The People's Navy Galley Celebrates Obama's Iran Deal

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It is with great pleasure to announce our latest culinary creation inspired by President Obama's deft diplomacy, that has culminated with the Iran nuclear accord. The Iranians have shown themselves in the past to be completely trustworthy, and as such we can be rest assured that they would never violate this agreement.

Despite the continued chants of, "Death to America" that has been the norm for this country since Jimmy Carter was President, it's obvious that they really don't 'mean it' this time.

So make your reservations and then sit down and enjoy the fine dining experience of..................

We Won't Stab You in the Back Goat Meat Skewers

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With Atomic Cake for dessert.

Who can resist such delights.

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$.$. Halliburton wrote:With Atomic Cake for dessert.

Who can resist such delights.
No worries Kom Rads. The Great Leader has prepared the Peoples Clinics with many decontamination boxes for all members of our fearless collective.