.

Here a close-up of the Russia IN/OUT end of the wormhole (on the left side) :

On the right side you can see interesting documentary details. For one, an indication: В ОДНУ МИНУТУ В CCCP, which says that (using the wormhole) the travel from Mars to USSR takes only one minute.
Further, you see e.g. the Chayka crawling uphill somewhere in the Caucasus. Next hint: the Martians obviously brought the Russians ‒ Soviets by then ‒ the idea of Соцреализм, the Socialist Realism (here: in architecture). Which also explains why Socrealistic architecture looks so otherworldly (alack, the glorious Palace of the Soviets).

That above was in 1957, and next, in the 60s :

Full control of Russia by Martians!

Further, they started spreading to America :


And finally it became clear ‒ not only control is those Martians aim,
but also the old, timeless gorilla game of grabbing you-know-what :


And the moral of the story?

Not only is TRUMP a grabby sexist
and not only is TRUMP controlled by Putin
but it's damn Martians who pull all the strings!

On Russkies, and thereby on Trumpler, and thusly ‒ on America!

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An amazing recording of the Mars beam captured by Mr. Joe Rinaudo :

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And BTW, did Martians already pull strings on Comrade Messiah? questions upon questions...

APPENDIX (Memory Cabinet).
(all of a sudden, mid October 2016,
giant loudmouthed leap) (ah yep, Election! Election!)


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My Mother always said never trust a Martian. Particularly a Wal-Martian.


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Shouldn't the signals from Mars go through Laika's space desk first, and then redistributed to the masses where appropriate?

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Looks like the Martians landed in Germany as well!

Please put your pants back on Genosse (V2.0) before someone grabs you by the you-know-what... wait a minute, you don't have a you-know-what!

Image .
This did not fool me!


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Russia controls Trump, but Mars controls Russia and look who controls Mars from the Butt Hurt Bunker..................................

If it were not true they wouldn't have erected a statue in his honor.

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This is going to be one of the many things Impeach For Peace is going to have fully documented in it's case against President Trump.

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Comrade Putout wrote:... Please put your pants back on Genosse (V2.0)...
zhere is no problem wizh meine (V2.0) trouser, ja?

and vee haff very good Massen-Fizkultura here, jawohl!
(so zhere is no problem wizh zhe dual you-know-what)


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Clara Illbustyourballs Zetkin wrote:... look who controls Mars from the Butt Hurt Bunker..................................
More Mars Russia Amerikkka control!

Obviously Mars-Marxians pulled strings on the whole Butthurt Messiah affair.
See, first they sent Comrade Messiah (via that wormhole?) from the Heavens onto our Planet.
Next, they pulled the 2008 trick.

And then they began conditioning Humanity (starting @ Hollywood!) for "The Monument" :


Next, mid October 2016, they made Messiah suddenly gush about Mars & Humanity! (see above).

Finally, the Mars-Marxian conspiracy landed a hat trick :
(1) installed "their man" in White House (pulling the Mars Russia TRUMP strings)
(2) made TRUMP immediately to further beat the NASA-Mars-Humanity drum
(3) foxily, pulling strings on Butthurt Bunker, spread the message of Messiah Mars Monument.

And now they just sit and twiddle thumbs, waiting for their obscene profit from upcoming Mars Tourism to worship MMM! (filthy rich Hollywood first!).

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An Aussie saw this coming seven years ago. Is it too late?

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[color=#C0392B]Red Square[/color] wrote:Shouldn't the signals from Mars go through Laika's space desk first, and then redistributed to the masses where appropriate?
That's most korrekt, Comrade Square, perfect point.


Recent research: Laika was brought to life (by Martians? question still open) exactly when Josif Vissarionovich Dzhughashvili, vel Stalin, aka Batyushka, exited The Locomotive of Revolution ‒ him being The Great Machinist of it. Laika, already aware of her historic predestination, transmitted thereupon: Next Great Machinist to be ‒ comrade Beria. Seemed logical ‒ after all, Beria closely, um, aided Batyushka's exit from The Locomotive.

But here Mars-Marxians took over. Laika, of course, rubberstamped all that, and transmitted down to Earth. Thusly came good Nikita, and bad Beria was dragged out of a ZetKa (Central Committee) session, charged, and shot. Whereas good Nikita gave his famous secret speech, on the spot pointedly leaked to the West ‒ as a sign of Peregruzka. Nikita orated (figuratively): Yes, bad, bad things happened. Believe me. That Batyushka, it was terrible, I tell you, terrible. We had GULAG, unbelievably yuge. It was tremendous. But now we will make Kommunizm great again! Which in Nikita-lingo was not Peregruzka, and not Perestroyka, but Ottyepyel (meaning: Thaw).

See the troika, still alive and kicking (left-2-right) ‒ Nikita, Batyushka, Beria :

[ who are you? come here! (giggle) ]

Next ‒ Space Race. Beep-beep-beep, here comes Sputnik! A month later, Laika leaves Earth ‒ forever, to orbit, and to take place at Laika's Space Desk. Transmitting down, to Humanity ‒ while connected to and guided by Mars-Marxians.

And just to illustrate the power of LSD, Laika's Space Desk, recall Nikita's Kukuruza Revolution.
As it now turns out: orchestrated on Mars, transmitted by Laika, proclaimed by Nikita, implemented by Kollektiv.

ELUCIDATION. Kukuruza (= corn = maize) sounds like from some Mesoamerican paleo-language; appears in some Turkic languages (kokoros etc.); variants widespread in Slavic languages (assumed to having spread from Ukrainian).



The Locomotive of Revolution (Kukuruza Version).
In the first rail car - Comrades Cows! Next - Comrade Milk! Then - Comrade Oil!

Comrades Pigs & Co also didn't come short!


Image Україна souvenir ‒ medal RENOWNED KUKURUZA GROWER OF UKRAINE.


... and SUMMARY :


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See? It works! It works!


UPD. (2020-06-13)
sigh... that video has been memory-holed (made "Private" ).

Key: Evelyn Farkas, 2 March 2017, MSNBC interview.
As of today, there are still (vivid) traces, e.g. the 1:47 here:

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Genosse Dummkopf!!

THIS 'completes' 'pelipsky!

And...the horned rodent wheels turn in 'pelipsky's mythical mind... no wonder, Trumputler is focused on STEM project aimed and targeted for Mars.

Once you see the puppet strings --- you know CuboidRussians are involved.

And btw, that Mars to Earff and ViceeVersee Wormhole appears to run directly to TEXazistan. Coincident?
'pelipksy didn't think so either.

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It's Peter Graves verses the Russians and he gets some help from the Martians!

An American scientist contacts Mars by radio and receives information that Mars is a utopia and that Earth's people can be saved if they return to the worship of God. Revolution sweeps the Earth, including the Soviet Union. But there remains a doubt about the messages being genuine, as an ex-Nazi claim he was duping the Americans.