All kneel before the holy holy

All come. All kneel. All touch the holy magic. Then please buy two iPods and a MacBook. Praise!

All come. All kneel. All touch the holy magic. Then please buy two iPods and a MacBook. Praise!

It's being dubbed Apple Mecca, a new and very huge (a whopping 25,000 square feet), mostly underground Apple store in midtown Manhattan, for how its above-ground entrance bears an uncanny resemblance to the big black Ka'bah (AKA: The House O' Abraham) to whence all Islamic pilgrims take their grueling mandatory hajj and also because it shall be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and hence shall be the place New Yorkers shall take a holy pilgrimage whenever they crave a new iPod Nano at 4:00 am or when they desperately need to have the Mac geeks at the Genius Bar instruct them on how to purge all the gay teen chat transcripts and German fetish porn from their iBooks before their Senate confirmation hearings.

Similar but, you know, different

Similar but, you know, different

As if the cool and disturbing and telling and sexy and weird (in equal turns) iPod vending machines springing up in airports and at Macy's weren't enough. Mecca is rising at 5th and 59th in midtown Manhattan, and will also be the first Apple store to offer a full-sized iPod Bar which, presumably, will serve pink iPods blended with vodka.

Makes the downtown SF Apple flagship, at only 10,800 square feet, seem sort of meek and small and boring, no?

Posted By: Mark Morford (Email) | April 10 2006 at 09:17 AM


A more likely match: the iPod packaging (the black cube version)

Posted By: mabissam | April 10 2006 at 02:01 PM

kind of looks like a NeXT computer as well

Posted By: JobsNotWoz (an alias) | April 11 2006 at 03:19 PM

Love Peace

Posted By: ossama | May 22 2006 at 08:38 AM

What are they doing?! This is like practically ASKING for an other terrorist attack!

It saying "hey, Islamic extremists! BOMB HERE!"

Its a stupid move provoking trouble like that. I am all for creative freedom, but when it comes to national security and the lives of innocent people, terrorist attacks, something like this should not be taken lightly.

Why did they not call it the 'Apple Borg' or something? You have to go and offend Muslims and provoke Extremists?!

Posted By: concerned_da | May 24 2006 at 01:09 AM

I like your site

Posted By: mns | May 24 2006 at 01:38 AM

what you are try to say to Islam???? All Muslim will converting to terrorist if this happen

Posted By: khaled | May 24 2006 at 07:16 PM

Americans can not get enough of offending Muslims, can they?

Imagine them(Muslims) building a gas station in the shape of a church or a public restroom!

and yeah, dont mind new bombings as a result of ticking off the extresmists, ya guys had it coming all the way!

Posted By: stop_ignorance | May 24 2006 at 07:51 PM

I meant to say or imagine them building a public restroom in the shape of the Vatican!

or even imagine them flooring their malls with pictures of Christian icons!

Posted By: stop_ignorance | May 24 2006 at 07:54 PM

This is really asking for trouble! Muslim extremists can see a very good reason for moving in now. You are really provoking and offending Muslims all over the world and hurting their feelings. You are also putting innocent peoples lives at risk. Why not have a different design say like a huge apple?! why does it have to be something to do with Muslims and Islam?
May Allah Guide you to the right path.
Best Wihes

Posted By: Abu Ahmed (an alias) | May 25 2006 at 11:23 AM

I don't know why Islam is always being attacked?!!!!

Muslims have their own beliefs -which are the best..but just concentrate;and will know-which must be respected.

Muslims respect all mankind,and love all people..
That what Islam teach us and we won't care about any lies said about us.

Peace be with all peacemakers,

Posted By: Mohamed | May 25 2006 at 01:27 PM

This place approve that the American don't respect other cultures or even don't accept the differences. The west usually talk about liberity. I am sorry YOU ARE NOT HONEST.
The Muslims respect all others. Please respect them.

Posted By: Haitham | May 25 2006 at 02:56 PM

In reply to stop_ignorance, We, Muslims, respect all God's religions, Judisum & Christianity,& can never make fun about prophits or prayer places, as a part of our belive of our Islam.
I hope others would understand & read more about Islam & understand what does the Holy Kaábah mean to us! It is the the House which Prophit Abraham Built to worship The allmighty! & I belive that Abraham is in all religions.
Please educate yourselves more about the world & others.

Posted By: iLDanah | May 26 2006 at 05:05 AM

To the enemy of islam you just jelous because we are always good pepole but you an animal

Posted By: MFLI | May 26 2006 at 11:15 AM

u can never ask people to treat u good if u didn't do the same for them, it is not about bombing or terrisom, it is about respect muslims believes & getting to understand their views...what they did was totally inrespectful & must be corrected

Posted By: loulou | May 26 2006 at 12:09 PM

When I first read about the new 5th avenue Apple store, the whole thing didn't appear offensive at all. It was actually cool to have a transparent building in the middle of the way; it’s just a shape for god's sake. But then I read, "All kneel before the holy holy". Am sorry to say that it’s a stupid resemblance and lol you seem to like to have some attention eh?
What the hell is all this talk about Mecca and making pilgrimage and stuff? Are you aware that this will bring lots of trouble in the Islamic world as soon as it spreads? I don’t believe that Apple are aware of what’s happening right here, but hey, cut this out before it gets big. There are some Muslims who wouldn't take jokes like this, there are narrow-minded who are willing to do stupid shit just for the name of a belief of theirs. Don’t provoke it bro, and stay cool.

And hey! If they ever band Apple here in Kuwait ... I don’t want to even think of it. Hope it wont get big.

Posted By: Lixrael | May 26 2006 at 02:01 PM

Jews are behind any bad idea or trouble in the world, and unfortunately America just the hand of Jews, and building such place it is definitely an idea of Jews but executed by the ridiculous americans and they don't know what will happen after that.
Hopefully americans people just realize that Jews want to provoke a problem between Christianity and Islam
America should be aware of these things and stop provoking muslims and respect their feelings.

