Submit to Islam or be charged with battery!

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These street preachers were protesting outside a Lady Gaga concert when a peaceful Muslim joined them for some civil debate. Unfortunately they violated a Muslim's right to not hear about pedophilia.

Violence ensued! Yes, I know it hard to believe but see for yourself.

Fortunately the police officer charged the bloodied man with battery! ... re=related

Allow comrade merj007 to comment on what you have just viewed...
Well done to this Police officer. Gives me some sort of hope towards America!!

If a majority of american's would step up like that for TOTAL justice and equality, the US wouldn't be hated as much.

by clearly insulting someone over and over and generalising so arrogantly and blindly, this group of people deserve to be reminded that THEY WILL ALWAYS BE JUST ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!! NOT BETTER, NOT WORSE...

Hopefully one day their ears will connect to their brain, WE ARE ALL EQUAL...