European Left Helps DNC to Re-Educate America

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This site, as well as the Mother Site (CFK) has been bombarded with righteous anti-American, Republican-bashing posts written in good English, without mentioning the posters' nationality. But site administrators have a way of checking IP addresses. Some of them came from the Netherlands, some from Germany, and all of them point to RIPE Network Coordination Centre in Amsterdam:

Good job, European activist comrades! The enemy is more tractable if he is confused about the source of the attack and thinks it may be coming from his next-door neighbor. We were forced to delete a few dozen of such posts as spam - they had no intrinsic value and added nothing to the site.

As of late, however, angry spam has been replaced by "neutral" advertisements for the U.S. Democratic Party, which the DNC Chairperson, Howard Dean (a.k.a. Hao Tse-Dean), has initiated. But the IP addresses behind the posts are the same, ending up in Europe.


Why would the anti-American European Left support the American Democratic Party? Apparently for the same reason they support the anti-American Iraqi insurgency and Islamofascists. They don't? Oh yes they do!

U.S. News & World Report writes about their latest campaign - "10 Euros per person for the Iraqi resistance." Observe European fundraising sites here and here.

No need to mention the Left's propagandistic effort to give moral support to terrorists in the Middle East and around the globe, in which they thoroughly fill the gigantic shoes of the erstwhile KGB, picking up Stalin's methods and networks. ~Why would they do that? To win, the Left needs to discredit and defeat the very idea of capitalism, individualism, and personal freedom.

The simple litmus test here is this: would you like to own your government, or would you like your government to own you? This is the basic fault line and the starting point of all reasoning. America was the world's first nation to set up a system in which individuals owned their government - as opposed to the rest of the world were people remained slaves to their rulers. To exist, the American system requires capitalism, individualism, and personal freedom. These are the American values.

The only significant force in today's world that still fights for them are American conservatives. The Left's ultimate model, on the contrary, implies that the individual is owned by the state. In such state humans become mere beasts of burden and are routinely sacrificed for the mythical "common good." This ideological divide makes the American conservatives the Left's worst enemies and best punching bags.

It's ironic that in order to make the world accept its "historically optimistic" vision, the Left needs to instill nihilism, fear, uncertainty, cynicism, and despair. In practical terms, that means to defeat the spreading of American values worldwide (by supporting Islamofascists) and at home (by supporting the U.S. Democratic Party represented by Howard Dean and Dick Durbin). And it looks like the desperate DNC leaders try their best to live up to such a high honor.



More Democratic Party promotions from Europe have been posted on this site since this story came out.

As a proof observe posts from Germany on this forum. They have been moved here from other forums on this site.

Mr. George Global
What is wrong with global involvement in American politics? After all, we are in a global community of globular aggregations of humanoids, bound by our DNA and desire for the greater good.

Now, Mexicans can live in our country and vote for candidates in Mexico! Soon, Mexicans will have representation in Mexico for their homes in Texas and Arizona! How global! Imagine writing your congressman in Mexico about your stoplight in Southern Arizona! Three cheers for the global cluster!

I can only cheer at the European influence on our country! Campaign contributions from China started with the wonderfully progressive Billy Clinton. I should hope that the evil Bush will have the common sense to continue the practice.

The wonderful European movement has benefited "the candidate formerly known as John Kerry," as well as many other fine candidates! Huzzah! We all know that these contributions are altruistic, since our neighbors and European friends all want the United States to remain the best country in the world! Why wouldn't they? Just because they don't live here doesn't mean they would want to see us fail! Envy is not an emotion known to the Europeans!

We are on our way comrades!

Well, soon, there will be no such thing as "American" values or "European" values! It will now be the "People's" values, which is only one thing: To be owned by the government for the good of the People!

So...squish the DNC for their inability to convert the USSA into the People's nation! We will revolutionize in a different way!

Vladimir Ivanov

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It's just like Osama bin Laden telling people to vote for Non-Person K, only a good communist would support them.

That scares me to no end.... that there are such fools in the DNC that think they can trick us!!

Either way, I too saw that IP, but didn't really think much of it. I am happy to see that you were able to trace it Komrade Red Square. I did try to ping their servers yesterday, and today, no response... interesting. This leads me to believe that the one known as DNC is truly an environmentalist, as he doesn't leave his computer servers for his site on 24/7. Truly economically minded!

A Fellow Traveler.
I don't know about everyone else but I can't get to the antiimpierialista website. Alas, it is forbidden to me.

Komrade Tatiana
The antiimpierialista website shut down shortly after the London bombing. It does make one wonder how many donated euros were directed toward this campaign of destruction.

Comrade Gorby
Soviet Workers belong to the World!

It is only proper they enlist to defeat the capitalist hordes in the USA!

Private Pravda
Comrade Gorby wrote:Soviet Workers belong to the World!

It is only proper they enlist to defeat the capitalist hordes in the USA!