Posted By: Muslim_Voice | May 26 2006 at 04:24 PM

Why didn’t they make it looks like Vatican place? Or they are afraid from Christians.
Why didn’t they make it looks like Jewish Temple? Or they are afraid from Jewish.
Why always being sarcastic with Islam and Muslims? Aren’t they afraid of God’s punishments???

Posted By: wmt | May 28 2006 at 12:15 AM

Just wait for big Boycott by all Muslims for Apple products.

Posted By: wmt | May 28 2006 at 12:35 AM

As a muslim i truely feel this is a great insult for our holy and pure beliefs which certainly apple does not understand or even feel any kind of spritiual respect.
Although apple is one of the most famous IT companies we used to respect, this respect is now demolished and we will certainly ask for a general boycott to it's products from all muslims worldwide, as a starting response to this awful insult.
It's a good job apple to lose 1000 million customers,"really smart"

Posted By: Menna_48 | May 28 2006 at 05:49 AM

what`s wrong with u people? u r out of ur minds, u r saying musilims are terrorits , but the the truth is u r the terrorits ,what apple does is really unacceptable by all religions , u r not even a christians or jews, because if u know ur obligations towards the other religions ,u will be shy and feel shame when u do such a thing ,but shamfully u r unsense and don`t have a consious.
shame on u people.

Posted By: heba_hilaly | May 29 2006 at 02:09 AM

What a cheap way from a big company! shame on u! it's totally unacceptable, Do you think the muslem's will leave it pass without reaction? Come ooon .. you gotta be kidding! Respect us as much as we respect you. Did Islam do any Stupid thing like that to Christianity? SHAME ON U GUYS! Its not fare to say things like that.

Posted By: Thriller | May 29 2006 at 02:37 PM

NO NO NO !!! guys .. it's just a fake news! trust me.

for those who can read arabic, Take a look here:[email protected]@.2cc0ffcf

Now, We can say that Appel Company is innocent.

Posted By: Thriller | May 30 2006 at 05:45 AM

WHen are these people going to stop Mistreating IslaM believes in a bad way?????????????
And they always wonder Why AMerica always gets attacked!!!!!!!!!!!
If they get attack this tiMe I don't blaMe the MUsliMs I blaMe the AMericans they are the one who's asking for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get a life IslaM is a peace religion

Posted By: goodlove | May 30 2006 at 12:43 PM

impossible! i cant believe that there still Man thinking in such a stupid malicious way. as a muslim i ask for
1.Apple Mac. company illustration.
2.stop insulting our religion .as you know ignorance provoke ignorance and terror provoke terror.
3.the muslim comunity wont pass it peasfully. and you'll see

Posted By: terrorist | May 30 2006 at 03:49 PM

Islam is a religion protected by god himself,and you ll see that by your own eyes if u continue in ur project...
wait for the consequences,and remember that was ur choice,to offend muslims and islam....whatever u do,the ka'baa will always be sacred and proteceted by god and muslims all over the world,may god show us his miracles in u who offend islam

Posted By: wildrose | June 10 2006 at 09:14 AM

i really don't know what to say...?!!

but i saw pics of that project after mac finished it & opened....

it got nothin to do with the holy ka'aba (or the house of ibraham if you like to call it....which built by ibraham "PBUH" along with his son ismai'el...i'm sure you know that...)

it's just a commercial branch for mac at NY...reflects creativity & innovation......why are you trying to relate it with ISLAM & MUSLIMS at an offensive manner.....!!!

are you some sick victim of MAC co. & trying to retalaite...!!? or you are some scrued up opponent in the IT market...?!!

LISTEN...being a great honor like no ther...& in order to get such honor you have to praise all ALLAH's messengers & prophets including jessus himself "PBUH"

peace upon them all were entitled & assigned by ALLAH AL-MIGHTY to guide us & show us the right path of having good life on earth & in after-life as well...

bottom line is we as MUSLIMS praise & respect "christianity & judaism"....& the Holy books (Tawrat & bible..the original books not that ones manipulated & amended by those who have been doing it along time ago & still do for their own benefits....those who arise wars & clashes all over history around the world, to gain profits out of it...people who strive for corruption to rule the whole world...of course you figured out whom i'm referring to..maybe you're one of them..)





Posted By: Jeemo | June 14 2006 at 05:38 PM

Oh no, anything but this. A building that was shaped accidently as a holy building of the muslims. ffs. who the fuck cares. I have heard some voices over here sayign that its a mistake to provoke their wrath and stuff. but i have to disagree. The freedom of speech is much more important of those things. The constructors didn't do it delibrately , they just consturcted a building that accidenly have a smiliarity with the holy building. I can't see why the muslims here say its a insult to everything they believe.

A person here said:
As a muslim i truely feel this is a great insult for our holy and pure beliefs which certainly apple does not understand or even feel any kind of spritiual respect.
Although apple is one of the most famous IT companies we used to respect, this respect is now demolished and we will certainly ask for a general boycott to it's products from all muslims worldwide, as a starting response to this awful insult.
It's a good job apple to lose 1000 million customers,"really smart""

My respond: No body tries to insult your spirituallity nor your religous. But if you are still feeling hurt by this, you can always go and do some legetimic actions like writing articles about the importancy of this event, demonstrate and etc. BUT, I can assure you that no body gives the fuck about insulting muslims and no capitalist men sitting in their home and plotting how to insult the muslims once more. I can't see the insolence of this action(because they have been made undelibrately), and i can't see why everyone here are insulted.
And pleanty of muslims all over the world insult jews. It can be done by tv shows, describing us as a hunters for christian blood. or by partly show what happens in israel.

next issue:
What are they doing?! This is like practically ASKING for an other terrorist attack!

