Will the REAL Islam Please Stand Up?

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Image We are admonished by our Dear Leader™ not to erroneously associate the thousands of terror attacks we have experienced in recent years with the peaceful religion of Islam, despite the fact that the perpetrators of these heinous acts claim to be motivated by that ancient pillar of peace. The question remains then, who does speak for Islam? Being a self-proclaimed Christian, how is it that our Dear Leader™ is to be trusted on this issue more than the Imams and their adherants who practice the said Religion of Peace? With so many differing opinions and interpretations on this matter, and the seriousness of the risk to lives and western society as a whole, shouldn't we clamor for clarity, or a Concensus™ if you will? Is it too much to ask the REAL Islam to Please Stand Up? Inspired by a reference by Mark Steyn here: about an article by Roger Kimball that can be found here:

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Since "The REAL Islam" refuses to stand up, we will have to assume that each time someone takes it upon themselves to interpret the words of The Prophet (PBUH) or his religion, that that person or entity genuinely does speak for the great and powerful Ollah, until such a time that our Glorious Dear Leader renounces said interpretation. In this case it is the nation of Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Islam, and home of the omnipotent Black Rock toward which they pray:

Saudi Arabia court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith:
Yet at the same time: Saudi King Denounces ‘Islamized Terrorism':

So again I ask, If none of these voices speak for Islam, Who Does? Just who is the legitimate voice of Islam?