Ayn Rand On Love, Iran, Jimmy Carter, and Mideastern Oil

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1980 interview on Phil Donahue show with live audience - in 5 parts

Part 1

Part 2 -

Part 3 -

Part 4 -

Part 5 -
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Reason for editing this post: Links to videos updated and repaired. All should be available now. Grigori

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Those capitalist oppresses at YouTube removed them! We need to get them, and post them as flash videos.

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Yes Commissar Elliott, it would be good for Party™ to keep close on Ayn Rand the serial killer lover.

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The links to the videos are now updated and working, but you really shouldn't view such vile material. Yours is a young and vulnerable mind. Contamination of such a pristine progressive mind would be a tragedy. Such a thing could lead to your believing that Islam is not the Religion of Peace or even worse, that your Government does not have your best interests at heart.