It saying "hey, Islamic extremists! BOMB HERE!"

Its a stupid move provoking trouble like that. I am all for creative freedom, but when it comes to national security and the lives of innocent people, terrorist attacks, something like this should not be taken lightly.

Why did they not call it the 'Apple Borg' or something? You have to go and offend Muslims and provoke Extremists?!

Comment: Muslims extremities will be provoked from any action you will have to take anyway. And if you have to restrict your freedom doing and speech because you are afraid to offend imgainry rights, then you betray your basic right to speak, and the democratic foundations you are cherish, like most citizens in Europe and in U.S.A.
You can compare this to a boy who is threaned by bullies to pay them money, and instead to refuse and seek help , he just pays them off because he is afraid of them. Just like you, you are afraid to provoke their wrath so you find it easier to demolish the structure instead of saying that, the building is just accidenly looks the same and we have to right to continue building it.
If there was any intentions to insult someone, then this whole action may considered wrong and the building should have been already demolished. But this is a fucking mistake.
Have no mistake boy, once the terrorists will finish off israel and usa (if they would ever be able to do that) they would go out for you country. Terrorism is exploting weakness, and here we know this by blood.
Tommorow they can decide they your neigborhood looks like a neighborhood from Jenin or the conquered "Tel-Aviv".
it might be weird to hear this, but without this right, much more blood will be spilt anyway.

someone said here:"
Americans can not get enough of offending Muslims, can they?
Imagine them(Muslims) building a gas station in the shape of a church or a public restroom!
|and yeah, dont mind new bombings as a result of ticking off the extresmists, ya guys had it coming all the way!

My comment: Seriously, i wouldn't give the slightest fuck even if they build a whore house in the shape of mountain Sinai or of The West Wall.

I hope i manged to convince you, because i think this entire issue is really stupid.

Posted By: Israeli (an alias) | June 23 2006 at 10:07 AM

This is so provokative, unethical. why Islam? why do they always mock our believes and say its creativity? wyh do they always talk about peace, freedom, tolerance and the concept of accepting others with different cultures and they never apply to it. I thank God that we are muslims we have our traditions that we perserve no matter what. I will not sympathize when an extremist takes revenge of this action. I believe people who start such actions should take its consequences and definitely there are innocent people will pay the price. This action is moccking a hole nation it will differ in their reactions some will boycott, some will object but others can raect violently.

Posted By: Nouran | June 26 2006 at 01:14 AM

This is all fake.. Pls.. Look at this:[email protected]@.2cc0ffcf (In Arabic) And (For Real Pictures)


Posted By: Serving Lord (an alias) | June 28 2006 at 01:53 PM

why they can't respect Muslims places?
why they can't live with islam?
why they want violence in every
they say they are civillized, and
muslims are not!!!!, but never seen
Muslim insulting their beleives or

Posted By: Angry2006 | July 12 2006 at 03:33 AM

All i can say after reading about what they call "Mecca Apple". that american people want to insult islam and muslims, and why???? just because they can't live in peace!!!!!
some people say it is freedom, so why some people went jail because they not beleive in "Holocost"???!!! why some people went to jail without doning actually anything just secuirty guess that they may think to do something to change system roles. Again there is no freedom, people who talk about USA freedom must think little about Septemper 11, when american army striked Afganistan without any evidence or let say secret evidences!!!!!!!
Again let us talk about this stupied idea, what famous company like apple will get by insulting 1.2billions muslims??????.we always hear for security reason, ..., so for the same reason stop playing with people feeling because any muslim like to die if you insult his or her religion, and not only muslim, we all remember private security guard of Andira Ghandi, who killed her because she used Elephents to attack tirrorists in temples.
Apple can't stand "buycout" its products, because by doing this its market in all arabic and muslim countries will simply end.
I beleive it is time for American Citizens to do some action againest jewsh that trying to make hate relation between muslims and American Nation.
I beleive choosing the shape and the name of this building is not by accident as some people trying to say, but having ONLY one meaning : WE WILL INSULT YOU MUSLIMS, SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO??? YOU ARE CROWED TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!
Finaly, US Army or Apple Security team can't protect all American places or American citizens from being attached all over the world, so stop insult others or make them hate you because you need them to stay alive!!!!!!

Posted By: Angry2006 | July 12 2006 at 08:07 AM

why the hell the people treat muslims as stranger.

Posted By: ash_hanlove | July 22 2006 at 04:53 AM

I read Apple's article about opening the store and it has got nothing to do with Mecca.. not even its name...

So what I wanted to say is.. even if there are people who take advantage of these incidents by writing provokative reports and comments like the above.. we should smarter not to get provoked!!

This is the article I read:

The cube is a glass cube.. not a black cube that is similar or whatever to our Holy Kaaba...

I got an e-mail right now saying that the Americans are making a night club that looks like the Holy Kaaba... and that's how I ended here in this site.. I wanted to get more info.. and when I went on their official site it got nothing even to do with a club.. Just one big underground store!!

You know how many cube buildings there are in the world...

Anyway.. before you guys get all angry and everything I just wanna say that you shouldn't believe anything you hear or half of what you see!!

And... ignore the childminded provokative people who wanna make a big deal outta nothing!!

Posted By: Fatima | July 29 2006 at 06:56 AM

This is what makes mulims get angry, You people who have dirty thinking are responsible for trouble around the world




Posted By: SMM | August 01 2006 at 03:48 AM

To say it bluntly:

Clearly, all the Muslims who posted here need to chill the f**k out. If you are provoked by a building that looks like the Ka'aba, then... what?

It's not a insult. It's a coincience.
The building was modeled after the iPod packaging. Get over it.

