'Reason 101' for culturally deprived Islamo-Fascists

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Rational Response to Offensive Cartoons.jpg

As the media official propaganda wing of "The Party"™ excuses recent violent actions taken by our Comrades in Islam due to their intolerance of humanity due to the impoverished upbringing experienced by their parents and grandparents, I thought it may be a good idea to inform them of what reasonable and appropriate responses should look like when they find themselves enraged over things that shock their sensibilities, such as a cartoon that they may find offensive, or the sight of a female human's face. We cannot expect ignorant children born into western society by parents from the third world to know how to respond to such sights and sounds with any rationality by nature. They must be instructed, informed, and educated. If this does not work, we will simply be forced to bow to their will and create a world free of such harsh realities. It is my hope that we can all contribute some meaningful lessons to our poor, ignorant, persecuted, Muslim youth.