Pedophilophobia, Islamophobia, Can't We All Get Along?

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Sean Stone Converts to Islam to encourage peace, declares jihad on Islamophobes and threatens beheading. (more)

In Miss America contestant fashion, Mr. Stone declares his reason for converting to Islam: “My dad said, ‘Allah be with you.' My father understands that I am trying to bridge certain gaps and bring about peace.”

Not to be confused with delusions of grandeur or pretentiousness , Mr Stone should find his newly adopted religion advantageous for peace seeking. We anxiously await his initial jihad declaration against those who resist Mr. Stones fledgling peace initiatives. We assume his attentions will be concentrated on the two Satans (big and little), the United State and Israel.

Mr. Stone is shocked to be already experiencing Islamophobia, much as I suspect a convicted pedophile might experience bewilderment at the cool acceptance of those in his chosen child care field. I suggest he take the traditional Islamic position, behead them and move on. Peace can always be sought with the next, more open-minded and sympathetic person.

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Be encouraged my friends, peace will come when all acknowledge there is only one god(Allah)and Mohamed is his prophet.

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I saw this bozo on The O'Reilly Factor last night, following a story on Santorum Derangement Syndrome, or SDS or even SHO (Santorum Hate Orgasm) which most listings show as coming after HBO.

Anyway, my takeaway from those two segments basically amounts to this: Santorum is an extreme zealot who's out to slaughter millions of people, especially women; whereas Ahmahdinejad with his newfound nuclear capabilities and accompanying attitude is simply misunderstood, and we should really, really try harder to understand him.

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When the muslims take over the country, it will be the fools in Hollywood like this asshat that will convert to islam to save there useless hides. They don't realize that they will probably lose their heads anyway because of all the "evil" trash they produce.