Also, to the poster who asked what Christians would do, if Toilets in Muslim countires were adorned with Christian symobols... the naswer is: Nothing! Maybe some religionists would complain, but that's all. Certainly no bombings, like we've come to expect from the "religion of peace", no?

To the anit-semitic poster who says "Jews are behind every bad idea", I say: FU. You are dirt.

As an ATHEIST and rationalist (look that last one up, you child-molester-followers), who actually read the Qu'ran, I find your "pure" religion the most disgusting one of all. I certainly hope it dies even before Christianity does.

- BP

Posted By: blackpriester | August 02 2006 at 05:56 AM

I am tired of all religions. Fuck them one by one. Every fricking second some religious guy gets offended becomes some silly thing happened. GET FUCKING OVER IT. They are behaving like kids. So what if they drew the Muslim prophet or made fuck of someone's religion? you should be "bigger" than that .. and just trust your own religion and be secure about it ... if every time someone makes fun of another we have to face 911 then we should probably just drop 3 nukes onto Mecca, Jerusalem and The Vatican ... then no more reasons to fight about stupid fucking religions. I am sick and tired of religions causing all the wars in the world then claiming they are all about peace but those fanatics are the ones causing all the blood shed, be it Jews (now), Christians (Crusade, Inquisition) and Muslims (Spain, 911, Iraq, Israel/Palestine) ... ENOUGH FUCKING RELIGIONS ... we are all just going to die ... and become dirt ... nothing .. nothing is on the other side ... no angels, no deamons ... no GODS ... stop lafing at your self and beleiving a bunch of magicians who did their tricks and lies thousands of years ago. DIRT DIRT .. that what is going to happen next ... no fucking rivers of milk and honey ... it is a fucking lie. Please don't tell me you also think that Papanoel (Santa clause) is real !!!! ... it is a LIEEEEEE. So put your guns down ... and forget about religions ... just imagine ... there's no heaven .. no religions too ... and no hell belows ... .above us only sky ... imagine all the world ... living life in peace .. WITH NOOOO RELIGIONS ...... just have a beer ..... no body is listening to your prayers .... if anything did ... he would have stoped the stupid war between those two fanatics jews (IDF) and muslims (Hizbolla) ... did you know that Hizbollah belevie that they pray for the same God that the Jews pray to? .. .yes they do ... in Islam ... Allah is the same God for Moses and Jesus .... it is the same God ... but they all are still fighting .... and each side says God is on my side ..... God help them all ... while they kill children on both sides of the border .. THEY ARE BOTH STUPID. BOTH. STUPID. Both ... stu ...pi.....d.

Posted By: IBRAHEEM (an alias) | August 02 2006 at 10:23 AM

i am a muslim, please just understand one thing that we are not terrorists, because the danish news paper insulted our prophet no bombed any thing there, the main thing we all muslims did is the boycott and i think this not violence.
ok, those who built this building they didn't mean to insult the muslims, but what about the name why 'mecca'?.
ok, it is not an insult, it is freedom of speech, well i am going to make a blog and write there (all the americans must go to hell), and after 2 days i want read the posts, imagine it, or i am going to write (the holocost is a lie) and i want to see the posts that will tell me that i am anti-semetic, of course i am not going to do any thing of this because i am well tempered and i don't like to hurt anybody's feelings.

please try to know more about our cultre, before you say anything about it, please try to understand our customs .

Posted By: nagib | August 13 2006 at 03:25 PM

The problem is simple:

The west has lost the concept of something being sacred.

Muslims are very much in tuned with their souls. They worship every day, multiple times a day.

The solution is simple too:

The west needs to know more about islam.

Muslims need to know how the western mind works, and explain their view points in a way that the west can understand it.

Another problem is the current tech age, we want everything instantly, we want to "delete" the other if it bothers us. But in reality, humans are like the medical field: take two of these pills a day for 6 weeks and you will be ok. Preventing this clash of civilizations will need a gread deal of patience.

make sense people?


Posted By: amir (an alias) | August 14 2006 at 01:22 PM

Islam for the average American:

Posted By: amemon | August 14 2006 at 01:25 PM

Speaking as a friend of Muslims, and a practicing Catholic, I have to say that I find it highly ironic that some of the people here state that "Islam is a religion of peace" and then with the next breath threaten violence.

Everyone is insensitive to the force of the symbolic provocations they inflict on others. I wonder how many Muslims appreciate how much damage the decades of images of Muslims burning American (and other Western flags, some of them, like British and Danish ones, with crosses on them.)

Seeing our flag desecrated tends to piss us off, you know?

And that's not to mention the constant radical Islamicist rhetoric insulting Christians, calling us crusaders and kafirs, our faith shirk, the pope a pig, on and on and on..

The pope's speech with that offensive quote (it was a quote, folks. He was using it to make a point. Read the talk entire. It doesn't reflect his opinion) was about reason being pleasing to God, a gift of his. Violence, the pope says, is not the way. Faith & reason, openess to the other. Let's share and cooperate, eh?

Steve Jobs is a wanker, though.

