Liberty vs Sharia: Do we want a world united under Islam?

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Poor text, prog off.

Coming from Albania and having a brain, I am in a very special position. Throughout my childhood Albania bragged around of being the only true socialist country in the world, and that one day the rest of the world would become socialist and discover that somehow Albanians got there first.

Now to the point. Albania IS exceptional in its own way. It is actually the only country that has been Muslim and Communist at once. Now, that's a double bingo. For most of the time Communists had the upper hand and persecuted Muslims. That made sense to me, as Communists persecute everybody.

For so long I have wondered, what is it that puts Communists, Greens, Democrats and Muslims together. It must not be really trivial. Now I have figured it all out. Communism is the philosophy of loot, Islam is the religion of loot. That's the deepest affinity between the two. Everything else is window dressing. Both of them think that once the dirty job is done, they'll get rid of the other. Well, they also think that once the dirty job is done, they'll get rid of the different power factions within their own religion and philosophy. They all imagine themselves very high in the world to come. None of them imagine themselves genitally mutilated, hanged, disappeared. They are way too smart to end up that way.

Ultimately they all will lose, and that can be a pretty sad day: they already have done a lot of damage. There IS something that we can do: be more aggressive. We don't have to be superheroes and die for the glory of beautiful ideas while yelling "Death to Greens, Freedom to the People". Just keep pushing. Gang up, plan, sabotage them, discredit them, expose them, trip them, disappoint them, demoralize them. We must render the looting profession very inconvenient.

Even the "beautiful" ideas of world depopulation come from the same fount. The looters think that already there are goodies enough in this world, and they want to rid the world of competitors, so that their own share of loot is bigger. That all starts with Malthus. I think that not Hitler, not Stalin, WWI, WWII, IRA, Indian separatists are responsible for the fall of the British Empire. One man is: Malthus. He is the germ that rotted the empire. Now Brits want to rebuild the empire with the germ still in.

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Since this is a prog-off thread launched by Mrs. Red Square's excellent video to enlighten and inspire our prog-off activities in our real lives, I'm taking this opportunity to do likewise;

In my opinion, too few Americans have even the slightest clue about what Iranian nuclear scientists know to be our greatest our vulnerability: EMP attack -- especially since Obama has virtually crippled our anti-missile defense research/development for ways to defend against the launch of a nuclear rocket concealed on a tanker in the Atlantic 100 miles offshore which would be able to reach orbital height over the central U.S. within several minutes and take us back to 1865 technology within minutes thereafter. This is explained approximately 2/3 into the video below:

What will prevent the Iranians from completing the means to do so (their leaders already have the will and determination to do so)? Nothing short of military force. Watch "Everybody Needs a Mahdi" below:

But of course, Obama and the Progressives would have us believe that re-electing Obama would yield peace by 2016. They're right but not for the reason they think:


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Once Sharia takes over, all female Cube members will be required to update their avatars accordingly.

Fortunately, I'm already covered.

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One day soon I shall be allowed four wives

Image Either by Barry's Sharia or Mitt's Mormonism...

Dearest Pinkie, one day, you will make someone a most equal co-wife... if you bring your shovel collection.

and a dowry.