SCOTUS to Impose Sharia Law on A&F

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In an article from USA TODAY that can be found here:
The Supreme Court will rule on a religious discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman who claims that she was deprived of employment with the Abercrombie & Fitch franchise because she wore a hijab to the job interview. If the court rules in her favor, it will force businesses greedy kapitalists to abandon their company dress codes and actively hire employees proles who do not project the appearance the employer bourgeoisie wishes to employ. This got me wondering what the ramifications might be for other industries who will be forced to employ people of faiths that do not conform to company standards. And furthermore, what will it mean for atheists who wish to work for businesses run by Muslims? Will their lack of faith (and therefore lack of head covering) preclude them from protection under this ruling? As for the Christians, it has already been ruled that the crucifix should not be worn publicly. Will equality under the law provide for the same ruling on the Islamic Hijab? And more importantly, what does it mean for Witch Doctors and practitioners of Voodoo? Will employers have to accomodate their religious practices and garb?
It is a very confusing time komrades, as we make the transition from first world super-power to second-rate has-been. It will get ugly and possibly even bloody at times, but we must press forward to the bygone era which promised us the hope that can only be found in the Glorious Equality of Next Tuesday.

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If the SCOTUS forces A&F to hire employees in Muslim garb to greet you at the checkout counter. That will open the floodgates to all sorts of religious minorities, including...
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This cannot bode well for A&F's bottom line. Although I am not in their target market, I will avoid shopping anywhere near such a place that has been forced to allow religious ceremonies to take place between the overpriced racks of stylish clothing lines.