A Low-Information Voter's Guide to Politics

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Are you typically lost when co-workers discuss current events around the water cooler? Do you have trouble figuring out the national debt or who that Ben Ghazi dude is, but you know exactly what's on Britney Spears' grocery list?

If you think you only deserve fun answers to all life's questions… you're right! This primer will help you look smart and morally superior in any political discussion. Just memorize these big words, explained in easy terms you already know from TMZ and The Daily Show:

BIASED: If you have a weird friend who goes to church and her parents are still married, that's what they are.

ELECTIONS: These are like the Teen Choice Awards: the coolest and most popular wins. Democrats always win because they are cool and popular. Republicans are more like your weird friend's parents.

DEMOCRATS: They are like Javier Bardem from that movie No Country For Old Men: super friendly, cool hair, quick with a joke, only wants what's best for you and completely reasonable and rational if you disagree.

REPUBLICANS: They are like Tony Stark from the Iron Man movies: mean, ugly, unpopular, never says anything cool, and is rich because he stole it from the Middle Class.

SE-QUE-STER: This is just a made-up word that Republicans say to make you feel stupid.

IM-MI-GRA-TION: Whew, that's a long word — just like that velvet rope outside nightclubs. When really fun people arrive, you just open it right up.

QUAN-TI-TA-TIVE EASING: Remember Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can, and how he printed his own checks? Well, that's what the Treasury secretary, Tim Geithner, does. It's really cool.

ECONOMIC STIMULUS: It's like Whitney Houston upping her dosage to get the same high, always needing to use more and more to "chase the dragon."

DEBT CEILING: This is like Lindsay Lohan's probation: by law, she should go to jail if she gets arrested, but we all know she won't.

PUBLIC EDUCATION: Think Memento. Remember how the guy in the movie learned to go through life and fight enemies by relying on snapshots, notes, and tattoos? Public education does that on a national level as a free service.

TRILLION DOLLARS: This is a silly number. If someone says: "The U.S. national debt has topped 16 trillion," take it easy. Remember how Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to fifteen life terms while having only one life? Once you owe more than you can pay, numbers stop making sense. Anything above that is free money; spend it fast so you can get more.

TAXES: These are like when a really popular club raises prices and you have to start going to another club that's not as popular and has homeless people standing outside.

FAIR SHARE: Someone you know has three Louis Vuitton handbags and you only have one, but you can get somebody else to force them to give you one of theirs, and then all is fair.

EN-TI-TLE-MENTS: This is like celebrities getting a $30,000 bag of goodies for showing up to the Oscars, so that the givers get more street cred and respect.

FOREIGN POLICY: Think Lady Gaga's world tour: it's totally awesome but can also get weird - like, she's hot in places like Europe and Japan, but gets booed and canceled in places like Indonesia.

IRAN: Think Robert Downey Jr. - he may be calm at the moment, but if he gets his hands on the wrong stuff, he could trash his neighbor's house and pass out naked on the lawn.

MUSLIMS: These are like the blue people from the movie Avatar - they live in a magic tree and don't need human technology or any of our laws like gravitation, because they have a miraculous energy source inside their planet. Humans must respect that, and send them humanitarian aid. But instead, an evil corporation from Earth brings drilling equipment; that's why all humans get killed.

ISRAEL: This is like the evil corporation from Avatar that landed on the blue people's planet.

OIL: Think magic energy source on planet Pandora that humans want to steal. Get over it, humans!

OCCUPY WALL STREET: People in this movement are fighting greed by forcing Michael Douglas' character in Wall Street to give more money to the 99% of people like us. We need to support their stand against corporations by friending them on Facebook™ and re-Tweeting them on Twitter™.

MEDIA: The good media are like paparazzi and E! Entertainment who keep it real by telling us all the truth about interesting people. The bad media are like bullies who make good people look bad. Nobody listens to them except for your friend's weird parents.

HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINES: These do not contain expensive perfume samples that you can rip out while waiting at your hair salon. See GUN CONTROL.

GUN CONTROL: If Naomi Campbell had a gun, she would be shooting at her maids all the time. Without a gun she just beats them with a cell phone and then gives them compensation. Everyone is alive and happy. As long as the government keeps guns away from the citizens, Rihanna and Chris Brown will always be together.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Think Brad Pitt, dashing A-lister who can't do anything wrong.

FIRST LADY: She is like Kim Kardashian, only with other people's money.

VICE PRESIDENT: Think Steve Carell, a lovable nincompoop who likes to make others laugh.

WHITE HOUSE: This is like Cribs, a really fancy pad where celebrities hang out and party instead of working.

MIDDLE CLASS: These are like the extras in movies — kind of important but nobody cares who they really are.

CON-STI-TU-TION: It sounds almost like Cosmopolitan, except it's really old and has no make-up ads or sexy pictures, but it may still be of some value on eBay.



This Guide is the result of a clandestine collective effort by a select committee organized by Comrade General Secretary.

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This will help MILLIONS of Honey-Boo-Boo and "The View" fans to make those HARD decisions that hurt their wee brains.

You have, Comrade, in a single post, FREED the Ignorant Masses from the drudgery of THOUGHT!

Lenin Bless You!

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This should be published in a really swell binding and with lots of pics so we can learn and enjoy when we get in from the beet fields. This should be made available for free under Obamacare... it will reduce stress for us (L-IVs) so it is healthcare.

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We still need more pictures, Comrade.....words are VERY confusing to many of us...

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FAIR SHARE: Someone you know has three Louis Vuitton handbags and you only have one, but you can get somebody else to force them to give you one of theirs, and then all is fair.

They have three and will be forced to give me ONE of theirs? This is FAIR? That would mean that we EACH HAVE TWO! How is that FAIR when I WANT TO HAVE MORE THAN THEM!

BTW, what the hell is a Louis Vuitton handbag?

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Comrade Leftfield wrote:We still need more pictures, Comrade.....words are VERY confusing to many of us...
We conquer, math is hard, we need Shepard Fairey to save us from the word Nazi's... if it's not in TEXTonics or Pop-Up Book format, how can The People Understand™....


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I have no doubt that Arne Duncan will adopt this as part of the social studies curriculum for state-run schools. It will help shape the minds of the youth, who are our future!

Too many words. I can not read all this!

And the cow has wondered off again.

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Recently, Brain in a Jar dealt me a viscous thrashing for using numbers in an unapproved manner. I strongly advise against "math" references in these forums - You have been warned.

Hah, reminds comrade of 1970 book "what color is your parachute" redone for the proletariat to "What color is your beet". Need words to be all one syllable and more pretty pictures of glorious tractors.

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Comrades! I'm afraid the masses will roll up their eyes and say tl;dr. (Too long; did not read)
The party line is KISS (keep it simple stupid!) They should be told to vote early and often for the Party's choice, anything more will just confuse them!

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My Our entire collective has read and reread all those big words, but no one here can make any sense of it. So we plan to Oh look - there's a squirrel outside - Ha ha ha ha - He's so funny!

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Ahem... we have had Janyt, Janyt, Janyt and Janyt read it for us... we are now more enlightened to the party line as texted to us by Janyt.

Please comrades, we know this is hard, but for Obama's (and your beet rations) sake please READ!

Hail Obama!