Headlock Helen - the Woman Superhero of Portland

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While male superheroes are always front and center, women superheroes are laboring in the background, getting less than 75% of the overall attention.

Just recently, a video has surfaced of a fight in Portland between a baton-wielding Antifa man and barehanded Panman, where after two swings at him, Panman grabbed the baton and knocked out the Antifa man with a right hook (see screenshot below).


However, with all due respect to Panman's superpowers, if you look closer on the high-resolution video below, in the bottom right-hand corner (at 7:42) you will observe a scene with a superwoman - let's call her Headlock Helen - catching another Antifa man into a headlock and dropping him to the ground.

We decided to restore justice and fix this gender imbalance with this series of screenshots.

A list of Headlock Helen's superpowers to follow.

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Comrade! Isn't the attribution of the female gender based on so called "secundary sexual characteristics" a thought crime? Maybe xe/zer/it/... wants to be known as being of another gender?

Nice move, though! Go Helen!