Posted By: lone_striker | September 22 2006 at 12:53 AM

being atheist is not a permit to insult people. over 90% world wide think there is a guidance force they call god, allah ying or yong, or otherwise. So being religious is being humain for average people.
when the Taliban's Governement did destroy the bouddha statue it was an odd day all over the world. They were muslims, the extremist kind of.
in practically all other islamic nations, there is a great respect to the christian religion. in some islamic nations there is also a great respect to the judaic religion, and before the creation of the state of israel, the same respect to the judaic religion was obvious in all islamic countries.
ironically, the jewish people were more free in islamic nations than in christian's for centuries (long before and after the discovery of America) (during islamic occupation of spain.)
So with 1400 years of religious freedom, during the dark centuries in Europ (centuries of polgrom and inquisition, where jews werent able to live with christians), ISLAM WAS THE RELIGION OF PEACE.
no new prophet was sent since. nothing in the islam itself changes. The muslims civilisation wich has illuminated the world declined. the great nation of islam was cut into pieces by christian's armies. and an anti-islamic jewish governement occupy a part of this nation. It is very simplifying to say there is an new HOLY war, between religions; there IS NOT SUCH A THING. IT ALL ABOUT POLITIC AND NEVER ABOUT RELIGION.
TO ==> amemon :
YES islamic extremist are very dangerous, first for other non extremist muslims. so please dont give them ammunitions to shut down the moderate muslims. They say we are in war with other religions, do you agree?
TO ==> blackpriest :
You are in very shallow minority. you can't insult people because of the actions of their (past) leaders.
TO ==> SMM :
too much for the coincidence. not only the forme but also the name of the building, the object : pilgrimage. too much references.
tou have actually read the Qu'ran? You may need to do it again, you have for certain missed something.
TO ==> all other muslims:
violence (even verbal or threats) against this action is irrelevant. There is a best way! Boycott Apple stores and products. they are in business. they can't afford doing this. That's all.
all my prayers for the souls of all children died because of ignorance and greed, on an alleged furnace bridge of religions.
Assalamou alaikoum.

Posted By: malainine | October 05 2006 at 04:21 PM

First of all, there is no such thing as the term, "Islamic terrorist".
Islam comes from the Arabic word "Salam", meaning peace. Islam means submission to God.

So how can a person who submits to God, and practise a religion of peace, be a terrorist? clearly those extremist fools are not muslims.

they're just ignorant fools who think they're doing the right thing by bombing people.

BTW, islam forbids violence. even during one of the wars back then, the prophet made it clear to the soldiers that they were not allowed to cause violence to women, children, even plants and animals!

so all those terrorists claiming to be muslims are just shitholes with no life. they are uneducated.

Secondly, why are muslims the only terrorists around? what about the recent shootings in America? the one where a man went berserk and started shooting people, then killed himself in the end.

No, he's not a muslim.
Yes, he is a terrorist.

And no, i didn't bother to check what actual spiritual beliefs he had, because if he was, say, a Buddhist, it won't make a difference to me, it won't make me think that "oh, all buddhists shoot people" etc, you get my drift (or at least i hope you do)

Please, can all of you stop discriminating and stop being ignorant for the sake of mankind, and start realising that you should judge a religion from it's actual holy book, and not from it's followers.

someone here said "And pleanty of muslims all over the world insult jews. It can be done by tv shows, describing us as a hunters for christian blood. or by partly show what happens in israel."

well i guess to say that there are tv shows insulting islam would be too much.

have you noticed movies like "Back In the Future", where the bad guy is an Arab? i haven't seen movies insulting jews before, do give me the titles.

i don't blame you though. discrimination is everywhere. ignorance encourages it. i just find it hypocritical that someone complains of racism, then is prejudiced against another race/religion/gender. that's just too bad that this happens to many muslims today.

and to this, i repeat don't judge a religion by its followers.

someone said:
"once the terrorists will finish off israel and usa (if they would ever be able to do that) they would go out for you country. " good one.

comment here:
once america finishes off with iraq (if they would ever do that), they would go out for your country (if it isn't america, that is)
White Men's Burden? Bull.

Posted By: racism_HATER (an alias) | October 06 2006 at 10:46 AM

Apple isn’t calling it Mecca, it isn’t black, there is no alcohol, it’s a big clear square building with an elevator and an Apple logo. Muslims seem to look for things to be offended by. Talk about ignorance. Go to to see the finished building.

Posted By: Rancher | October 10 2006 at 03:23 PM

If the radical Islamic terrorist don't like it tough. Let them eat pork and dring wine delivered by a blind person that uses a seeing eye dog

Posted By: GetREAL_NOW | October 10 2006 at 03:34 PM

Yeah, its not like Muslims ever blew up Buddhist statues or killed cows in Hindu temples, right?
Listen, us infidel types like to poke fun atthings. From "Piss Christ", to Homer Simpson dressing up as Buddha, to South Park's Cartman trying to get Kyle's "Jew Gold". (oh, we do make fun of the Holocaust as well).
The Islamic world is going to have to learn that if they want to publish 100's cartoons a year of hooked nose jews eating babies, then they will have to tolerate the occasional practice of free speech.
I know, I know, free speech can cause the religion of peace to erupt in an orgy of violence, but hey, who ever said defending our decedant rights and freedoms was going to be easy.

Posted By: Jordan (an alias) | October 10 2006 at 04:20 PM

Reading these comments has taught me something: All muslims are retarded...or at least the ones in SF.

What, do you people have some kind of violently enforced monopoly on cube-shaped buildings? The finished building is also ENTIRELY constructed of clear glass. It's not black. Does the Quran forbid the use of Google image search before you rant on and on about "Western oppression"?

Posted By: TwoFunctioningLobes (an alias) | October 10 2006 at 04:29 PM

apple ka'bah ?

the more mocking the better. whatever it takes to shame radical muslims in the public square to let them know that their primitive view of life is not acceptable in a secular, separation of church and state, modern world. there is a day coming when all muslims including the “the silent enablers”, otherwise known as the moderates, face a back lash that will be truly astounding. mark my words. societies can only take so much and then they snap. even a casual review of european history of the last several centuries should serve as a warning. muslim behavior is fast approaching this “snapping” point.

Posted By: i live in a well (an alias) | October 10 2006 at 04:54 PM

"Muslims respect all mankind,and love all people."

Really? Ask a Jew or a Christian about that and get back to me. If the building offends you, don't shop there! I realize that's not as exciting as threating to bomb the place or blaming it all on the Jews, but c'mon now - THIS offends you? 3000 dead Americans on 9/11 offended me. The indiscriminate bombings that kill innocent MUSLIM women and children offends me. But a building? Nope. Not a bit. Guess that makes me a typical whitey racist, huh? Too bad. Get over it. If Islam wants respect, perhaps they should do unto others.

