Iran to Celebrate American 4th of July

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Iranian President Mahmoud Achmadinabamajad announced today that his country has sufficiently completed their extensive, several years long fireworks program such that Iran will be able to join the United States this coming July 4th in a spectacular fireworks celebration in Washington DC. The photo above is from a demo animation that was shown at the press conference; unfortunately, immediately after this frame the screen went blank and technicians were unable to fix it so that members of the press could view the rest of the show.

"We have worked long and hard at perfecting our fireworks program," stated Achmadinabamajad, "utilizing numerous below-ground scientific facilities due to the peaceful nature of our fireworks."

Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, joined in the conversation toward the end and stated, through a translator, that "Americans will see a display of fireworks this coming July 4 such as their infidel eyes have never seen, and will never see again, Allah willing!"

In an obviously jovial mood, the two Iranian leaders high-fived one another as they said "Allahu Akbar" simultaneously - which brought grins and smiles to the faces of everyone at the press conference.

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This is just Obama bashing at its best. We can all talk about this when and if anyone is left after the nuke goes off.

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We are all on stand-by awaiting Dear Leaders orders to get jiggy wid it.