Obama: successful deal with Iran inspires talks with ISIL

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WASHINGTON D.C. - In light of the recent nuclear deal with Iran, President Obama has said that the event has sparked hopes for a peaceful resolution in Iraq and Syria with ISIS. Experts believe that this statement contains the language and aspirations that suggest the President thinks of the Caliphate as a legitimate nation. Obama even went so far as to take responsibility for its creation, saying that he succeeded where George W. Bush had failed - namely, he facilitated the building of a powerful new government in the Middle East.

"Putting aside some instances of violence and so-called extremism, the Caliphate has created a strong government capable of bringing peace and stability to the region in a very short time," Obama said, reminding the audiences that "the founders of our own country were also violent extremists who would strip down public officials until they were naked, tar and feather them, and force them to march through the streets."

According to the President, his "peaceful and successful negotiations with Iran" have given him faith in the possibility of talks with the ISIL and Caliphate. "Like every developing new nation, they will need resources and financial aid," Obama said, adding that he doesn't rule out an aid package of 100 billion dollars annually for the next ten years, in addition to allowing the Caliphate nuclear abilities as long as they use them for peaceful purposes.

"We are also in the beginning stages of talks in the international community that will hopefully lead to the Caliphate joining the esteemed ranks in the United Nations," said the President.
"The Islamic State is on its way to becoming a self-sustaining entity, unlike certain other failed governments in that part of the world, such as, for example, the Zionist entity, which relied on Jewish terrorism to take land away from Palestinians," Obama said, calling Israel "a failed concept that will soon be forced to give the stolen land back to its rightful owners, with everything on it."

"In contrast, the Islamic State has taken abandoned, war-torn areas and united them under one flag. It is the greatest success story of the 21st century so far; we should encourage their growth instead of fighting it," President Obama said.

Despite Obama's hopeful vision, the idea of acknowledging ISIS as a legitimate nation, let alone giving them financial assistance and nuclear capabilities, has left many in Congress speechless.

"President Obama has made it a habit to bypass Congress, take such actions entirely on his own, disregarding checks and balances," House Speaker John Boehner's office said in a statement. "He has been doing it within our national borders for years, but now his executive actions have expanded towards our policies overseas, which is very disquieting."

Predictably, the President's initiative has divided Congress along partisan lines, with Nancy Pelosi calling Obama's decision "the greatest single effort for peace that the world has ever seen since Yasser Arafat received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994."

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Chedoh wrote:... They would to strip down public officials until they were naked and then tar and feather them, forcing them to march through the streets..."
Can we still get that scheduled?

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Sooner or later, we will be the ones snooping Snopes.

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If snopes gets snoped wont that start a never ending circular chain of snopings? Could tear the very fabric of space and time....

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Ivan the Stakhanovets wrote:
Chedoh wrote:... They would to strip down public officials until they were naked and then tar and feather them, forcing them to march through the streets..."
Image Can we still get that scheduled?
"Oh, we will, we vow, on our mothers' graves, just as soon as you put one of our pet "conservatives" in the Oval Office. -- The GOP Establishment

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I know that Holy UltraSuperUltimateKommisar Barack Hussein Obama, Pontiff of the One, Holy, Governmental, and Bureaucratic Church is an icon of the Revolution, and as Pontiff can convert virtually anybody into the Church of the Later-Week Bureaucrats. But, seeing as Islam is not only state-approved, but also state-sponsored, then it, logically is part of the State-Created and State-Operated OHGB/LWBC. Therefore, Komrade Obama has no negotiation to do nor any conversion to do, as the Pontiff's Church declares all Islamic acts to be equally One, Holy, Governmental, and especially Bureaucratic as the Church of the Later-Week Bureaucrats. Chedoh, I know you try to milk anything for everything it has, especially on the Kollektive Farm and in the Kollektive Latrine late at night with a National Geographic and a shotglass, but instead of milking a cow you tried to milk a steer with this article. And, you know what, the Church will give you the horns for attempting to denounce their friend and affiliate. Shame on You.