Posted By: arcticchick | October 10 2006 at 04:55 PM

OK folks. Let's just cool down for a minute. To save our Moslem brothers from further attacks of the vapors, let's agree - no more cubes. It's the use of cubes that causes all the trouble in the world. No more ice cubes, sugar cubes, and for Allah's sake no more cubic zirconium. If we continue to insult the Profit then his peaceful followers will kill innocent people. And that's only fair, isn't it? Cubes: one is enough.

Posted By: Cubic (an alias) | October 10 2006 at 05:02 PM

give me a freakin break. It's a building. how many new ideas can you come up with for a building. I'm so sorry it resembles another building -- most do. EVERYTHING resembles something else. I am so freakin sick of these mad men and they poor feelings being hurt. Their constant murdering of innocents hurts my feelings -- do they care about that? This is the 21st century and it's freakin time they learned how to freakin live in it.

Posted By: jerk | October 10 2006 at 05:59 PM

And ice cream on a Burger King wrapper in the UK "looks" like it says "Allah"...oooooohhh ... everything looks like something that can insult these animals.

Posted By: When will it stop? (an alias) | October 10 2006 at 06:31 PM

Muslims had better learn to live with a far thicker skin because Islam deserves ridicule for all of its brutal teachings and for the last 1400 years of Islamic murder and mayhem!!

I would suggest to those muslims that do not like these things in the West for them to start moving back to their various islamic hellholes...

Islam, by its very nature, leaves itself open for ridicule...I mean come on...a 53 year old man marrying a 9 year old girl????

Posted By: Albertadude (an alias) | October 10 2006 at 07:45 PM

Oh please......after reading the first half of the loony comments the first thought on my mind was the movie the jerk when Steve Martin is at the gas station screaming " THE CANS.....THEIR SHOOTING THE CANS......" some of you goofballs are off the scale wacky and hope i never, ever have the chance of ever meeting you at any place at any time!!!!!!

Posted By: ohplease | October 10 2006 at 07:46 PM

"Muslims respect all mankind,and love all people."
"Muslims are very much in tuned with their souls"

Then how would you explain this:

or this:
(Where it says "Clip#:___Search", you must type in 924 to view video of 3 1/2 yr old).

Spend some time looking as a few of these:
"i am a muslim, please just understand one thing that we are not terrorists, because the danish news paper insulted our prophet no bombed any thing there, the main thing we all muslims did is the boycott and i think this not violence."

The total death toll from Moslems' rioting vs the cartoons was 137...not violence?

I think there may be some taquiyya ( going on here!

Posted By: Dejong (an alias) | October 10 2006 at 07:50 PM

It's a F***ing cube you morons! A f***ing cube!!! The Pope can't discuss history and now western architects can't design with cubes?? Oh yeah, and don't forget about that blasphemous DQ ice cream swirl! Guess we'd all better start living by the Islamic code of conduct now, lest we lose our heads!


P.s. my next computer's going to be an Apple.

P.p.s. That is, unless they slavishly apologize for building a cube.

Posted By: Ripstop | October 10 2006 at 08:14 PM

allah is a pig.

Posted By: bigMOwasaPEDO | October 10 2006 at 10:24 PM

By the cooties in mohammed's (pee be upon him) beard, what would really be cool would be a building in the shape of a mushroom cloud over mecca! During the hajj!! Insh'allah!!! On challah!!!!

Posted By: bigMOwasaPEDO | October 10 2006 at 10:34 PM

The Ka'bah (AKA: The House O' Abraham) was not a symbol of Islam unitl they took it during military battles with the Arabic tribes living in and around Mecca.

Since it is the 'House O' Abraham' and Abraham is a Prophet shared by Jews, Christians, and Islam it really belongs to ALL OF US. It should not be appropriated as justification for a band of blood thirsty thugs to impose their dictates on the whole world.

Why should we have to adapt our lives to the Muslim view point and their religious law? Where are the people that insist on separation of Church and State?

Any Muslim that in the name of Islam, Allah, or Mohammad takes action against Apple or any of its business activities should be arrested, thrown in jail, and fed ham cooked in a wine sauce delivered to his cell by a blind Rabbi with a seeing eye dog.

Posted By: GetREAL_NOW | October 10 2006 at 11:39 PM

Everything you do in life has a purpose, so do you not think you were created for a greater purpose then to live just for materialisms? Wake up people your getting older and closer day by day towards your death...death will not discriminate life you get back what you put in, same with the next life...the less you prepare the less you to all non-muslims...learn to be compassionate towards others and their beliefs...ask yourself when has Islam/Muslims ever imposed anything on you, seriously...when!! unlike the Christain/Atheist world where you are constantly killing people for no you think you will get away with it? you may do in this world, but not from the creator of these people, they will get their rights and then you will be at total loss. Ask yourself, who controls the weather, the sea, the planets, day and nights....there must be a creator of all these him you will return after your appointed time...which is ticking away.....please save yourselves and do some deep give yourself a chance away from all these fake glamor of this world....these companies are just exploiting everyone, and they will do whatever it takes unfortunatley....thanks for reading...

Posted By: just a reminder!! (an alias) | October 11 2006 at 02:20 AM

Can you not see that all religion must have come from the same source (I am just talking about the Islam, Jews and Christainity) as they all had prophets and they all shared the common message, "call towards oneness of god"....however many people hav been mislead by associating partners with god, which is impossible as he can't be a god if he has partners or a son....he is alone and self sufficient. Islam came for the mankind, not just for Arabs...this is why you will see it everywhere in the world, from Chinese, Arabs, Asains, Whites and etc... just for a day at least open your mind and explore the world and Islam, you will find that its the truth, read the Quran and understand, at give it a chance!!

