Pakistanis Celebrate a Festive Thanksgiving!

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Islamabad, Pakistan - AP (Associated Potatoes)
This weekend across Pakistan joyous celebrants participated in the traditional Pakistani Misloom Holiday of "Thanksgiving" (approximate translation from Urdu) in the usual colorful ways.

Here, Pakistani soldiers were seen doing the traditional military "Break Dance of the Dead", a remarkable scene to behold as the soldiers spin and toss the coffins of recently killed soldiers back and forth to the sound of Misloom chants.

In downtown Islamabad, AP journalists were fortunate indeed to capture on film this official Pakistani State Bar-B-Que, where scraps of lamb are roasted over burning tires - which adds a somewhat licorice-like taste to the meat not found in any other national Middle Eastern delicacy.

At the BBQ, an American flag, present to honor American president B. Hussein Obama, got a little too close to one of the fires and started to go up in flames. But not to worry! - a happy member of the boisterously celebrating crowd (seen in the photo to the right of the flag) rushed forward to put the flag out, and the charred edges of the flag were actually used as table decorations once the meal was cooked and shared amongst the party goers!

When the community dinner was over, Pakistanis all over the country met together in the streets to participate in the traditional street dance Pakistanis are so well known for. In the lower right of the photo above, one can see a gleeful Pakistani woman carrying a flag, grinning and shouting "Mas Tequila!" as she downs a shot of Jose Cuervo.

All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity for those of us from the Associated Potatoes to observe and celebrate - first hand and up close - a delightful cultural holiday in beautiful Pakistan!

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This just in:

Today, Afghanistan military officials stated that they made a request for American air support after their army personnel were attacked from a Pakistani military base.

This is incomprehensible !

Pakistan has proven its loyalty many times over towards the United States and Nato.......

One needs to look no further then the wonderful help they gave to us over the years in locating Osama Bin Laden. How could the Pakistani gov't possibly know that all this time, he was living only a couple miles away from a military base within their country ?

And as to that incident of giving the Chinese access to the wreckage of one of our stealth helicopters, it had nothing to do with giving them military secrets.... it was done only as a safety precaution.

Yeah.... that's it....... safety reasons.

[img]images/clipart/Prog_Off.gif[/img] Pakistan is our true friend ! ( insert snickering sounds )

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Comrade Krasnodar, as is so often the case with these international things, what really happened with the American (spit) air support was garbled in the transmission and was actually completely different from what was widely reported. Fortunately, Associated Potatoes reporters were on the scene and are able to report what actually took place:

In reality, the American "air support" was nothing more than a glorious and festive flyby over the Pakistani Thanksgiving festivities, ordered by President B. Hussein Obama to both compliment the Pakistanis on yet another delightfully "executed" Thanksgiving and also to show American (spit) support for Pakistan.

In fact, during the flyby the Military Break Dancers pictured above actually performed a new and beautifully choreographed series of moves never seen before. AP reporters were told that that portion of the dance was specially coordinated with the U.S. Air Force, who tipped their wings repeatedly as they flew by in a formation shaped like a crescent moon!

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I saw that "star and crescent " formation .......... spectacular !

Thunderbirds .jpg

The U.S. Air Force was requested to create this formation as a tribute to our Dear Leader and self-proclaimed Christian, President Barack Hussein Obama.[/b]

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Beautiful, Comrade K - thank you for sharing that!

Our "American" Thanksgiving certainly pales in comparison to the Pakistani celebration, doesn't it? A turkey, of all things, while they get to eat community tire-roasted lamb! Sigh...

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And with the glorious support of Mother Russia, our hearts are with these most jubilant Western antagonizers! The People will Kontinue to assist these warriors against evil, Kapitalist ideology!