Muslim Refugees Under Attack by White Racist

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As we move toward making 9/11 a National Holiday for Muslim Celebrations the influx of necessary refugees has come under attack by white racist.

Liberals Find Out What Happens When You Open Your Home To Muslim Refugees

And, the right wing media outlet I Hate The Media simply adds fuel to the fire: "Looks like one liberal family has had an epiphany. Do we feel sorry for them? Not one bit. Note you don't see jack about the police doing anything."

The 150 year revolution is under attack from all sides and now The Donald even wants to bring Comrade Bill Clinton into the fray.


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That, and another article on the same site regarding a trucker and "refugees," is why God invented sawed-off shotguns. And Comrade Kalashnikov invented his famous gun too.

Oh my! I didn't just say "God" did I?