Posted By: Just_a_reminder | October 11 2006 at 02:28 AM

Why did you post this during construction of a glass enclose cube?
Where the hell does anyone see anything that could possibly look like the 'BUILDING' in Saudi.
Get a life everyone, its a glass cube...just a cube

Posted By: reality (an alias) | October 11 2006 at 05:41 AM

Maybe this comment is a bit late. However, I too must regist my complete lack of empathy with Mohammedans.

Throughout this thread I have read a great many comments that said "Islam is the Religion of Peace.. and I will kill you if you don't believe that".

Muslims seem to be petulant children trapped in grown-up's bodies.

No, Muslims. You are not special, and in THIS country your violence will definitely bring violence back on you.

Posted By: Elias_the_Basic | October 11 2006 at 07:42 AM


Posted By: warrensleazy | October 11 2006 at 08:44 AM

ANY comment made by ANY moslem in defense of islam needs to be dismissed out of hand as a LIE. Their own manual for mass murder, the koran (spit), or, more appropriately, the Charmin, instructs them thusly to employ this subterfuge known as taqiyya. Much like the Kanamits' tome offered to humanity, "To Serve Man"'s a cookbook!

Posted By: bigMOwasaPEDO | October 11 2006 at 08:58 AM

Why are Muslims so quick to take offense? It's not like Christians killed 3000 innocent victims while chanting "Jesus is Great!". Why do all these "victims of abuse" choose to live in Christian countries? Why do they always claim to be peaceful and then immediately threaten violence?

From what I've seen of all these valiant Muslim warriors, I'm unimpressed. They hide behind women and children if they are not slaughtering them in the name of Allah. They build missile sites underneath schools. They mostly run and hide whenever they see a Christian with a gun. I'm scared.

Posted By: avenger (an alias) | October 11 2006 at 09:58 AM

Dear Insulted Muslims,

You thin skinned morons are an insult to your own religion. Shut the fuck up about piddling little crap like this, and pay more attention to the serious problems within your own community.

Sincerely, The rest of the world

Posted By: me (an alias) | October 11 2006 at 11:11 AM

Dear everyone who's offended:
It's just a cube! A god damn cube! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?
Why even say that it looks like the super-mecca-borg-cube, I mean, nobody would see the similarity (especially not the architects) if you didn't jump up and down and shout about it.
Aren't you reducing your "holy" relic by claiming that Apple has one just like that?

Posted By: jonnywtf | October 11 2006 at 12:13 PM

The photo shown in this post has the black construction protective barriers on it. The finished building is totally clear glass cube. How is a clear glass cube an insult to anyone. Anyone who thinks this is an insult to Islam or Moslims is a freekin' retard. Hey Muslims, how about getting outraged about terrorists blowing up innocent people for a change? This is so retarded and shows how ignorant hateful people of any religion can be.

Posted By: glass_cube | October 11 2006 at 12:23 PM

I think that one of the main problems with two cultures having such misunderstandings is that Islam and many of the cultures are Agrarian in nature. They believe in the strength of the tribe and the family, there has been no industrial revolution, no renaissance. They do not think forward to how to make the future better, they look backward toward the Ottoman or Persian Empires. Many seek a return to these ideals and this type of thinking is somewhat alien to people who were raised in the Western World.

Outside of Historical Scholars, the “West” really doesn’t remember the Crusades or the horrors that were inflicted by Christians during that conflict. Saladin is just a name, they know little about this Leader.

There are plenty of shares of horrors by all sides in the name of religion. Radicals of all religions have done terrible things in the name of GOD. Perhaps that is the true essence of the problem. There are to many people trying to carry out the “will” of god. I think it is beholden to all of us in the “middle” to try and control those who believe the “extreme”

I have found this quote to be so very true:

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another --- Jonathan Swift

Posted By: MiddleGround | October 11 2006 at 01:04 PM

As far as I can see the only person insulting islam here is the one who wrote the article. Apple did not declare this 'Apple Mecca', the article writer did. Apple did not draw parralells between consumers going shopping and pilgrims making a holy treck, the writer did.

Plus. the building is not a big black cube as shown in the article, but a clear glass cube.

I feel sorry for everyone posting angry comments here. Instead of getting angry, get informed. You have the entire internet at your disposal, there are these great things called 'search engines' they will help you find information.

Try this excersize, whenever you read something on the internet that makes you angry, go to a search engine seek out other articles with the opposing viewpoint. Then, if you're still angry, write about it.

The internet lets us communicate like never before, why not take advantage of that instead of posting in anger?

Posted By: InterLNK (an alias) | October 11 2006 at 01:12 PM

You know, New York used to have a couple really nice buildings that looked nothing like Mecca, but Muslims decided crash some planes into them. Stop being offended by everything and anything. It's like the bot who cried wolf. When you get up in arms about every percieved slight to your so called religion of peace, no one will pay attention when something truly is offensive. Feel free to leave if you don't like it. And to say that a building justifies a teerorist attack makes you a moron.

Posted By: Switters | October 11 2006 at 02:17 PM

It's a cube. A fucking cube.

"Hey! their cube looks like our cube! Jihad!"

Jesus-buttfucking-Christ people.

Posted By: grgur | October 11 2006 at 04:14 PM

Jesus-buttfucking-Christ people.

See, I'm a Christian, and that this is fairly offensive. But I am not going to go out and find "Switters" and cut his head off.

Posted By: tServos777 | October 11 2006 at 07:07 PM

This is rediculous. Any Muslim people who are offended by this building are complete wastes of life. Please die.

