The Hot Islamic Place to Be this Fall in Eurabia

POLL: Burn Paris or Brussells?

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Yes, come visit Brussels this Fall for our Ramadan nightly festivities. Enjoy a Wittekerke or Framboise Lambic on our quaint sidewalk cafes while peaceful Muslims torch businesses and burn cars plus smash windows in their exotic religious traditions.

Paris is Passe, so, you know.."Last Year's Ramadan" so forget Paris and come to Brussels for Ramadan this Fall.

Third Night of Ramadan Rioting in Capital of Europe

From the desk of Paul Belien on Wed, 2006-09-27 11:32

It looks as if immigrants youths want to turn nightly rioting during the Islamic holy month of ramadan into an annual tradition. Around 8:30pm last night violence erupted again in Brussels, the capital of Europe. The riots centered on the Brussels Marollen quarter and the area near the Midi Train Station, where the international trains from London and Paris arrive. Youths threw stones at passing people and cars, windows of parked cars were smashed, bus shelters were demolished, cars were set ablaze, a youth club was arsoned and a shop was looted. Two molotov cocktails were thrown into St.Peter's hospital, one of the main hospitals of central Brussels. The fire brigade was able to extinguish the fires at the hospital, but youths managed to steal the keys of the fire engine.

Sponsered by the European Union Bureau of Tourism.

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If they keep rioting, then they will destroy the entire city after a while. Soon it will get to the point where there is nothing left of the city, and they will have to move to another city.

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Brussels is the place to be, not only for the cultural diversity demostrations of peace (riots) but also for the upcoming election on Oct. 8th. Wherever there is an election, the Party and the Peoples [PARTY EDIT] will be there to ensure a victory for communism! I must go and pack my bags right away....

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Indeed Comrade Pravda, who is [PARTY EDIT]? Who is this man who takes the time to encompass the globe on missions of progress to make up for his failure as leader of the [PARTY EDIT]? I believe an extra vodka ration is to be earned for anyone who can guess just who this mystery Party leader might be...

Hint: Gas crisis,failed to release American hostages in Iran, economy in shambles and "Billy Beer". [NEVER HAPPENED]

Comrade Red Square has stated below that the very person I was refering to simply does not exist anymore and was purged by the Party. Therefore; under the direction of Directorate No. 2 of Party Censorship, Purges and Accusations, I have edited the above stated comments to conform with the accepted revised Party history... I apologize to the family of the purged... I am lying of course, I feel no sympathy for those traitors.
--Chairman Meow S. Pun

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Dear Loyal Space-dog Laika,

Though all 3 of those localities make for wonderful Ramadan vacation spots I feel that I can't honestly vote for any of them. Please, let me explain.

Though it seems to have slipped down the memory-hole somehow, several years ago back when the magnificent Hillary occupied the White House she had many good things to say about the Faith of Islam. I remember well her being quoted in the press saying: "We always celebrate Ramadan at our house."

In light of Hillary's statement my vote for the place to spend the Fall and celebrate Ramadan is at Hillary's place. The Clinton's always celebrate Ramadan at their house. I'm certain they are praying five times a day and going through a rigorous religious fasting right now.

Now, as for these bizarre posts that follow your online poll question, the posts regarding one of our most valuable tools whom the Party took great pains to groom and have elected to the US presidency - I can only respond with one of my own posts from the above link that is provided by good comrade Red Square:

It's a Wonderful Life for Jimmy the Moonbatman. Just like in the movie - if he hadn't been alive just think how different the world would be; just think how many people his life has ..., er ..., touched.

No single president of the United States has affected the Middle East like Jimmy Carter!

And if you think you can purge this paragon of proletarian virtue you've got another thing coming! Moonbatman has his own moonbat nut-mobile. (He's a submariner you know.)

Image Powered by free revolutionary Venezuelan oil!

"Catch me, catch me if you can! I'm the Moonbatman! The Moonbatman!" - Jimmy Carter as he makes ready to blast off to his top secret Moonbatman cave on the dark side of the moon.

Image "Catch me, catch me if you can! I'm the Moonbatman! The Moonbatman! Ha, ha, ha, ha ..."

Not only that but he's planning to be a big part of the Sept. 24th Washington DC coup. You can't purge the original Moonbatman! He's done so much for the revolution. And he plans on doing a lot more!

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Dear C. Otis,

You've misquoted me. I said "We always celebrate with a cup of Ramen at our house."
It was part of my austerity program at the White House to help balance the federal budget which my co-presidency did!
We did have an Eid Roll on the White House lawn though with the Eid Camel.

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No single president of the United States has affected the Middle East like Jimmy Carter!
BLASPHEMY! Where are the censors!! Where is the outrage! How many times must he [it] be purged?? Once certainly would have been quite enough back in Stalin's glorious days of leadership!

Comrade H, I call for an Inquisition!

Comrade Betty, sharpen the Mark VII!

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I back the motion of an inquisition and will carefully denounce and claim fantastically fabricated charges against those involved in the roaches re-emergence. This is a conspiracy, earlier he was on TV spouting his lies trying to get into good favor with the Party faithful "international disgrace" indeed. We cant afford this right now, we cannot call Bushler the worst President in history when we got the roach running around proving us wrong again! The Amerikan dolts just wont buy it when the roach makes Bushler look like a saint! I am sorry Comrade Laika that this controversy has disturbed everyones placid conversation on the progress being made in Brussels.

Hated capitalist network known for "hit jobs" has confirmed the roach:,2933,216757,00.html

Rye-etes , See-cret Moohn Baht Cayves, (Vee don't Meen -shun char- pen Betthys ewe cno vat heer) and Bushler the saynt .....Huh .......