Pakistani Troops Denying Civil Rights

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Comrades this is an outrage. It reminds me of time we caught one of Mrs. Al's underwives sneaking Cuban cigars from the People's Director's humidor.

See the video here:


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That was an interrogation? Were they asking him out for dinner? I've seen rougher than that at any one of Bonnie Fwank's dinner parties. I sent that video to some of my old, ex-KGB buddies and they howled with laughter.

Wiping tears of laughter from my eyes....

Ahem...Still, you are correct Comrade Whoopie. Those fellows should be much more sensitive to any Warrior of Islam. We, under the leadership of Dear Leader Obama, have set the standard for fair and kind treatment of these types.

PS- We have Cuban Cigars? It's been a long time since I had one of those. Please share...

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I thought that last guy sounded suspiciously familiar to Curly of the 3 Stooges. If only we could see a video like this featuring Keith Ellison and Ahmed Rehab!

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This is a love kiss compared to our Gulag Games ™ . What is the problem here? Why, with my talks with Mrs. Al about our beloved brethrens in the Mooslimic terrorist freedom fighters world, that is just an introduction to talks. Do we want our comrades in Pattykistan country to appear to be wimps? There is nothing like a girly man to make a country appear weak.
Just look at this actuate photo of dear leader and see the masculine strongness he exudes. Yes, umm, indeed, uh he does . . . .

Image(I WAS NOT LAUGHING. I TELL YOU, I WAS NOT. Let go of me!! No!! Let go! . . .)