Taliban Olympics

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That looks really painful... and real....

I am curious to know if that was training or if he had survived the daisy cutter/M.O.B. 1000m dash and this is the next event??

Greetings Red Square and People of the Red Cube !!

From what hole did you dig that one up ?? That's a real oldie... originating with Fox Sports, several years ago. They also had another one of donkey races with short ropes tied around the riders' necks. That was a real hoot and holler !! Fox Sports and the first in propaganda and biased news from the four corners of the globe !!


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I hate the Faux Noise channel, Blue Bell! All they do is kiss up to their imperialist masters hoping to get whatever scraps are left on the table after Bu$h Co. raids the world for all of its oil! Sickening, absolutely sickening! Give me a good hard Communist like Keith Ubermann any day of the week! Give me Keith because without his "Special Comment" I wouldn't know what to think! And if Keith isn't on I will instead settle for ABC, CNN, PBS, CBS, C-SPAN, CURRENT and whatever other network is out there spouting the glories of Socialism and advocating for the selection of Party candidates! Only progressive propaganda will liberate the masses! Subscribe and submit to your media masters (except for Faux, they like capitalism and freedom)!

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Blue Bell! You're returned! And I congratulate on your grasp of the first principle of Progressive Politics--if it's old, it doesn't matter. Stalin murdered 30 million people but that was before breakfast, so it doesn't matter. Mao took out even more but my lord, he died forty years ago. He could have taken out all of the Chinese, and it wouldn't matter.

But George Bush named his dog Spot a decade ago and that's really really important. It means that he's an idiot, Barbara Bush ran a whorehouse in the White House--Clinton didn't do anything you know--and Adam Smith was a moron, Hayek ditto.

I just love a good progressive memory.

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No doubt that dust cloud cost a point or two.

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So how do they close these games, with a bang?