The Times, We Ain't a-Changing

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The Times, We Ain't a-Changing

By Bob Dylan and Comrade Tovarich (via email)

Come gather shareholders wherever your home
And admit that the moat around us has shrunk
Accept revenues down and value on par with junk
If your Times to you is worth saving
Then recruit and pay up or we'll sink like a stone
'Cause the Times, we ain't a-changing

Subscribers and Dems, we propagandize to your taste
Keep your minds shut, but those wallets open post-haste
And don't look elsewhere, for it's all rightwing spin
And there's no telling fact from opinion
Oh, LA's or New York's, either's a twin
We're the Times, we ain't a-changing

Come senators, congressmen, heed our coming call
For subsidies and laws, to bring forced Fairness to all
For we provide bias for which ever fewer still pay
Culture wars outside rage to end us the Fourth Estate
And bear our pall
'Cause the Times, we ain't a-changing

Come gun-clutching Christians from vast flyover land
You just criticize and you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters must heed our command
Our readership's rapidly aging
Without us who'd tell you on which points to stand?
For the Times, we ain't a-changing

The blogs, they're growin', curse them to hell
Yet we do not, farmers in our dell
We championed progressives but hear our death-knell
Our fortunes are rapidly fading
Talk radio adds a few punches as well
So the Times, we ain't a-staying

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Ahhh, there's nothing like karaoke! Limosine liberals everywhere will be grabbing bottles of Johnny Walker Blue and handfuls of Beluga Caviar and truffles and singing along with this!

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Though it pains me to point out that a beacon of progressive thought is going dim, I rejoice in having contributed to the collective (except for the above MIDI track, for which a comrade more selfless than I should be awarded Comrade Charlie Rangel's Caribbean casa grande, although I'd be willing to time-share on it).

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Comrade Zimmerman's original song is still a beacon to all socialists that hope for change! It should be our anthem. The fact that nothing was changed for the better, is irrelevant! Progressive doesn't necessarily mean progress. Remember, a century of failure proves nothing! The glorious socialist revolution must move forward!
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Great lyrics! More true than the liberals will admit.

Let's all gather 'round the campfire (made of books) and sing along! It has been said: " The progressive movement need not progress to be progressive."