President Obama Captive in Mime Bubble

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Dear Comrades,

According to our sources in the White Fortress, it appears that Comrade Party Chairman Barack Barackovich Obama was unaware of the problems with the Affordable Healthcare Act due to his imprisonment in an invisible bubble placed around him by Congressional Republicans. The said bubble has prevented him from knowing about issues regarding the implementation of Obamacare and impeded his ability lead the State.

Sources say that the bubble appears to be of the same variety which often plagues mimes. Party scientists have been summoned to the Kapital, to discuss safe means in which to extract Comrade Obama from his mime bubble, so that he can lead the State once again, as he did during the last election.

It is unknown for how long Comrade Obama has been in this bubble, but many theorize that he is not alone. Comrade Secretaries Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Kathleen Sebelius have also shown signs of being ‘bubblized,' thus unaware of dealings within their departments.

Party officials are hoping scientists will quickly free our Dear Leader during this critical time in the Collectivization of Health Care in the USSA. Charges are being prepared against George W. Bush, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and other traitors likely responsible for this treachery.

Free the President, free the world!
Republican Mime Bubbles cannot stop Social Progress!

Faithfully submitted to the Collective of the People's Cube,
Comrade Nomenklatura-climber
Dialectical Progressivism Translator

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A full body bubble, or just a bubblehead?


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Oh please free Obama from the bubble. No wonder we can't get ahold of him and hug him and kiss him. The American people have a groovy kind of love! Mrs Miller, the song bird of America, serenades Obama singing for all women everywhere:

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Obama has just added another credit to his list of achievements.


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Image Komrades, This Glorious Bubble Excuse from esteemed leader Lion-Obama Proves false.He had sight beyond Sight.

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Oh, what relief that Dear Leader is in other kind of bubble than what I thought at first. But then who is this?

We must free him, Komrades! Komrade obama is our only hope for the future.