John Edwards Mansion Mysteriously Teleported to Baghdad.


Former Presidential candidate John Edwards awoke very irate this morning.Edwards found himself lying in his bed in an open field.Expecting to awake in his glorious mansion he instead awoke to the waft of cow dung.

Apparently in an overnight operation by the CIA (because they can do ANYTHING). Operatives teleported his mansion to Baghdad to use as the New US Embassy there.

A CIA spokesperson stated "It was the only thing big enough we could easily get our hands on".

A spokesperson for Mr Edwards stated that the CIA should return it asap to it's rightful owner.

The CIA has suggested Mr. Edwards can move and live in his Mansion/Embassy as there are plenty "poor people" in Baghdad to help.........


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Dear John,

I heard about your mansion being teleported to Bagdad via my favorite news station, ThePeoplesCube™.

Trust me...I know about getting a building permit. One little block isn't filled in properly and are outta there!

I am confused about one of your comments?
What's wrong with cow dung?

Sincerely and forever yours,

Beet Farmer

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Update 2011
The teleported mansion in Baghdad is now a Cultural Center for Islam. Mr. Edwards is making do with his replacement home:

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That looks suspiciously like comrade Putin's new billion dollar seaside villa.

(Oh, you didn't hear about that? Do a search because you won't hear it from me, my lips are sealed.)

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All I found was a shot of one of the interior ceilings:


A thorough search revealed that this photo was the home of a fat cat capitalist and a hoax perpetrated by George Bush. We all know that Comrade Putin is a humble but tough man of the People.