Iran Protests: That Damn Bush Legacy

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Right Left thinking people scoffed when Bush claimed that liberating Iraq would spread the seeds of democracy throughout the region. Now look what his twisted policy has gone and done. How is Chairman Obama ever going to claim credit for this grassroots Iranian revolution? Is it too late to republish his Cairo speech and add a few lines calling on the people of Iran to rise up?

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Au contraire comrade, I have already heard our creative friends on the networks praising our glorious leader for causing the Iranian revolt through his Cairo speech. How foolish of you to think we are limited by facts and truth.

But there is hope for you at Jiffy Lobo.

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Even so comrade, I'm worried. Apparently, according to the protesters, this uprising isn't just about a stolen election (ACORN can breath a sigh of relief) but rather soaring inflation and lack of freedom.

These are the very things that Obama is trying to do for America. What if these Tea Party miscreants start to get the same idea as these Iranians? Revolution is infectious comrades.

We must redouble our efforts to turn ACORN and Americorps into Basiji cadres and arm them. Colonel 7.62, we'll need to start stockpiling people's rifles and truncheons.

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I too am concerned Comrade Whoopie.

I, Comrade Red Rooster, volunteer all chics hatched to fight in the glorius People's Uprising(TM) against the KKKapitalist Tea Party miscreants. I shall contact Glorious Children's Corps Designer Rahm "Eat Your Children" Emmanuael at the crack of dawn to let him know of this ingenious plan.

Arm the chics! Equality for all!!!

Good question,,,

The policies of Bush?....

or the election of Obama?....

For some reason, The invasion of a sovereign nation by US forces.....(and all that has since come of it) doesnt seem to be the impetus for whats going on in Iran right now....its about young people and women in Iran, its about the ferkin "hope" BS.

Ignorant Iranian Broads and takes WMD's (exsisting or faked) for the real blood to flow!

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By Olbermann, Cracker has grasped the nub of history in truth! It could not possibly be connected to the events in a neighboring country in which a ruthless and repressive government was ousted and replaced with an elected government! It can ONLY be due to the election of President Obama! After all, UNLIKE the evil Bush, he is willing to talk with Ahmadinijad and completely ignore vote "present" regarding the protestors in the streets of Tehran. Why, of course they are motivated by his support of their political opponent and unwillingness to make any statement in favor of the demonstrators.

Barak Hussein Obama. Is there any way he could be more wonderful?

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BUSH LIED, NEDA DIED!!!!!! All Hail The One!

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I notice that all these Iranian Tea Partyers are waving signs in English. I wonder who they're trying to reach out to?

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A few years ago students in Tehran had an anti-government rally, and at some point they started chanting, "Where's Bush?" "Where's Bush?" Our media didn't write about it, but I have Iranian friends who keep me updated.

I just hope that whatever operations the CIA may have had under Bush inside Iran are not being canceled by Obama and his crowd.

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Red Square wrote:I just hope that whatever operations the CIA may have had under Bush inside Iran are not being canceled by Obama and his crowd.

Most likely they are being canceled given how envious His Excellency is of Iran's current leadership. He and the Ayatollahs have the same objectives: the destruction of Israel and the United States of AmeriKa. I wonder, does this make him the perfect prog? If so, Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is going to be pissed!!!


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Zampolit Blokhayev said:"[highlight=#ffff99]Kim Jong Il is going to be pissed!!![/highlight]".
How correct you are Comrade. As Spiritual Adviser I receive calls from Dear Leader Kim on a daily basis. He is so jealous of Dear Leader Obama and his accomplishments that is it really driving him bonkers.

Leader Kim;"Islam shezlam, who cares? I'm building the greatest Socialist Republic in the World. Do I get any respect, any press coverage for my great works? Noooooooo! That wannabe Obama just smiles and the MSM goes in to orgasm mode. Well, I show them! One day they will meet my Big Frash and then ................

That's the typical thing I deal with every single day. If it's not Kim, it's the MTE or Saint Nansky or etc, etc, etc. It's not easy being a Spiritual Adviser.