Obama repeals 40-hour work week: part-time workers, unite!

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Dear Comrades,

Due to the glorious leadership of our Dear Leader, Barack Barackovich Obama, a full 53% of adult citizens have received a lessened workload as a result of the State's collectivization program.

Yes, comrades, this means that only 47% of citizens are now required to work a full-time job. It is a great victory for redistributive justice, when a majority of citizens can work part-time and enjoy the fruits of Socialist Labor.

We must remember that Socialist Redistribution programs do not require complete unemployment, but rather only an income below State standards. Citizens working part-time have their income supplemented to the same standards as full-time workers and peasants through redistributive programs that provide food, housing, and medical care.

By liberating the People's Wealth and the Means of Production from the Bourgeoisie and the Kulaks, the Proletariat are not longer compelled to labor long, 40-hour work weeks. Instead, citizens can work less and receive the same benefits as if they were working full-time at minimum wage, which is the State's income expectation for all citizens.

Comrade Obama and the Socialist Democratic Party hope that one day, all citizens will receive their fair share of economic progress, benefitting from a Universal Wage and Benefits System under our State centralized planning regime. All of us will be required to work less-than-full-time, all the while enjoying the care of the State through government housing, food subsidy programs, and Obamacare.

Part-time workers, unite!
Agitate for universal part-time employment!
Down with the reactionary 40-hour work week!
Up with the benefits of Socialism!

Faithfully submitted to the Collective of the People's Cube,
Comrade Nomenklatura-climber
Dialectical Progressivism Translator

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All it would take to get this 53% - which is truly glorious - up to at least 83% would be to tax the 1% their Fair Share!

The fact the 47% currently still have to work full time jobs is because of the unfairness of the 1% (not including fellow progs like John Kerry, Nanski Peloski, etc., of course) and, well, Bush.


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This is insignificant non-information to the Peoples Elite. I We have a practice of automatic work reduction to 15% and it is working well!!

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We had a thread with great posters covering some of these issues in the past.






See more here - ... t8832.html

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Just think, comrades: Soon, we will not have to work at all and still receive government benefits! While this is already in practice in some form, it will only be a matter of time (we predict by next Tuesday) before it is implemented 100%—if you ask us, that is the ONLY thing that should be "full-time"!

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The lesson is not yet learned: Wikipedia

"The attitudes of the two central characters in this cartoon short - Porky Pig and an unnamed bear - form the main plot of this Aesop fable adaptation, with Porky taking the role of the tireless, hard-working ant and the bear the role of the grasshopper, the lazy indignant who would rather do nothing.

The short opens on Porky plowing his land, whistling a happy, carefree tune, "As Ye Sow So Shall Ye Reap." The animals similarly work hard, with several spot gags providing these examples.

The scene then pans over to the neighbor's farm, where a lazy bear is strumming on his ukulele, the song "Working Can Wait" extolling the virtues of not having to work and just relax. Several animals on the farm—hens playing games, a cow reading "Ferdinand the Bull" and a mouse reading "Of Mice and Men" -- have taken up the lazy farmer's habits; the dog is lying asleep at his side."

"For your long winter needs,
You just plant a few s-seeds.
You must get up and w-work, not sleep.
D-Dig and hoe. W-Watch them grow.
As ye sow so shall ye r-r-r-reap - Porky Pig. ”

“Working can wait, this is paradise.
Having no work to do,
and taking it easy, too - The Bear. ”

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This is The Ultimate Freedom: Freedom From Labor!

My Our Entire collective will Hereby Refrain From "Tending The Beet-Fields" (Too Boring), Washing Clothes (How Bourgeois!), and Showering (How Revanchist!)

Instead, we plan to recline around the Peoples' Communal Housing Facility, waiting for Our Sainted Glorious Illegal Aliens Undocumented Workers to bring us Our Just Desserts every day! (And not just desserts, but Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners, too.) And then Guiding us through our daily ablutions. [But not limited to washing "Our Special Areas..."]

Is The Way Of The Future, NO?

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Comrade Uncle, this sounds marvelously marvelous to me!

But, since our undocumented workers customers will soon be citizens, who will bring them THEIR just desserts?

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Kamerad ROCK-

Of Course our Future Amerikkkan Voters Citizens will Seize Their Own Desserts! But They - and We - will be served by All Of The Future Illegal Undocumented Invaders Occupants of Amerikkka!

Is Now How Amerikkka Works, Yes?

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Many thanks to our glorious Comrade Director for graphics and edits! Forward!