Rangel: Let's Give al-Qaeda a Fair Chance

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Image RANGEL: there should be
an equal representation
in the armed forces of
the wimps, the nerds,
and the geeks.

"The rich, white, Christian Republicans have unfairly taken the War on Terror to other countries. I say let's be fair and fight the war on American territory, and also make it mandatory that the fighting forces closely reflect the economic and ethnic makeup of Third World countries. To prove that we are indeed fair to all sides involved in the Middle Eastern conflict, we should bring in and grant citizenship to families of Palestinian suicide bombers and set up an affirmative action program that would give a head start to Hamaz, Hezbolla, and Al Aqsa Matyr Brigades," Rangel said.

Charles Rangel has been so far the only Congressman to introduce a bill to reinstate the military draft, arguing that there should be an equal representation in the armed forces of the wimps, the nerds, and the computer geeks. The resulting deterioration of U.S. military power will further level the playing field for emerging Third World powers that deserve a fair chance in pursuit of world domination.

Rangel's non-partisan initiatives have generated massive support among such non-partisan organizations as ACLU, United for Peace and Justice, International ANSWER, and - most surprisingly - whose members yet need to be informed that the only politician in the world whom they oppose is Charles Rangel.

In a new display of fairness and lack of partisanship, Rep. Charles B. Rangel has come up with an initiative to grant US citizenship equally to both the families of the US soldiers killed in the Middle East and to those families whose sons are fighting against the U.S.-led coalition in the region.

"We can't be so unilateral in our policies as to exclude the militarily disadvantaged opposition to America from entering our country and becoming citizens," New York Democrat said. "I say let's level the playing field. To those who say Americans fight the urban warfare better, I say let's give al-Qaeda a try. I truly believe there shouldn't be any moral standards in determining our role in the world. If we agree that one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter, we must also agree that way too few Americans are getting killed, as opposed to their "enemies." It is a glaring violation of international fairness and justice. My plan will enable a more equitable representation of people making sacrifices on the both sides," the U.S. lawmaker said.

A Fellow Traveler.
I think that in the name of international fairness and justice we should change sides in this war every once in a while. It isn't fair that we're always fighting for America. We need to show the world how broad minded we are and sometimes attack ourselves.

Comrade Kim
U.S. Muslims desecrate American flag

This is a happy day for our world revolution.

WATCH VIDEO HERE. Look at ... patriotism

Why do you keep puting these up?
-Kommissar Betty

2011 International Socialists Technical Upgrade For Red Jihad And Islam
Why indeed Kommissar Betty. Anyway, the link no longer exists.

Al Qaeda, being a COMMUNITY OF COLOR, deserves reparations. We should tax, and then deport, rich white Christians and Republicans and especially Jews, to make room for our new Brothers of Color. Just as African-Americans are still in chains, so the Capitalist Zionist Dogs are keeping Al Qaeda in chains. Our community DEMANDS justice! No justice, no peace, no Zionist Pigs.

The scary part is that the delicious parodies at this site aren't so far from the truth!

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Just remember, Al Qaeda is a group of "freedom fighters" not terrorists.

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We need more upper-class Americans doing the work of the lower classes, and more of the lower-class Americans doing the work of the upper classes.

To make it fair, we also need to see more professional athletes working as plumbers, more plumbers working as doctors, more doctors picking potatoes, more potato pickers running corporations as CEOs, more CEOs playing "midnight basketball," more welfare recipients working as engineers, more engineers stripped of their citizenship, and more undocumented workers working as professional athletes.

Only then can we say with confidence that the "American Dream" has been distributed evenly among all Americans and we indeed live in a fair equitable society.

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Actually Dearborn Michigan has become a welcome oasis, a home away from home for tired Hezbollah fighters who need some R & R after this summer's grand and glorious victory over the Zionist Entity. And they were brought here free - that is - no delivery charges, thanks to the U. S. government.

Who knows what clever, revolutionary, hijinks they will treat us to after they have sampled the delights our oppressive, imperialistic, immoral, crusader, zionist-controlled country has to offer?

Comrades, Now is time to demonstrate our lack of partisanship. We took Zionist Occupation Forces to task for their war-mongering and disproportionate response to Hezbollah's defensive shelling of oppressive I$raeli women and infants with Katushya People's Protective Units. I$raelis backed off in confusion and lost. We must take Amerikans to task as well.

Evil Amerikans are killing our fraternal revolutionary brothers in disproportionate numbers to their own sacrifices on border of struggle between world brotherhood and evil, capitalist Halliburton Cheney-lackeys in Middle East. We must demand that Comrade Rangel's proposals be adopted! Is only fair. Sacrifices must be proportionate. Also, average People's Army baby-killer is better educated than average proletariat. Must pull them down to average training and education level even if means sharp blows to head.

Fellow traveler Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for socialism to succeed is that bourgeoisie do nothing." We must continue our fight to paralyze them with their own weaknesses - addiction to demokracy, tolerance, fairness, and independent action instead of collective action. Glorious triumph of World Socialism is near - be of strong heart!

Red Square wrote:more welfare recipients working as engineers

We need more welfare recipients working, period.

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StraussianPig wrote:The scary part is that the delicious parodies at this site aren't so far from the truth!

Parodies? What parodies? I see no parodies! Perhaps that is an attempt to slyly suggest that the members of this Glorious People's Cube are somehow not loyal enough to The Party and commited enough to The Revolution. Let me assure you comrade that all true members of this Brave Revolutionary Collective strive for absolute ideological purity and do not engage in any "parody".

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Well I'm convinced; anyone who dresses to the nines like Charlie does should have every right to reinstate the draft, re-distribute wealth and handle our national security! Come on now people, the man should be on the cover of GQ every month. We must remember comrades, it's for the Common Good™, and to ensure EVERYONE can look pampered, expensive and just as priviledged as our ole' friend Charlie.

Yup, lil buddy is a nut job. Allow into our country the very people that want to do whatever it takes to bring destruction to our country? It goes without saying that this is really stupid and anyone who supports this idea should get a good, passionate switch whipping. Yea!!! Also, I find it funny that the very people (well, some) that were on Bush regarding reinstituting the draft are the one's who want to have it reinstituted. I realize that during the elections that it was a ploy to keep Bush from being re-elected(didn't work)) but now these people want to reinstitute it under the guise of bringing equality to the arm forces. They ain't slick (well, at least I hope that they aren't cuz sometimes americans be sleeping) But, anyrate...