Imam Khomeini's last will and testament

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It's a long read but rather informative. Just read the first paragraph about capitalism, communism, and social justice. He could be easily elected to the US Senate on a Democratic platform! Ayatollah Khomeini was a Democrat - like Hillary, Dean, Kerry, Kennedy, Schumer, Reid, and Kucinich!



o)- One, of the issues that require comment is this: Islam does not support oppressive and uncontrolled capitalism which deprives the masses. The Book and the Tradition seriously condemn this type of capitalism and regard it as opposed to social justice. Although some have thought, wrongly, that Islam favours unbridled forms of capitalism, that is not true! Such reasoning veils the shining face of Islam and prepares the way for biased attacks by the enemies of Islam, who consider it as a capitalist regime on the order of the U.S.A, England and other Western plunderers. Relying on such baseless accusations and wrong understanding, the enemies, without referring to Islamic sources for clarification of the point, rise to challenge Islam. Nor is Islam a communist or Marxist-Leninist regime which opposes private ownership and advocates, or advocated, communism in all things including sexual relations and homo-sexuality. That would be a destructive dictatorship. Rather, Islam is a balanced and moderate regime that recognises ownership and respects it in a limited form of (production) and consumption. If this is implemented, a sound economy and social justice will result from it, for social equity is a prerequisite to the health of a regime.

Here, too, a number of unaware and illogical persons with no knowledge of Islam and its (ideas for a) healthy economy have risen in opposition to the first group. By resorting to some Quranic verses and citing phrases from the Nahj-ul-Balagha, (they) consider Islam as being in agreement with the deviations in schools of ideologies such as that of Marx and his peers ...(99) Such men do not pay attention to the (other) parts of the Nahj-ul-Balagha and the Quranic verses and, as a result of their inadequate comprehension, have risen to follow a communistic faith. They ignore the inherent atheism, dictatorship and strangulation of human values-by a minority party treating human masses as animals!!

I counsel the Majles, the Guardianship Council, the Government, the President and the Supreme Judicial Council to be humble before the commands of God and not be influenced by the inane propaganda of the cruel, rapacious pole of capitalism and the atheistic pole of communism and to respect ownership and private capital within Islamic limits. I advise you to reassure the nation so that private and creative initiative proliferate in order to make the country and government reach self-sufficiency in all areas including light and heavy industries. I advise those who lawfully acquire wealth to invest their justly earned gains for innovative development works in agriculture, rural development and industries. This in itself is commendable worship. I advise all to make every effort for the welfare of the deprived classes. This is good work in this world and in the hereafter as these groups have suffered throughout the long and oppressive feudal and monarchical history. How nice it would be if the wealthy classes could voluntarily provide housing and other relief items for the slum dwellers, as it would be a blessing to them on earth and in the next-world. It is far from fairness that one person own scores of buildings while scores of other people (of his community) lack a single room in which to live.

p)- My advice to those clerics and to the pseudo-clerics who oppose Islam for various reasons and devote their time to uproot it and aid other enemy plotting and political intrigues and, as is said, donate to them sumptuous sums from Moines they receive from Godless capitalists, is this: You have gained noting so far from your wrong-doings and, I think, you will not achieve anything if you continue. Thus, if you do all this evil for the sake of this world, God shall not let you gain anything. It is better for you, then, to repent while there is a chance; beg for the Lord's forgiveness and join ranks with the oppressed nation and support the Islamic Republic which has come to be by the sacrifices of the nation, although I do not think you will repent.


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Yes, even now our Comrads of the Red Crescent are emboldened to publicly support our cause. A simple trade for those seeking to end repressive capitalistic society: A Burka for a Meal!

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Red Crescent... that reminds me of food. We should make red croissants with the blood of the people to add coloring and flavor. That way if someone loses a finger while working to produce them, they will just contribute to the cause!

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Mmmmmm.... prole fingers... garrrgghhuuuggerrgle.... a delicacy of the party elite...