Exclusive: Photo of Osama bin Laden Being Shot!

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It appears as if his testicles are being squeezed. Like..... "Been there, done that."

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Yes, Comrade Alfa. Looks like Jack is back. Leaping Lenins, these "Elvis" type sightings of Bin Laden are going to increase exponentially.

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This appears to be a genuine photo. I did not know that cowboy and fedora hats were so popular in Afghanistan. Some of these folks are so radical, they shaved off their beards.Major Mistake is still not awake.

Tired of being accused of incompetence by the statist US media, Pakistani intelligence leaks that they told Obama where Osama was way back in 2009. Comrades in the media wisely decide to drop efforts to divide US and Pakistan over the issue.

Osama got same due process rights as kulaks in Amerika and Zimbabwe!

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As long as the bullet wasn't blessed by a Rabbi or signed by Israeli school kids.

From Israel with love 2.jpg

The people's number one enemy was finally shot in the stomach by the people's seal team dressed as business men did in the '60's. THe team member in the greyish suit to the left in the picture was doing his best black rendition of "SAY WHAT?"

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In the picture on the far right it appears the individual near the wall may be wearing a Kippah. (Also called Yarmulke)
I sense conspiracy here.

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You all remember (or read about) Ruby (nee Jack Leon Rubenstein {!!}) killing the founder and president and only member of the CIA front group progressive Fair Play for Cuba Committee in cold blood. Now this former CIA gun runnerpimp and murderous thug returns to gun down the true leader of the Religion of Peace. What further proof do we need that the JooishZionist Conspiracy is on a search and kill mission against all Progs!! If Osama under the protection of the Pakistani army of Allah isn't safe, then who among us is next?!