Anti-terror posters deemed 'unsafe' for the Jihad on campus

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These posters and stickers were plastered all over five major American campuses in the second week of November - two universities in D.C. and three in Southern California - making fun of local anti-Israel groups, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Muslim Students Association (MSA), pointing out their support for Jew-hatred and violent jihad.

While the identities of those who designed the posters and put them up around the campuses can be neither confirmed nor denied, the responsibility for the campaign was claimed by the David Horowitz Freedom Center here and here. In addition, posted a one-minute video with the posters (below) in their story, If You're A Hamas-Supporting Anti-Israel College In SoCal Or DC, These Posters Are On Your Campus.

The University of California Los Angeles newspaper, THE DAILY BRUIN, responded with an article Offensive posters targeting SJP resurface on campus for third time. The UCLA couldn't wait to reveal its bias and went for the jugular already in the first word of the title. Rather than attempting to look into the MSA and SJP who like to harass Jews at UCLA, the article offered them the pulpit from which they predictably gunned for the messenger.

SJP outreach director, Ani Der-Grigorian, concluded that the reason SJP and MSA were being grouped together was not their shared hatred of Israel, but Islamophobia. She also complained that UCLA officials have done little in response to the posters and that they "haven't sat down with us about how unsafe this makes our members feel." No one bothered to wonder if their own anti-Semitic activities ever made any of the UC Jewish students "feel unsafe."

The UCLA article states that "Felipe Bris Abejon, SJP education and resources director and first-year political science student, said he was the first to notice the posters on Bruin Walk around 10 a.m., when he found one stuck to the bottom of his shoe." There was no explanation as to whether the poster stuck to his shoe as a result of repeatedly kicking the wall on which it was displayed, or it crept from behind and attacked the shoe with malicious intentions, but the very fact that it was documented to be stuck to the SJP education and resources director's shoe is clearly "offensive."

In Washington, D.C., The American University newspaper, The Eagle, published a tearful article titled, Islamophobic posters found on campus made Muslim students feel unsafe.

"I had people calling me [on Sunday], telling me that they were legitimately scared,” said Aman Abdelhamid, the president of AU's Muslim Students Association chapter, who claims she felt "severely troubled" by the posters. "The posters…had really strong implications, really threatening messages."

One might think that Abdelhamid was "severely troubled" after seeing Palestinian children with knives being raised to stab Jews. Or that she felt shocked and ashamed after learning that her fellow president of a Muslim Students Association, Anwar Al-Awlaki, later became an Al-Qaeda leader and was killed in Yemen by an American drone strike. Against all expectations of human decency, however, it appears that Abdelhamid felt "severely troubled" and "threatened" only because all of the above became suddenly exposed.

The article, which initially dismissed the information in the posters as false, has since been edited and appended this notable correction at the bottom: "An earlier version of this article misattributed the New York Times article and stated that Anwar al-Awlaki was not president of an MSA chapter. He was, at Colorado State." One might think that would change the entire narrative. It didn't.

Ntebo Mokuena, president of the local chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine, who personally took down some of the posters while being escorted by the campus police, also made similar statements, claiming that some of the local students "offered to walk with Muslim students who did not feel safe traveling alone."

No word on whether Jewish students have ever been offered the same aid and comfort during the anti-Semitic events that the MSI and SJP regularly hold on the same American University campus.

Laith Shakir, treasurer of AU's SJP chapter, posted the pictures of the posters on Facebook, saying that they "spew Islamaphobic hate speech" and that he is glad a Public Safety officer "is currently patrolling the campus, finding and documenting these posters they've identified as inflammatory and hateful."

"Not only is all of the information presented here categorically false," writes Shakir, "it also propagates an exhausted talking point: if you are (or even just look) Muslim, and you're involved in campus organization, you must also be involved in a terrorist group. Thus, Muslims and people who 'look Arab' are inextricably linked to violent extremism. The promoted hashtag [StopTheJihadOnCampus] isn't trying to just "stop the jihad" (which, itself, is a nonsensical phrase); instead, it's trying to eradicate anyone who could conceivably be labeled as Arab or Muslim from organizing on campus."