Comrade, allow me to gently correct you...the collective formerly known as the "USA", is now known as the "USSA". Has this not been made clear to you during the reeducation process?

I yearn for the day when there are no distinctions between Peoples and Nations and Borders!!

We must redouble our efforts to hasten this glorious Goal!

Nathan Hale
I visited East Germany in the mid 80's before the wall fell and it was the most depressing thing I have ever witnessed - the people were relegated to the status of animals in a pen. Their lives had absolutely no meaning, no worth. It was appalling on a scale most citizens of Western countries do not, and cannot possibly understand unless they have witnessed it first hand. Those kooky, ignorant, uneducated actors such as Chevy Chase and Sean Penn who visit such totalitarian countries are treated to an absolute dog and pony show, a facade which is created solely for these sheep to view. They are not reality. What I saw in communist East Germany was reality. I didn't have star status, and East Germany was within a few years of failing completely. For this reason they didn't pay much attention to us, other then to have us followed every place we went. The citizens of East Germany were husks of human beings - they were stripped of their very spirit - their happiness and hope. The physical structures and goods for sale reflected the people and their pain - these items were all drab, poorly made and ridiculously expensive. What democrats and liberals do not understand is that their efforts push us ever closer to that becoming a worldwide reality. We as being the "beacon on the hill" must fight with every fiber, and to the last breath these insidious, insanely ignorant , misguided people we call liberals here and abroad or else happiness, spirit and reason for living itself will be crushed forever. They absolutely must be defeated or else life itself will be defeated. It is so completely bizarre to me that these liberals are so blind they do not see the thousands of people fleeing Cuba on driftwood or jumping over the wall in East Germany knowing they will be shot on the spot if detected. They, for whatever reason do not understand that in Europe and Canada's rush to socialism their economies fell flat directly to the degree of their commitment to socialist policies. And, as government grows so the freedoms of the people lessen and disappear altogether. In every place it has been tried, communism has led to all consuming misery, fear, and mass murders on unbelievable scales. And yet the liberals in this country have half of Americans blindly supporting them in this rush to the bottom. It is sad and disgusting on the face of it.

Elsworth Toohey
Nathan Hale,
We haven't given collectivism a chance.

Nathan Hale
Elsworth Toohey:
I actually cannot tell if you are serious or not. But, assuming you are, collectivism, communism, socialism all sound like wonderful ideas on paper. No one gets left out - all for one - one for all - everyone owns everything, no one suffers. However, it is a simple fact of nature that there will always be selfish people. And among selfish people, ones who will use all means including lies, deception and mass murder to achieve their selfish, often insane lust for wealth or total power. This is evidenced well by the lunatics who have run all of the communist countries throughout history - Stalin, Castro, Kim Jong Il, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, etc. Then there is another fact that will never change: people do not work as efficiently working for a group as they would for their own personal gain. Individual survival is hard wired into our brains so that graft and corruption or laziness to do ones share are inevitable in these situations. It is simply the natural survival instinct to look after ones self first. Another obvious fact is that government is slow, cumbersome, wasteful, corrupt and mistake prone. The bigger government grows; the more they control - the more corruption and waste you have. It is a fact. History has proven this time and again without fail. And you'll always have those that want a bigger piece of the collective pie. This is how you breed Lenins, Stalins. Collectivism, communism - whatever, is fertile ground for some insane bully to move in and take advantage. The biggest problem with those socialist theories is that they assume all people are raised exactly the same, have the same exact values, are all selfless loving hard working people committed to the common good. This, unfortunately is far from the truth, there are people in this world savaged as children or missing certain genes that make them complete human beings who will exploit a collective or communist society for their own sick desires. America on the other hand is the most hostile ground for any would be dictator to move into. Our numerous checks, balances, and term limits prevent such abuse and consolidation of power. We are compassionate people, which is why we are freeing the Iraqi people from that murderous scumbag Hussein -and we prove it is humanitarian since we put our own troops on the ground in harms way in order to go door to door so as to spare the innocent in that country. But at the same time we are a strong proud people that work hard for what we have. Giving it away to some corrupt government official and trust he'll expedite that money to the poor in the most efficient way possible is a laugh. The cruelest joke I could have put upon one of the East Germans I talked to in the 80's would have been to ask them how their health care was working out for them. It would be like asking Mary Todd Lincoln: But besides your husband being shot, didn't you enjoy the play?

