Outrage at the U.N. Over Iranian President's Denial

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Security Council threatens Iran with twelve resolutions over the next twelve years.

France votes for twelve resolutions and warns President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that it may lobby for a baker douzaine (baker's dozen) should he not keep his anti-Semitic nuclear ambitions private as previously agreed.

The Security Council also reminded Iran that failure to comply with any of the resolutions could result in the creation of a highly lucrative "Oil for Food" program from which they could siphon billions to build nuclear weapons.

In related news, Democratic speechwriter Chris Matthews describes remarks as, "not evil, they just have a different perspective."

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I think that making money is a thoughtcrime, that is why I chose for the UN to pass as many resolutions as is necessary to send the message to Iran that this type of rhetoric will not be tolerated. If they do not comply after the 25th resolution, then we will need to come up with a stiffer resolution on our 26th try.

Give peace a chance (... or 25 or 30 or 100 chances).

Infidel Lies
Our glorious president has been nothing but candid with the world, and his comments have been "cherry picked" by the right-wing media. As your own Chairman Dean has said, the United States and Israel are co-conspirators in a world domination plot to place Zionists in all positions of power. This is now common knowledge thanks to the New York Times and Al Jazeera. We all know that the term "Neo Con" is code for "Zionist."

In the future, please report evenly on our beloved leader Ahmadinejad. You have not mentioned ONCE his school lunch program, which is at the heart of his policies!

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I say 12 resolutions are plenty. Now the UN needs to send in inspection teams.
And what's this smear about getting rich off Oil for Food programs? Please, can't we be sophisticated about this? The UN solves complex international problems and at times the intricacies of it's solutions are too involved and sophisticated for the lay mind to understand. They are trained professionals. Please comrade, don't echo the radical right-wing republican big news media propaganda press.

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I say, let them create another Oil for Food program so they will develop nuclear weapons and create a mass extinction of the human race while we watch the fireworks from the Peoples Lunar Observation Center based on the moon. After everyone is gone, we will come back and re create a new one country world under the tungsten fisted rule of our Dictator in Chief, Hillary Clinton.

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"It Takes a Lunar Landscape" by Hillary Clinton.

A great idea Comrade Betty! I'll get to work on the ghost writing as soon as I finish watching Red Dawn. Can that Swayze kid act!!

I'd be careful comrades - we may consider voting for the resolutions before voting against them. At that point, probably just agreeing with our sensitive thought provoking Iranian president comrade would be the way to go. Or possibly send Hans Blix in to give him a psychological exam and determine if he's really a scary dictator hellbent on blowing us all up or just a misunderstood man-boy who never got toys for Ramadan; he'd wake up on Ramadan morn only to find sand in his turban.

It's sort of weird though, I thought our Party Hero and Creator of the American welfare system FDR liked Jewish people. I guess we were always at war with Israel. It makes sense really, FDR fought the nazis, infidels who love America and Israel are obviously nazis - therefore jews and americans must die like the running dog nazis they are. And Islam must rule the world. Oh and women have to be exterminated also. And the gays. And blacks probably too. Anyone who doesn't practice Islam five times a day. Well, anyone who isn't wahabis. O.K. anyone who doesn't practice wahabism, and blow up at least one infidel. Actually, we hate women, so we're probably all gay, maybe leave the gays alone. . .

I was kind of hoping for an angry letter from the European Union of Socilaist Republics to complement the UN resolutions. That would really get the point across to Ahmadinejad that the 'world' means business. Im sure if the EU and the UN act together, they can solve this problem before Bu$h-hilter tries to steal Iran's oil too.