One might think that at a time when unhinged Islamic terrorism is making everyone in America and around the world feel "unsafe," reasonable Muslim individuals with a conscience, a modicum of decency, and respect for their host country would pause, step back, and abstain from "organizing" anything except the opposition to such terrorism.

One might also think that "organizing" against international Islamic terrorism would take priority over all other "organizing" for any morally upright Muslim activist who claims that "terrorism gives Islam a bad name."

What should one then make of those Muslim activists who, instead, jump into action and promote their religion by capitalizing on public fears, panic, and confusion, thus riding the tidal wave of terrorism to which they claim they have no connection, while declaring themselves to be the "victims" and complaining about "feeling unsafe"?

An unbiased observer would probably tell them to calm down and get off that wave. That would certainly help you stop feeling "unsafe." That would also help you stop looking like a lout without a trace of conscience, reason, decency, and respect for your host country.


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Dammit! What has our higher education system come to when jihad is being attacked on campus? What's next? We can't disrupt Jewish - uh - I mean Zionazi speakers? Ha! That'll be the day! Attacking Jews - damn - I mean Zionists - is a human right, comrades. We all know that. I'm so upset, I can barely hold my vodka glass steady. Maybe another glassful will help.

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ImageReading the Eagle article linked to in the post, one of the groups expressing outrage at these "Islamophobic" posters, is the AU Hillel chapter. Are they insane or merely stupid? That really does piss me off. Jewish students would have a much easier time battling the campus Jihad if Jewish organizations didn't support the jihadists.

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You say "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." We say " The enemy of my enemy is my enemy!" We have you so confused you are now fighting each other instead of us. Praise Allah!

Also, if you see Abdul Fattah el-Sissi, would you tell him that we accidentally beheaded his mother this morning.

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No reason to fear. Dear Leader has ISIS contained.

They are safely surrounded in Paris, London, Washington DC...

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University of San Diego must have been chosen for this campaign for a reason:

College Professor, Students Sport Yellow Jewish Stars to ‘Protest Islamophobia'

University of San Diego professor and her students have raised eyebrows in the pro-Israel community after they led a protest this week against anti-Muslim rhetoric by wearing yellow Jewish star badges like those used by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust.

Bahar Davary, an Iranian-American associate professor of theology and religious studies at the school, held the protest with her students on Thursday, according to university officials.

While advocating against what they said is a growing trend in anti-Muslim rhetoric, the professor and students wore Jewish stars inscribed with the word, “Muslim.”

The accessory was deemed insensitive and off base among some in the pro-Israel world and has prompted Davary to defend her decision.

At least 100 students and faculty members on campus have been seen sporting the yellow star badges, according to local reports on the protest.

Davary defended her decision to use the yellow badge, saying through a university spokeswoman that it was not meant to draw an analogy between the Holocaust and the current atmosphere Muslims face.
I believe that is the definition of "chutzpah" (that's not Arabic either).

noun, informal
shameless audacity; impudence.
"It took a lot of chutzpah for Muslim activists to compare themselves to victims of the Holocaust of which many of them secretly approve."

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Red Square, funny you should mention it. According to Daniel Greenfield, this is the current business as usual. Or should we say, the Current Truth?
Muslims are the new Jews. You can find this offensive claim repeated everywhere in the media. The Jews, a small ethnic minority of millions that was stateless for thousands of years, are a terrible analogy for a global Muslim population of 1.6 billion and around 50 countries that do not comprise a single ethnicity or race. Comparing the two makes as much sense as comparing the Finns to all of Asia.
The only thing the Muslims and the Jews have ever had in common is that the former conquered, persecuted and enslaved the latter. Any religious similarities are the product of Muslim cultural appropriation of Jewish beliefs and any cultural similarities are the result of Muslim colonization.
Ishaan Tharoor at the Washington Post, whose meme popularized the obnoxious appropriation of Jewish history by claiming that Muslim migrants are just like the Jews fleeing the Holocaust, lectures Jews that Muslim threats to kill all the Jews are “not like the Holocaust.”
The left insists that Jews have no right to their own history. Like Bethlehem and Jerusalem, it belongs to the Muslims. The Holocaust may not be invoked to protest the Muslim murder of Jews, but must instead be invoked to enable the Muslim murder of Jews by bringing millions of supremacist bigots who think that the Holocaust was one of the best things that ever happened to Europe and the United States.