Nathan Hale
Hmmmm. . . well - maybe Mr. Toohey is actually intelligent and was just tongue-in-cheek as is most of this fine website. Maybe I got a little paranoid that the KGB was writing to me through Mr. Toohey. Or maybe Toohey is a bolshevik, but like all commies - when met with evidence of the ineffectual nature of their pie in the sky theories they run for the hills and seek out some one less informed to hoodwink with their dangerous yet seemingly humane plan for the world. These liberal fools would enslave everyone to a despotic government rather then tolerate a place where how much you earn is directly related to your relative effort. A place where people are free to say or do just about anything they want as long as it hurts no one. They prefer the insane madmen who subjugate their own women like beasts of burden and strap bombs to their children and send them off to some restaurant or subway to their fellow countrymen and and the country that has the most freedom and protection of its citizens then any other country in the world. America - the last, best hope of mankind. And yet, laughingly these liberals consider themselves "intellectuals" and "enlightened". No dudes - sorry - wrong again - total ignorance of history and a total lack of understanding of human nature and psychology isn't "enlightenment" or "intellectualism". It only means that you have the naivety of an infant or the smugness of a thug trying to fool people with visions of absolute equality so that they can move in, seize power, and profit off of the broken backs of all his duped slaves.

Elsworth Toohey is a character from "The Fountainhead," Ayn Rand's novel, a mastermind of the leftist takeover of the media, education, arts, etc. in America.

Red Square

Nathan Hale
Yeah - I knew it was from "The Fountainhead", and I knew the character was some dim wit who made himself in the image of Stalin - but I never actually read the book, only googled the name quickly before my initial response. Maybe I'm not the intellectual I think I am. Heh heh. Still - the writer could've been a communist and used the reference without knowing its true meaning - for example, liberals always run off and yell "1984" whenever they perceive a supposed conservative source of changing facts they are reporting about. However, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Orwell would know he absolutely hated communism - a direct and more obvious attack on which was his novel "Animal Farm". Yet there is no shortage of wannabe intellectuals who throw out the "1984" reference whenever they can to attack conservatives. And well, let's face it, lots of "revolutionary" and "rebellious" idiots wear Che shirts and have no clue that he personally shot "bohemian" people such as themselves in the back of the head with a relish. Anyway - thanks for looking out for me Red Square - you have a fine site, and, if nothing else, even if Toohey was joking, it's fun to ramble on sometimes about the idiocy of the left. Thanks for providing the forum.

Thanks for posting on the forum. You are a good writer and we value your opinions. Just for the record - Rand's Toohey was far from being a dimwit - he was a diabolically smart character who never expressed his views directly - he organized dimwits to do it for him. He knew how to play liberals like a fiddle. He made them feel good about themselves and for that they happily turned into his puppets. In that sense he's very much alive today. No leftie will ever take that screen name, so you may rest assured that our Mr. Toohey speaks with his tongue pressed firmly to his cheek. If you would take my advice, I would suggest that you drop whatever you're reading now and get The Fountainhead. I'm sure your local library will have it.

Red Square

Nathan Hale
Hey Red Square - thanks for the compliment - coming from you that means alot. I spend alot of time on the web and your site as well as are the very best - it is informative and highly entertaining. Thanks for the reading suggestion - I plan to go pick up a copy today, I was just looking for something new to read. And I suppose I should be a good writer, I majored in history, then got my doctorate in law and am licensed to practice law in two states. However, after five years as an attorney I am thoroughly nauseated by the extreme radicalism that pervades the profession. I am also disgusted by what I see as a serious threat to the future existence of America in terrorism and this bizarre anti-Americanism forced down our throats through every outlet possible. You hear of radical leftist judges imposing their views against the will of the people - legislating from the bench; but unless you're in the law you have no idea how disturbing and corrupt it really is. And because of that I am removing myself from the field of law and would love to find work with some conservative group - The Heritage Foundation or maybe just the Republicans if they'll have me. I feel that more then anything else - this anti-Americanism and misinformation must be addressed immediately and that all my future efforts should go into stopping these ignorant, misinformed people (which shockingly seems to comprise half of our population) from absolutely destroying the most fair and free nation in the world. Hopefully the fine people at the Heritage Foundation or Republican party will have a good use for me, because I will be relentless in my promotion of America and its defense. I literally saw communism in action and it was the single most shocking and sad thing I have ever witnessed. If every liberal in the world could've spent the few days that I did in East Germany - leftism would end overnight and then civilization and humanity would truly progress.

Good luck with your new endeavor. Believe me you're not alone.
Red Square

Howard Roarke
If you would take my advice, I would suggest that you drop whatever you're reading now and get The Fountainhead.


Comrade Rogue
Heil Hitlary! To the camps with Grand Theft Auto!


This photo has been doctored! Where's my Pour Le Merite! The Femi-Nazi armband is there (look at it again folks), my Iron Cross 2nd Class is there, but no Pour Le Merite!


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Woah! when did she grow the mustache?

Steroids, Kommissar Betty. I'm trying to buff up for the election. Janet and Maureen like it. They say it's sexy. What do you think?


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I've been wondering where she's been the last few days since the purge stalled...

I've been robbing the rich Left and duping the poor Left and pocketing all the cash, what the hell do you think I've been doing, sitting on my ass?


dissident agitator #96
Europe is so funny...

Chirac is posting on outstanding 'PeoplesCube' again?

Comrades we are not alone in our desire for weak economic opportunity!

All hail the average, the common, the waste!

Giving all power to the few!