Sec'y Clinton Reported to have 'Beyonceed' Senate Testimony

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By Igor Totellalai, American Media Collective

High ranking officials have confirmed that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lip-synched her testimony before the US Senate yesterday regarding the Benghazi Incident, following the hot new trend of ‘Beyoncéing,' or lip-synching to a recording when one is not prepared, according to anonymous sources inside the State Department.

Clinton arrived at the Senate hearing still recovering from festivities related to the President Barack Obama's inauguration on Monday and Tuesday, and felt unprepared to speak live before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Having rehearsed for her testimony in November and December, Clinton made recordings which were then set to the Senate's questions posed by her staff

“Her staff knew the obvious questions that would be asked, and so all we really had to do is match her recorded responses to the questions as they came up live,” said one staffer.

Observers noted that Clinton, despite wearing glasses to hide her eyes and obscure any signs of her illness during the testimony, made a flawless performance. She was able to match even emotional gestures during the rapid-fire questions posted by Republican Senators.

“She didn't get out of synch on anything,” said another anonymous observer. “Beyoncé would be proud.”

Senator John Kerry is also working on a similar strategy for his appearance before the Committee when he is set to testify in confirmation hearings as he prepares to be appointed as Clinton's successor. Kerry, known for his calm demeanor, is expected to have a much easier time Beyoncéing through his testimony.

“The Senate hearings should be a cake-walk, since he knows the Senators and their questions are going to be pretty much out-of-the-box,” said Democratic Party strategist David Handlebar. “They might as well let him phone it in like the president did during his debates, and people still found him credible enough for him to win reelection. The trick is to keep your lips moving no matter what happens.”

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As Hillary has so eloquently stated, "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!!!" whether her actual lips moved or she was caught "Beyonce'-ing"? The fact is she cared. She cared a real lot. She said she cared and 4 Americans are dead. That's all that matters.

If "Beyonce'-ing" can save the Administration™ from embarrassment, or from anyone being held accountable, fired, outted, shamed, or otherwise punished for ineptitude, treason or being directly responsible for the demise of 4 Americans, then


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Take it easy on Madame Clinton Comrades! After all, she just got out of the O.L.C.!

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Might as well get both sides of that mouth she's lying out of ....

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Rand Paul: “Had I been president at the time and known you had not read cables from Libya asking for more security, I would fired you.”

Che Guevara: “Fired her? We would have shot her!”


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As we all know, Comaradette Hiliary Clinton blatantly mistakenly missed the incessant anemic Benghazi security requests? Comrades, as we all know, Comradette Clinton was suffering from "pre-brain hemorrage and clotting syndrome" brought upon by a massive dose of GHB slipped into a drink in a White Fortress late nighter by non other than Brothel Barry himself. If my math is correct, I have a .47 Obama equality rating™ and a .84 Hillary rating™ , thus I may offer here my main question: If this fiery rhetoric is to improve our issue awareness, should Comrade Hiliary's passionate tale about Benghazi be included in the Obama novel with a chapter maybe titled, "Barry it in Me, Benghazi, Booze, and GHB!!?"

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I hate wearing a suit and tie but I do look good in it. Anything to support the MTE.

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ThePeoplesComrade wrote:I hate wearing a suit and tie but I do look good in it. Anything to support the MTE.

You look good in a vest as well Comrade!


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tpc bow tie2.jpg

I don't always wear a bow tie, but when I do, I wear cuffs.

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Dear TPC,

Just because Comrade Red Square is off to a summit does not mean that you can just start posting all kinds of 'stuff' on his web site! People have landed in the gulag for much less. I recommend that you take a cold shower before you overheat yourself. And where did you buy that shower curtain - Bed, Bath and Beyond Tasteful?



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Roy Orbison called and he wants his glasses back.

hillary orbison.jpg

I'm late for my waxing appointment at the New Karl Marx Reflections Salon.

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Look TPC... we're famous... and you have a new best buddy!


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My Gosh, that outline is so faint. I was too caught up with looking in the mirror to notice that I had company.

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It was more like a youthful indiscretion as defined in elder statesmanly fashion.