Posted By: moronsmacker (an alias) | October 11 2006 at 09:39 PM

I guess Apple should be afraid of the powerful backlash of Muslims boycotting thier products. Although, last I checked, you can't plug an Ipod or a Mac into a rock in some godforsaken cave. So boycott all you want folks, no one here gives a shit. You're so offended by western culture? Move the fuck back to Middle East Live in a shanty town. Abuse your women. Pray to your fake god 5 times a day.

Posted By: Switters | October 11 2006 at 09:45 PM

well I guess I have to throw away my gamecube and Rubicks cube.
And also, Ice Cube should change his name.

Posted By: lollercopter (an alias) | October 12 2006 at 08:05 AM

You dumb ass muslims, how can you take this seriously? Muslims daily burn american and european flags etc., but we dont suicide bomb you cus of that, because we are not all at a twelve year olds level of thinking.
We wont stop until you learn to do ignore it. We are adapting you to a world with freedom of speech, get over it.

Posted By: EuropeanStandard (an alias) | October 12 2006 at 08:07 AM

Dear Angry Muslims,

If I may speak for all America in addressing your latest grievance with respect to the Apple Store Fifth Avenue: Go fuck yourselves. No, really. Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

First, you Muslim idiots don't know what you're talking about. This building is not called the "Apple Mecca" except by Muslim nutcases looking for a excuse to go running down the street like madmen to kill and burn for Allah. It's called the "Apple Store Fifth Avenue," you freaking jackasses. Not "Apple Mecca."

Second, you Muslim assholes did not invent the cube nor do you maintain an exclusive monopoly on its use. Maybe the Apple Store looks like the Kaaba to you but it doesn't to most Americans because they don't know what a Kaaba is nor do they care. Your Islam means nothing to us.

Third, we are sick and tired of your phony grievances. First, you morons objected to banks handing out piggy banks. Then, you saw the name of Allah in a swirling logo on an ice cream cone. Now you see the Kaaba in a computer store. Fuck you and your bogus complaints. We were willing to be tolerant and go along for a while to be nice but it's obvious now that these endless grievances are meant to manipulate us. Now, we're not budging. You can take your complaints and your Koran and your Kaaba and stick them up your asses. We're not going to be jacked around by a bunch of Neanderthals worshipping a death cult.

Fourth, since when did Muslims respect any other religion? You call worshippers of other faiths pigs and monkeys, preach in your mosques that it's ok to hurt non-Muslims, steal their stuff, and take their women as your concubines. Why should we give you any more respect than you render to others? You deserve our contempt for your dishonesty, your hate, your evil.

Fifth, the posters who parrot the Islamic slogan that Islam is a religion of peace are the biggest liars telling Islam's Big Lie. Did I just imagine those 3000 people being vaporized by Muslim hate on Sep 11? Who do you think bombed the trains in London, Madrid, and Bombay? Quakers? Has there ever been a snuff video made that has not ended with "ALLAH AKBAR!" Dirty murdering Muslim scum have been on a worldwide rampage blowing innocent people into bloody chunks from New York to Bali while Muslims everywhere make excuses for it in public while celebrating in private. Islam itself is the most murderous and violent religion in the world, its barbarous bloodletting sanctified by the Koran, the hadith, and the example of Mohammed. "Islam means peace" is a sick joke.

Sixth, please boycott us. Throw away your iPods, refuse to buy more. Maybe you'd be happier listening to Wahhabi rock and roll on Chinese boom boxes. That boycott will last a few weeks, just like the boycotts against that American imperialist, Colonel Sanders, and his Zionist stooge, Ronald McDonald. You'll slink back through the Golden Arches in a few days to get your Happy Meal because you know that American products are the best, unlike the junk that Muslims make. The chances that Arab Muslim kids will give up their iPods and American rock and roll are nil. American songs are one of the few bright spots in the tyrannical hellholes you've made of your countries.

Seventh, this entire "Apple Mecca" issue is not about America showing contempt for Islam, even though it richly deserves it, but rather of Muslims attempting to impose their crudely intolerant religion on us. We don't need approval from Muslims to do anything in America, you supremacist bastards. It's our country. Fuck off.



Posted By: Tantor | October 12 2006 at 03:48 PM

it's just a building, if you don't like square buildings, shop elsewhere

Posted By: suaverico | October 12 2006 at 05:23 PM

Mark Morford should be fired for this.

He couldn't find a photo of the building AFTER it had been constructed and it was GLASS and not a black cube?

photo here:

This controversy is almost as stupid as when muslims got offended by the Burger King "BK Cones" lid because the swirly chocolate could be mistaken for the word "Allah" by... well, retarded people (look it up if you don't know about this).

And, of course, a bunch of SF Gate readers will whine and show how out of touch they are with reality.

Good job all around Mark, angry muslims, and nutty SF Gate readers.

Posted By: eddie666 | October 13 2006 at 12:33 AM

DEAR, DEAR MUSLIM BROTHERS - Why all the IGNORANCE? Those are TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE PANELS, to shield the glass/Plexiglas during construction. It has nothing to do with JEWS or the KA'BAH. You envoke The Prophet (PBUH), then you type ignorant, stupid, hate-filled comments in broken English... AND you WONDER WHY PEOPLE ARE SUSPICIOUS OF MUSLIMS. Examine your own ignorance before typing it into the internet.

Posted By: JennMikosz | October 13 2006 at 01:33 AM

It is clear from comments that some here would rather hate than find out any facts.

What you see is the ENTRANCE to the store, not the store itself. BTW does Islam own the rights to the cube now? I wasn't informed.

The building is not black, the entrance was wrapped in black plastic before the unveiling. It is actually clear glass.

It is an electonics store.. not a bar.

Personally I am very tired of hearing about the offended sensibilites of a religion whose adherents constantly vilify, mock and threaten those of different beliefs. Try looking in the mirror once in a while.

Posted By: Avidbuff | October 13 2006 at 05:31 AM

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Posted By: alizz9 | October 17 2006 at 09:47 PM