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Announcing Volume 1 Number 1 of "MAN'S" TRUMPIAN HORRORS, the new, hip, retro-pulp fiction magazine for Cis Males, Cis Men, Cisgender Males, Cisgender Men, Trans Males, Transgender Men, Transsexual Males, Transsexual Men ...and Androgynes ...who are feeling a little bit on the butch side today.

Each month (or whenever we get around to it -- publishing schedules are racist), TRUMPIAN HORRORS will bring you gripping fictionalized accounts (but NOT FAKE NEWS!) of the latest, sickening atrocities inflicted upon the the U.S., the world, the universe, and beyond by The Evil TrumpHitler.

Headline story (and Trigger Warning!) in our premier issue: I WAS FORCED TO SING AT TRUMPS INAUGURATION, the true story (NOT FAKE NEWS!) of a poor, but talented, single-mother, 1/16th Native American, trans-questioning, Chicago civil servant whom The TrumpHitler implacably forced to compromise her sterling liberal values to croon for The TrumpHitler's drooling delight while suffering the humiliation of the leering eyes of TrumpHitler's Deplorables Squads (with assistance by Russian hackers).

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I do not know about this term "TrumpHitler" ... it makes me think only of the pH level of my litter box. But perhaps that is part of the insult rightful epithet? Or a commentary upon the quality of same?

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Komrade Kevinsky - thank you for this very equal contribution. Here's to making the Trumpian Horrors magazine a regular monthly item.

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Komrade Kevinsky - your magazine cover is now gracing today's American Thinker front page as today's cartoon, and already has 56 comments. ... qus_thread

It is also featured in today's post about our Wikipedia thingie:

Wikipedia deletes its page on The People's Cube

The author mistakenly attributes the image to me, which happens when the pictures are not explicitly stamped. When I try to correct people who repost Cube stuff, they sometimes begin to attribute everything on the Cube, including my posts, to the kollektive.

It's not a big deal - we are all a tight kollektive here, thick as progs. And yet, at the risk of being a bad communist, I admit that it makes me feel uncomfortable to take credit for other comrades' work.

Perhaps, putting something like "Kevinsky @" or something similar, like your avatar, will solve the problem.

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Bad Communist! :) I'm good with it. Anything for the kollektive.

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BTW, has anyone recognized the "babe" in the upper left corner?

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Komrade Kevinsky wrote:Bad Communist! :) I'm good with it. Anything for the kollektive.

Komrade K,

Nice move.

*See confidential/secret message below:


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