Sharia The Land

Take a look around - do your share of bowing down
To different things that people do
Are you not aware - of all the good works of CAIR
Now what's going to happen to you in a year from now

Maybe I'll be there to chop your hand
Dhimmi we are here sharia the land
You better give it away if you want to stay together
To keep your limbs together now

Baby we are here we have our plans
Dhimmi we are here sharia the land
Because we're taking away
If you want to live forget her
We're talking Lady Lib now

Did you pay your dues
We hate all your Jews
The morning is coming when we blow up all your cars
Do you know our names
We like sneaky games
Watch for the back pack
The shrapnel might hit too hard

Chorus - Chorus 2
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