Ron Paul wants to be friends with Iran

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Finally a Republican candidate has seen the Obama light and wants to be friends with Iran. Ron Paul would be a reasonable choice for the Republican presidential nomination. Mr. Paul stands alone amid the Republican candidates in understanding the religion of peace and its desire for friendship. In the meantime, the Obama administration is appealing to our new friends for a friendly chat.


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Wack-madina-Job: "What part of _ I _ _ don't you understand?"

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This Neo-Kulak Paul is no scholar of the Barbary Pirates and Jefferson. This is why he is perfect for our use. If we can get the neo-kulaks to loosen up and let down self defense while we work to crush them, a glorious defeat of Amerika will be ours.

Friend of Reagan maybe, but Kulak Paul never worked the ranch. Das is good.

As a sponsor of Code Pink, We support Ron Paul.

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[img]images/clipart/Prog_Off.gif[/img]Aw crap shovel, you're going to have the Paulies spamming this page, or in words they can understand:Ron Paul. Ronpaulronpaulron. Paulronpaul PaulPaul RonPaul RonRon PaulRon. RONPAUL RONPAUL PAUL RON PAUL PAUL! Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul. Paul Ron Ron Paul?

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Paulistas make me laugh. Ha ha, I say to the Paulistas. Ron Paul is neither of color, nor is he cool, nor has he had a picture taken at the beach with no shirt. So he has served in congress. So what? Did he have the conviction to vote PRESENT on anything? Does he even represent anything as optimistic as "hope" or "change" ? I think not. How much lobster can his wife consume?

What a loser.

I spit at Ron Paul <spit>, and I would poop on his lawn if in the neighborhood.

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Ron Paul is a lousy f**k and I hate him. He's a stupid liar who's bad and dangerous for America. Mark my words, he'll take us straight back to the Dark Ages when he was born. Let Ron Paul steal the election, and you'll be saddled with the worst president ever since George W. Bush.

Speaking of George W. Bush, what he didn't destroy--and you'd think he'd destroyed everything, but he's so stupid that he's certain to have overlooked something--and whatever that is, Ron Paul will demolish it. Ron Paul will finish anything George W. Bush started and make it even worse.

Ron Paul is a stupid lying traitor who will end civilization as we know it. If, in spite of his total idiocy, he gets away with stealing the presidency, old people will be falling off cliffs everywhere. Sadly, he won't be one of them. Mass starvation and homelessness and joblessness will be everywhere as we are forced to live in cardboard "Paulvilles".

I hate Ron Paul because no thanks to him, the planet will relapse from its healing of the past few years, and the oceans will rise again.

Ron Paul hates the planet, old people, children, immigrants, puppies, kittens, bunny rabbits, ladybugs, fluffy baby chicks that go cheep-cheep, and fluffy yellow ducklings that go quack-quack. He abhors science. He's known as the “intellectual godfather” of the Teabaggers or some such crap, which makes no sense to me because there's nothing intellectual about Teabaggers or, for that matter, Ron Paul. Moreover, he's too old to be president. He thinks BlackBerry is something you bake into a pie. Honestly, I don't know why Paul Ryan hasn't pushed him over a cliff already, unless it's because Paul Ryan, like Tim Ryan and Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul and Rand Paul and Ayn Rand, is just plain stupid if not evil, because if he were evil he'd push Ron Paul over that cliff. But he hasn't so he must be stupid. But I digress. As the teabaggers' demigod, it's obvious Ron Paul doesn't care about anything except his God and his guns, as well as millionaires, billionaires, and corporate jet owners.

Ron Paul comes from the same state that cursed us with George W. Bush, Rick “Brain Fart” Perry and the Chainsaw Massacre. Watch that movie and you'll get an idea of just what he intends to do with our sacred entitlement programs that make America great.

For if Ron Paul is allowed to get away with stealing the Presidency from Obama, rest assured he will proclaim himself dictator, and say stupid hateful things—like letting people keep more of their own money when they're only going to squander it on themselves is somehow patriotic. Any nitwit will tell you that the moral and patriotic thing is to plead with the government to please, please raise your taxes, so they'll have the necessary revenue to help those who rely on the government—because that's what the government is for, and the government has made a sacred covenant with the people that they could always rely on it for everything, and for all eternity.

We will all be living in fear of our lives because of Ron Paul's bloodthirsty tyranny.

If Ron Paul usurps the White House, I vow I will move to England where this year we saw evidence of a robust democracy in action. I'd rather live in a country where I can raise awareness of how much I care about keeping all my government benefits by torching Harrods to the ground, and tipping a Rolls Royce containing Charles and Camilla into the Thames, than a country where everyone is being held hostage by those terrorists in the Tea Party who refuse to budge on anything, and all because they signed stupid gimmicky pledges and contracts to destroy the government, and they think they have to stick to them for all eternity.

That's all I have to say for now. Oh wait, one more thing . . . Ron Paul is just like Hitler.

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Commissarka Pinkie wrote:Ron Paul is a lousy f**k and I hate him. He's a stupid liar who's bad and dangerous for America. Mark my words, he'll take us straight back to the Dark Ages when he was born. Let Ron Paul steal the election, and you'll be saddled with the worst president ever since George W. Bush.

The Commissarka's hard hitting inspirational commentary on behalf of the Party Image is just another reason for us to get it up & head to the fields each glorious morning.